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How to get rid of ringworm

How to get rid of ringworm

How to get rid of ringworm? The other name for dermatophytes or tinea is the ringworm. It is not a worm that is sitting on the skin but it is an infection that starts with the only symptom of itchy skin. It can be on any part of the body starting from the scalp, to the arms, legs, neck and etc. It is caused by fungus so we can say that it is a fungal infection. Here is how to get rid of ringworm.

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Lemon grass: Lemon grass originates from the grass family and is used as a vital ingredient in the culinary world. It also has a lot of medicinal properties. This fever grass contains Vitamin A and C, manganese, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper and a lot of other important mineral that makes them anti- inflammatory, antifungal and beneficial for the body. Having this will not only clean the inside of your body but also get rid of the ringworm. As long as the ringworm is still present, have 3 cups of lemongrass tea every day.

How to get rid of ringworm

How to get rid of ringworm

Clear Nail polish:

It is quite a simple method and the best part is that you do not have to consume anything. It is a cheap process and everyone has nail polish in their house. There are many reasons why this is used instead of an expensive drug because one major cause is that this remedy is fully effective. People who tried this procedure were successful at eradicating the ring worm. Apply the clear nail polish over the area and let it dry. Wait for at least several hours like nine hours then take it off. Repeat the process for best results. If there is a content of the nail polish that you are allergic to, then avoid this method.


Everybody knows that garlic kills yeast. There are more than 650 known yeasts are fungi and garlic is famous for killing them. If you are baking something with yeast, you are not supposed to put garlic in it. You can now relate the ringworm to the yeast because they are both fungi and the garlic will help you get rid of it. The garlic should be sliced into pieces and wrapped around the area with a bandage for cure. It should be done when the person is going to bed so that they can wake up with a healing skin.

Tea tree oil:

The oil is used for killing bacteria, fungi, virus for over 70 years and this has always been successful in doing that. It can help a lot like getting rid of lice and reducing skin allergies. For a person with ringworm, they should apply it on the skin until it heals. Tea tree oil is famous for curing other fungal infections as well like athlete’s foot, jock itch and toenail fungus. It is put in many deodorant, laundry cleaners, face wash and other household items because of its cleansing and clearing the fungus ability.


• Contact the doctor if the ringworm is not going away.

• You can apply anti-fungal powder for soothing the skin.


How long does sperm live

How long does sperm live?

How long does sperm live? How long does it live inside the body? The subject is frequently discussed with all classes of systems that backs all kinds of opinions. When the people look at from a real point of view, how long does it actually survive inside a female body? It matters from scenario to scenario and in can last for hours till seven days. When a male inserts the penis to inside the female, an insufficient number of sperms endure long enough in order to take an attempt at impregnation. For fertilization, the sperms must make their journey as much as possible to the cervix. When they become failures in reaching the cervix, the acidic environments in the vaginal channel make it unbearable for them to continue more than a few hours. If they are successful at reaching it, they will be able to live at least three days and highest four days. When the environment is suitable, it will be able to live up to seven days.  When it is time for ovulation, the female’s body makes cervical secretion that creates idea conditions inside the vagina which is satisfactory for sperms. That makes it much simpler for them to go out there in the cervix and into the uterine tubes.

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How long does sperm live

How long does sperm live

The query “for how much time does sperms survive outside the human body?” also do not contain a precise response. Nonetheless, sperms are able to live for around 15 minutes to an hour liable on the standard of contact to the environmental factors and air. When the male releases the sperms, semen dehydrates up, making the sperm unserviceable. In case, a couple does not want baby now, excluding for the sperm living time, they must keep in mind the subsequent things:

• The couple should make sure the released sperm stands far away from the vagina in case it takes its twenty more minutes to search its way into the female organs.

• The normal lubricant released from the penis during sexual intercourse can have sperm. If a pair depend on on removal as a contraception method, they should think about it.

To avoid the smallest danger of getting pregnant, a lady should ensure that the released semen does not come nearby to the vagina. After it becomes completely dehydrated, you can tell there is no sperms alive. If two people are depending on on the extraction method for contraception, the male partner should remove completely beforehand of the release and then be cautious that when he does release semen that none of it comes close to the near of the start of the vagina, to safeguard that no sperms have entered into the woman, where they can live for a longer time.

These couples must also keep in mind that some liquid is released before the release as a natural oil; this lubricant fluid can comprise sperm, and if it enters the vagina, there is a small opportunity that she can get pregnant.

How to get rid of moles

Many people are facing the trouble with the arrival of sudden moles on their skin. It can happen due to excess melanocytes on the skin. It is the element that is responsible for the color of your skin. Some people like the moles are not bothered because they think it makes them look pretty while others hate it. It is like a strange thing suddenly appearing on the face. If you are that type of people, you are in search of remedies to get rid of them.

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It is not a choice for few people, they must get rid of them as soon as possible because it can cause cancer or grow bigger and cause problems in other organs of the body. If it not a deadly mole, choose the method of home remedies and if it is dangerous, get treatment from the surgeon. Here is how you can get rid of them

How to get rid of moles

Method 1: Garlic cloves

You are going to need some garlic cloves and make sure you can make a perfect paste out of it. It will burn the skin surrounding the mole. Make sure you apply something soothing like olive oil on your skin but not on the mole. Apply the paste in small amount for a week till the mole falls off by itself. Put every night before you fall to sleep. The garlic method is a fast process and that is why many people go for this but it can burn the skin and avoid this procedure if you have any sort of special skin allergy or sensitive skin. This works if you have oily or dry skin.

Method 2: Cashew nuts

One of the nuts that can help you are the cashew nuts. They are not just a part of delicious chicken salad but has some features that helps evade the moles. Since, they are rock solid, place them in a bowl of water for at least six hours. After you see that they are in a state to be crushed into paste, make the cream. Apply it on the mole for the more six hours. Repeat every day until they fall off and this is a good one if you have sensitive skin. It will not burn your skin.

Method 3: Banana peel

You need to get a banana and open it. Use a spoon to scrape off what is on the banana peel. The secret about this is that it can dry up the mole and when it is dry it will fall over. Get the substances you got on the spoon to cover the mole and put on a Band-Aid to cover it. Leave it overnight till the mole falls off. This is easy because banana is easily available and there is no soaking. This will work for any type of skin and there is no need to make any sort of paste. Some people directly apply the banana peel if they do not use a spoon to scrape it off.

How long are dogs pregnant?

How long are dogs pregnant? Dogs are pregnant for 21 days or 3 weeks.

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How long are cats pregnant

While the fetus starts looking almost like a puppy inside the mother’s womb, they still have a long journey before delivery. Just like human babies, they began to develop hair and we all know that dogs are covered in furs and they are experts at smelling. The sense of smell develops and enhances while it is still a fetus hence they are born with such strong ability. They can sniff around and find anything. Just within 21 days the fetus changes into an unborn puppy with claws and other features.

How long are dogs pregnant

The whole process of birth is great but that does not mean the kids should see it when the dogs are giving birth at the hospital in the vet’s presence. The vets do not like parents, children, dog owners or other associates bothering during the process. Each dog has their personal vet and the owners take them for regular check-ups, vaccinations and safety. The healthcare visits get more significant during the three weeks the dog is pregnant. It must get proper food, appropriate sleep and the right amount of love and affection.

The actual period is 63 days (±5) with a plus and minus five days because that is when the fetus is just an egg. There is no fixed number of babies like a dog can give birth to three puppies or even up to eight puppies. You can assume by seeing the size of the tummy. Another way if you are really curious, you can get an ultra-sonogram. In this way, you will be sure of the number of puppies and their sizes but you have to wait at least 21 days before you can do it. Do not get so curious that you go for X-rays because the dog is pregnant. You can go for it if the dog has a broken bone and with no fetus. Even though, X-rays are a beautiful part in the world of health and medical care, the dog can be a victim of radiation sickness or ionizing problem. The DNA chains inside the dog’s body can collapse and the cells can stop acting natural. Nobody wants that to happen to a soon-to-be mother dog.

If it is too late to take the dog to the hospital to give birth, make sure they are comfortable. Make sure they have received a lot of food because it will make them stronger during birth. If your canine companion looks ill or has fallen sick, do not wait simply take it to the doctor. If your dog has been trying to give birth by pushing more than thirty minutes and still no sign of babies, they should be immediately taken to the emergency unit. One important thing to remember: feed your dog as much as you can while it is pregnant so that it does not struggle during the delivery. Get a whelping box and make sure there is hundred percent comfort inside the box. Take care of it properly so that it does not have any sort of pain.

How long do cats live

How long do cats live? There are variations in the type of cats to calculate their life duration. Although science says that a pet cat lives longer than one living all by itself. It is obvious since the indoor cats get proper care and nutrition. The cat that lives in the street has to find its own food, shelter and a safe spot from the dogs. They do not get proper care when they are sick. Some even die from car accidents or animal attacks. Before the new enhancements the cats were not able to have a long life expectancy. Here is how you can increase the life of your cat.

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Proper care: A cat owner should try to observe his or her pet as much as they can and if they find any difference in them and they should take it to the vet right away. If the vet gives any medicine, they should make sure the pet is getting the medicine at the right time. The regular check-ups should be maintained and make sure to give the directed vaccines.

How long do cats live

Exercise: Just like humans exercise to increase their life span by keeping themselves healthy and strong, cats need the same. You see dog owners taking their dogs out for daily walks. There is no permanent routine for cats or kittens but make sure they are playing. If you cannot get them to play get the different pet toys. There are many types of toys cats like to play with like rubber wristband with brand names or simple toys. You can play a lot of things with them like hide and seek or fetch. They are not going to be like dogs but you can at least get them to run.

Food: The food they consume should be the good ones. Make sure you purchase the fresh cat food and your cat loves it. Know the weight and age of your cat and feed it according to that. You should provide it with food at the right time and make sure it is not suffering from hunger.

Healthcare: You need to check your cat and make sure it is not getting harmed by bacteria. Dental check-up is important because it is very painful if they suffer from toothache. You may hear your cat meowing but you will not know the reason. Unnatural teeth and gums have larger effect on your pet than simply giving out bad breath, discomfort and contamination. The gums of their teeth have an amusing blood stream, microorganisms are eagerly elated to other structures like the stomach, liver, kidneys etc.

Now comes the question how long do they live? On average a cat lives up to 15 years. Some indoor cats live more or less than 15 years and an outdoor cat may live less than 7 years. It can happen that your cat is living more than your neighbor’s cat. Life expectancy is something that is not fixed. A cat’s years is like humans. There is no stable number of years. A person may live for 70 years or 60 years and so on.


How long is a dog pregnant? Nine weeks of course, however, it’s usually hard to find this out up to about the last few weeks when the belly protrudes eventually from the growing pups insides. However, you can know early in advance so that you can give your dog the best of treatment it needs for this to go on perfectly. You can do this by taking it for regular checkups so that you can be aware of its condition every time. On the other hand you can know how long a dog is pregnant by simply noticing the obvious physical signs. These include the following:

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· One of the physical manifestations of the pregnancy is the change in nipple color. In case you dog is pregnant, then you need to ensure that you observe to see if the nipples turn pink. The nipples also become slightly swollen and even more prominent. This is usually when the dog is about 2-3 weeks pregnant.

How long is a dog pregnant

· Another change that accompanies the pregnancy is the change in the waist shape. The waist in all the cases begins to thicken as the tummy fills up as well. Although this changes aren’t really visible until the second half of the pregnancy. This is between 4 to 5 weeks into the pregnancy.

· Another change that usually comes with the pregnancy is the increase in the diet demand. This is of course the dog is no longer eating for its own. However, before you go ahead to pump up the amount of food you give your dog, you need to ensure that you are totally sure that the dog is pregnant. This is due to the fact that some of owners usually add up the amount of food. This is usually the wrong way to go as most of the time you might increase the diet and end up fattening up the belly when the dog is not actually pregnant. Therefore, only increase the diet when the dog is in the final third of their pregnancy.

· The 6 to 9 weeks also come with changes of their own. At this stage the dog is close to delivery so the belly is usually fully pronounced. The other thing that you will observe is that the dog’s mammary glands also get swollen as well. This is usually due to the fact that the mammary glands are preparing for the task ahead after the soon to be delivery.

· The last physical observation you can make is totally a matter of chance in most cases. As the dog nears the delivery date, the puppy can sometime be observed to be moving within the womb. In case you notice this, you can definitely go ahead to feel the movement of the puppies in the womb with your hands. Just a gentle grasp on the belly while flattening your hand will totally do the trick. In some case, you might feel the movement at all. This should not worry you as the little one are usually deep within the belly.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? A woodchuck cannot chuck wood.

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“How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, he would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? This is a very famous tongue twister. It is used to improve speech in children. Adults can also try this to see if their speech is alright. Doctors use this to check their patience tongues. We exercise so that our muscles can breather and we can be healthy. We forget about the muscles in our tongue. In order to exercise the muscle of our tongue, we use the tongue twisters. They have the same word and similar sounds so they can make our tongue twist. Hence, their name is the tongue twister. Pronunciation courses use tongue twisters to help the students have a better speech. Boys are known to have problem saying tongue twisters more than girls. The problem occurs because of the difference between their brains cells. The cerebellum controls the speech. The cerebellum of the boys is different from the cerebellum of the girls. Being able to say a tongue twister without any trouble helps singers. They can sing better when they say the tongue twisters few times.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck

A woodchuck is an animal and it has nothing to do with chucking wood. A woodchuck is known as groundhog and it does not eat wood. It is found in many places. There is the day known as a Groundhog Day and on this day every year people look to them to discover how much winter we will need to endure. On the Groundhog Day, it looks out of its tunnel today, and verifies whether it has a shadow. If it is sufficiently sunny for a shadow, the groundhog will come back to the solace of its tunnel, and winter will proceed for an extra six weeks. Woodchucks or groundhogs can make a noise with high frequency and they live in the same place for many years. During the middle of the April new woodchucks are born. They leave their burrow few months later. Groundhogs are used by medical students to test many things like Hepatitis B virus. Woodchucks are rodents and they are similar to squirrels. You can call them land beavers but they are more famous as woodchucks. People consider that the name of woodchuck comes from the Native American words we jack, wood Shaw, or woodchoock.

How long are cats pregnant

Cats squander little time with regards to pregnancy. Most female cats can imagine when they’re only four months old (it’s vital to spay and fix right on time to maintain a strategic distance from impromptu pregnancies), and they can have upwards of three litters every year. Once pregnant, cats gestate for just 62 to 67 days. That is approximately nine weeks from origination to conception. The run of the mill nine-month human pregnancy is an unending length of time by correlation. Like we said, cats are no sluggards as far as generation. Beneath we’ve delineated the different phases of cat pregnancy so you’ll know precisely what’s in store when you’re expecting little cats.

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Early in the Pregnancy

How long are cats pregnant

Amid the primary couple weeks after origination, your cat won’t hint at numerous undeniable pregnancies. By the third week, however, it ought to end up more obvious. You may see her areolas are pinker or rosier. Her hankering could build – she’s eating for more than one now, all things considered. She might upchuck infrequently, much the same as ladies in the early phases of pregnancy. You may notice she’s more loving (uplifting news for you!) and looking for more consideration, so don’t hold back on petting your mom to-be. In the event that you need to know with assurance that your cat is with cats, take her to the vet. Following three weeks of pregnancy your vet ought to have the capacity to look at her stomach and feel the developing lives (don’t attempt this at home – you could bring about a premature delivery). In the event that there’s still some instability, your vet may perform an ultrasound. All through the pregnancy ensure your cat is getting a lot of water and food.

Later in the Pregnancy

Your pregnant cat will start to put on weight – more often than not a sum of a few pounds when the little cats are conceived. The weight increase ought to be extremely perceptible four to five weeks into the pregnancy. By the last week of pregnancy her mammary organs will be expanded and prepared to deliver milk. Around this time she might start settling – finding a tranquil, safe spot to bring forth her cats. Consider giving your cat a settling box. To make your own, essentially cut an opening (this will be the door) in the side of a huge cardboard box. Toss in something she will get a kick out of the chance to sit on, similar to a towel or cover, to make the case more agreeable. Make certain to put the container in a tranquil zone that is not lit too splendidly. Give her a week or two to get used to the settling box. You will probably help your hopeful cat feel protected, great, and prepared for the enormous.


At the point when your cat is near conceiving an offspring, she might get to be eager, yowl much of the time, decline to eat, and invest more energy in her settling zone. When she starts giving birth, she might yowl or even regurgitation. The uplifting news is the birthing procedure is by and large a snappy one for cats. On the off chance that she can’t push a cat out following a hour or so of troublesome work, converse with your vet (a C-area might should be performed however risks are low that you will need). The normal litter incorporates four to six little cats, however it can comprise of upwards of eight and as few as one. Watch out for your cat and the new cats all through the birthing process, yet don’t get excessively close or included unless difficulties emerge. By and large the new mother can deal with things all alone. As usual, counsel your vet about any worries or entanglements. To wrap things up, pause for a minute to love those charming new little cats.

How to Make Hummingbird Food

Bubble more than five cups of water on the stove top. When you utilize more than five cups of water, you can conform to the loss of water from steam. Make sure that you are having 5 cups of water and add it to a large container.  Mix one cup of white granulated sugar. Keep stirring the white granulated sugar and water together until the majority of the sugar is broken down. Place the mix into the freezer to cool, typically overnight. At the point when the mix is cooler, take the mix out of the cooler. You now have a dish of hummingbird food.

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Carefully, take the pieces of your hummingbird feeder using the guidelines. Clean the hummingbird feeder with cleanser and water ensuring your hummingbird feeder is perfect and free from any garbage and/or mold. Willfully empty the hummingbird nectar into the tank of the hummingbird feeder. Try not to spill the hummingbird food or you will have a subterranean insect intrusion in your home, and in the event that you do, tidy it up immediately with cleanser and water. Reassemble the hummingbird feeder as indicated by the producers’ directions.

How to Make Hummingbird Food

Place the hummingbird feeder loaded with hummingbird nectar outside in a peaceful area that is off the beaten path of clamor and activity. The best place is ordinarily outside of a side window so you can watch the hummingbirds travel every which way as they drink the nectar and appreciate what you have accommodated them.

While you hummingbird feeders out, it is essential to recollect changing the nectar at least at regular intervals. In case, you notice white skimming strands or the nectar gets shady, or it simply does not look right, make a point to bring down the feeder and clean it all together. This will not just ensure the strength of your hummingbirds but your hummingbirds will probably stick around for more time.

You can make the feeder to be red to attract the hummingbirds but do not add any red food color to the food you are making. It will have a chance to make their internal organs as they are delicate and small birds. Do not use any types of sugar except for white granulated sugar because other sugars like fat-free sugars or brown sugar can cause the death of the hummingbird. The hummingbirds can get thirsty during the hot summer and the cold winter. It is an excellent idea to place a bowl of water hanging next to the feeder. Keep the feeder away from an area where there could be attacks on the hummingbirds by the cats.

One should be careful while making hummingbird food, do not burn your hand while handling hot water. Wait for the food to cool down before putting in the feeder. You can make the feeder yourself or buy one from the pet store. While making one, be sure while handling sharp objects or you can injure yourself. Buy or make the hummingbird feeder of the perfect size and keep it clean. You can also put pieces of red fruits hanging from a bowl, it is a good idea because it will attract the hummingbirds and it can consume the insects devouring on the fruits.

How many stomachs does a cow have?

How many stomachs does a cow have? A cow has 4 stomachs.

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A cow is a domestic animal, which means it lives in the farms. They have four stomachs. Many other domestic animals like goats and sheep have 4 stomachs. Humans and most other beings have only one stomach and a simple digestive system compared to the cows. Cows eat grass as their daily food as they are herbivores. They like eating hay and grains as well. Cows are important animals because they provide us with a lot of things like milk and meat. You can make cheese, ice-cream, pudding and may other things from the milk. You can make beef burgers, beef pizza and countless delicious beef dishes from the meat we get from the cow.

How many stomachs does a cow have

The essential distinction between cows and other animals is that ruminants have a stomach with four sections stomach. The four sections are the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and stomach. In the initial two compartments, the rumen and the reticulum, the sustenance is blended with spit and isolates into deposits of strong and fluid substantial. The cud forms from the solid part of the food.

The cud is then disgorged and bit to totally blend it with spit and to separate the molecule size. Fiber, particularly cellulose and hemicellulose, is principally separated in these chambers by microorganisms (for the most part microscopic organisms, and some parasites and yeast) into the three unpredictable unsaturated fats (VFAs). Fermentation of protein and nonstructural carb like pectin and glucose occurs.

In spite of the fact that the rumen and reticulum have distinctive names, they speak to the same useful because the food moves back and forth and they are known as the reticulorumen.  The food then goes to the third section, the omasum, where water and a large portion of the inorganic mineral components are consumed into the circulatory system.

After the third section, the food moves to the final compartment. It is known as the stomach or the Abomasum. This part is where the real digestion happens and it is the actual stomach. It is similar to the stomach of a human. The stomach of a human digests the food. Humans have only one stomach as stated earlier. The abomasum is the part of the cow’s stomach that is used to make cheese. It is the final stage of digestion. It completes the process of digestion. It is the genuine stomach. The stomach is what might as well be called the stomach of a monogastric organism. They have a simple stomach and a digestive system unlike the cows. Getting back on topic, the digested food is moved into the small digestive tract, where the processing and ingestion of supplements happens. Microorganisms delivered in the reticulorumen are additionally processed in the small digestive tract. Aging proceeds in the digestive organ similarly as in the reticulorumen.

The cows provide us with a lot of methane gas. Methane gas is necessary for a lot of things. They can be converted into fuels. They can be used to heat homes and etc. They are a powerful gas.