How many liters in a gallon (quart, milliliter, cup, pint, ounce)

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How many liters in a gallon? 3.785 liters in a gallon; 1.892 liters in a half gallon.

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A liter is mainly used to measure liquids only. It has become a common unit for measuring liquids like water, milk and soda. For example, you probably heard that people need to drink at least 2 liters of water day. It is written as L, l or ltr. 1liter is equal to 1dm3 and 1000cm3. A liter of water occupies the same space as box with all sides of 10cm or 1dm. 1 liter 10−3 m3. The name liter came from ancient Greece then had a touch of French. There are two spellings for liters and this is the American one. One liter of water is exactly the same as 1 kilogram. You can put 1 kg of rice in a box and when you take it out of the box, you can out exactly 1 liter of water in it. A liter was made to replace the difficult terms, cubic decimeter. During the 1900s, the liter was thought of as the precise volume of kg of water at its highest density and regular pressure in room temperature. There is cylinder made of platinum and iridium that is exactly the mass of 1 liter of water and is kept in France. It is actually equal to 1.000028 cubic decimeter.   In order, to calculate liters to gallon you have to know that 1 liter is equal to 0.264172 gallons. Therefore, 0.264172 multiplied by 3.8 will give you 1.003 and that is approximately 1 gallon.

To find half gallon:

(3.785/2)= 1.892 liters or 1.892 l

How many liters in a gallon


How many liters in a quart

How many liters in a quart

0.9 liters in a quart

You can use it not only for liquids but also for solids you can pour. A liter and a quart are almost similar except for that a quart is slightly more than a liter. A quart is 1.05669 liters. 1 liter is also 1 whole 26,823,527 by 473,176,473 Quarts. A quart is equal to 32 fluid ounces and one-fourth of a gallon and 2 pints. It is not the imperial quart, which has a bigger value than this.

Now you know that 1 quart = 1.05669 liters, hence 0.9 liters (l) is in a quart.


How many liters in a milliliter

How many liters in a milliliter

We know 1litre is 1 kg. 1 kg is equal to 1000g. 1 milliliter is equal to 1 gram.  There are 1000 milliliters in 1 liter so to find out. Since there are 3 zeros in a thousand, move the decimal place three places in the front and you get 0.001 liters in a milliliter. There are 0.24 liters in 8.11 ounces. We know 8 ounces is 1 cup. Therefore, there are 0.24 liters in a cup. There is half liter in a pint or 16 ounces. There are 0.03 liters in an ounce.

0.001 liters in a milliliter


How many liters in a cup

How many liters in a cup

0.24 liters in a cup


How many liters in a pint

How many liters in a pint

0.5 liters in a pint


How many liters in a ounce

How many liters in a ounce

0.03 liters in an ounce

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