How long do cats live

How long do cats live? There are variations in the type of cats to calculate their life duration. Although science says that a pet cat lives longer than one living all by itself. It is obvious since the indoor cats get proper care and nutrition. The cat that lives in the street has to find its own food, shelter and a safe spot from the dogs. They do not get proper care when they are sick. Some even die from car accidents or animal attacks. Before the new enhancements the cats were not able to have a long life expectancy. Here is how you can increase the life of your cat.

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Proper care: A cat owner should try to observe his or her pet as much as they can and if they find any difference in them and they should take it to the vet right away. If the vet gives any medicine, they should make sure the pet is getting the medicine at the right time. The regular check-ups should be maintained and make sure to give the directed vaccines.

How long do cats live

Exercise: Just like humans exercise to increase their life span by keeping themselves healthy and strong, cats need the same. You see dog owners taking their dogs out for daily walks. There is no permanent routine for cats or kittens but make sure they are playing. If you cannot get them to play get the different pet toys. There are many types of toys cats like to play with like rubber wristband with brand names or simple toys. You can play a lot of things with them like hide and seek or fetch. They are not going to be like dogs but you can at least get them to run.

Food: The food they consume should be the good ones. Make sure you purchase the fresh cat food and your cat loves it. Know the weight and age of your cat and feed it according to that. You should provide it with food at the right time and make sure it is not suffering from hunger.

Healthcare: You need to check your cat and make sure it is not getting harmed by bacteria. Dental check-up is important because it is very painful if they suffer from toothache. You may hear your cat meowing but you will not know the reason. Unnatural teeth and gums have larger effect on your pet than simply giving out bad breath, discomfort and contamination. The gums of their teeth have an amusing blood stream, microorganisms are eagerly elated to other structures like the stomach, liver, kidneys etc.

Now comes the question how long do they live? On average a cat lives up to 15 years. Some indoor cats live more or less than 15 years and an outdoor cat may live less than 7 years. It can happen that your cat is living more than your neighbor’s cat. Life expectancy is something that is not fixed. A cat’s years is like humans. There is no stable number of years. A person may live for 70 years or 60 years and so on.

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