Car Detailing Canada


Cars show half of our personality to the rest of the world. The better car you have the better personality you got. This is why most of people in the world are very keep about the services and detailing of their cars. We are going to discuss some of the best car detailing services in Canada.

Auto Obsessed™: This shop is having all you need for the car detailing. They have the spare parts, detailing services and all other service at their shop. You can easily find them at 9635 63 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0G2, Canada. They are known for their best environment which they provide to their customers. The satisfaction of their customers is their ultimate goal and they are working so far very well. They are also having an online shop where you can purchase the car accessories at economical prices. They have a beautiful car detailing studio where you car is turned into a new car in minutes. You can also call them for car caring as well and they will provide you with the best possible assistance in car related matters. They are also whole sale dealers and provide the accessories and other parts to the dealers as well.

Car Detailing Canada
Car Detailing Canada

You can have the complete detailing of your car in their state of the art studios specially made for the detailing. All the products available here for detailing are premium and of best quality. They never compromised on the quality of their service and that is why they are liked by everyone in the town.

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eShine Car Care

They are another name in the car detailing service in the country. You can easily find them at 885 Elm St, Port Colborne, ON L3K 5X2, Canada. They are having complete accessories related to the accessories and tools as well. They are having products of different brands on their store. You can also get the car kits from their store.

They products of this shop are listed online as well on their website with price tags as well.

Some of the prominent services provided by them are following;

  1. Compound and polish of exterior.
  2. Metal and convertible care as well.
  3. Quick detailing and paint services for exterior.
  4. Trim and glass work including car wash and dry at the shop.
  5. They are having all types of waxes on the store.
  6. You can get variety of tires as well on the store.
  7. Fabrics and carpets for interior are also available.
  8. Trimming and glass for interior.
  9. Odor removal services.
  10. All interior care products are available on this store.

The list goes on and this shows that they can take good care of your car in all the ways. All type of services is available on this shop.

Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc

Another good name in the car detailing is this shop. They are located at 7710 16 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6P 1L9, Canada. They are mostly serving the western part of the Canada. They are having all types of equipments which are needed to take care of your car. You can buy all the accessories for your car from this store. They are in the business since 2008 and dealt with all types of work related to cars from manufacturing to oil change and detailing as well.

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The services offered by this shop are of professional level. All the brands are served here in the shop. Their maintenance programs will make sure that the work is done to the best possible standard and your equipment and car is running with its full capacity. You can get all types of equipments from them starting from pumps, cleaning chemicals, self serve systems and accessories as well. They even offer services after you have used the product and give you warranties and guarantees for some of the specific products you bought from them.

Car Detailing Canada
Car Detailing Canada

Some of the main services by this shop are following;

  1. Touch less wash systems.
  2. Air compressors and washers.
  3. Industrial cleaning chemicals.
  4. Self serve wash systems as well.
  5. All kinds of maintenance services are also available.

They are proud for giving the best service in the area right now. They put their utmost attention to the detailing of the car and satisfy the client in the best possible way.

King Car Wash

They provide full car wash service in the town and are known for their supreme work in the entire field in the car detailing. You can easily find them at 1448 Grahams Ln, Burlington, ON L7S 1W3, Canada. If you are looking to ride a professional car then have the service and detailing of your car at King Car Wash. We are expert in the field of car wash, full car detailing, polishing of the car and full cleaning. They are having complete range of products for the car care which are used by experienced staff. The service from this store will give you professional ride. They also provide interior cleaning packages as well. The prices of the King Car Wash are affordable for everyone.

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They also help to maintain the outlook of your car. The products used for the detailing are high performance and gives you the full result. If you ever choose King Car Wash for the detailing of the car then rest is upon them and your car will give you the finest ride in the town.

Main services provided by them are following;

  1. Soft foam wash.
  2. Rinse from the fresh water.
  3. You can get underbody spray as well.
  4. They can wash your rubber bands.
  5. Interior vacuuming of all the seats.
  6. Dressing of the tire as well.

Select them for the best protection of your car.

If you are maintaining you car well you must have tried any of the above service before as well. If yes than share your experience with us as well and if you think some other detailing shop is providing the best service then do mention them and we will add it here.