How long are dogs pregnant?


How long are dogs pregnant? Dogs are pregnant for 21 days or 3 weeks.

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While the fetus starts looking almost like a puppy inside the mother’s womb, they still have a long journey before delivery. Just like human babies, they began to develop hair and we all know that dogs are covered in furs and they are experts at smelling. The sense of smell develops and enhances while it is still a fetus hence they are born with such strong ability. They can sniff around and find anything. Just within 21 days the fetus changes into an unborn puppy with claws and other features.

How long are dogs pregnant

The whole process of birth is great but that does not mean the kids should see it when the dogs are giving birth at the hospital in the vet’s presence. The vets do not like parents, children, dog owners or other associates bothering during the process. Each dog has their personal vet and the owners take them for regular check-ups, vaccinations and safety. The healthcare visits get more significant during the three weeks the dog is pregnant. It must get proper food, appropriate sleep and the right amount of love and affection.

The actual period is 63 days (±5) with a plus and minus five days because that is when the fetus is just an egg. There is no fixed number of babies like a dog can give birth to three puppies or even up to eight puppies. You can assume by seeing the size of the tummy. Another way if you are really curious, you can get an ultra-sonogram. In this way, you will be sure of the number of puppies and their sizes but you have to wait at least 21 days before you can do it. Do not get so curious that you go for X-rays because the dog is pregnant. You can go for it if the dog has a broken bone and with no fetus. Even though, X-rays are a beautiful part in the world of health and medical care, the dog can be a victim of radiation sickness or ionizing problem. The DNA chains inside the dog’s body can collapse and the cells can stop acting natural. Nobody wants that to happen to a soon-to-be mother dog.

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If it is too late to take the dog to the hospital to give birth, make sure they are comfortable. Make sure they have received a lot of food because it will make them stronger during birth. If your canine companion looks ill or has fallen sick, do not wait simply take it to the doctor. If your dog has been trying to give birth by pushing more than thirty minutes and still no sign of babies, they should be immediately taken to the emergency unit. One important thing to remember: feed your dog as much as you can while it is pregnant so that it does not struggle during the delivery. Get a whelping box and make sure there is hundred percent comfort inside the box. Take care of it properly so that it does not have any sort of pain.

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