How to cook acorn squash

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In case you’re new to cooking, you might be somewhat scared by how precisely to cut up and set them up. Here are the few steps to make a good acorn squash.

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How to cook acorn squash

1. 1 acorn squash, cut in half

2. 1-2 Tbsp butter

3. 2 Tbsp brown sugar

4. Pinch cinnamon, optional



This is one of the most ideal ways I know how to cook scorn squash it is quick, simple and anybody can do it. I took in it from viewing my grandmother and she utilized it to make soups and pies after she was done cooking it.

Wash the acorn squash, dry it, cut it down the middle and clean within. Sliced the base to level it out so the acorn squash will sit level on a treat sheet. Place squash face up on the treat sheet. Put every half on a heating sheet with some oil chop side down and place it in a 350-400 degree preheated broiler for 30 to 45 minutes. Circulate the spread, cocoa sugar, and cinnamon between the two parts of squash, setting the fixings in their focuses.

Take it out of the broiler and put one tablespoon of margarine and chestnut sugar in every half in the event that you need it sweet else you can utilize salt and pepper. In the event that you need the top half to chestnut you can hear it for five minutes and eat it as it seems to be.

Another method for steaming so as to cook acorn squash is it and it requires less investment to steam it than utilizing the broiler. Utilize the same strides in cleaning and cutting the squash. In the event that you have a steamer you can put it chop side down for 20 to 25 minutes and it ought to be finished. Place a fork in it and on the off chance that it is delicate and it goes in effortlessly it is prepared. Scratch out within and you can include some olive oil or spread, salt and pepper and utilize it as a side. The formula just has three or four fixings relying upon how you cook it. A medium size acorn squash, spread, olive oil, cocoa sugar and salt and pepper.  This was the hardest piece of figuring out how to cook oak seed squash for me yet once I made sense of how simple it was I am continually cooking it since I can make different tasty formulas with it.

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