How to cook cabbage

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How to cook cabbage? Cabbage is easy to cut and prepare. Start with buying the right kind of cabbage and learn the basics of cooking it, then you will be able to prepare a lot of dishes with it such as fish tacos, red cabbage with ginger vinaigrette, barbecued chicken on sweet and sour cabbage etc.

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Buying the cabbage

How to cook cabbage

How to cook cabbage

Just like any green cruciferous vegetables, look out for green leaves. You can find yellow or withered leaves, do not purchase them. They should be fresh and no such weird smell should come out from them. Get a big one in size so that when you cut them you will get a huge amount. You can even store them and eat for several days. They are one of those vegetables that do not cost much but serves a lot of people. Pick one by one around five or six of them and pick the heaviest one. If it has a stem, pick that one because as it starts to get old, the salesman starts to cut from the bottom to make it look new.

Storing the cabbage

If you want to store the cabbage for several days, you have to freeze it. Start with getting rid of the leaves that cover it and wash it properly. Slice it into four parts and make it pale by boiling it for 2 minutes and transfer immediately into water cold as ice.  Lastly, get rid of all the water by draining and pack them in freezer bags or in airtight containers and freeze right away.

The basics of cooking cabbage

• Boiling

• Sautéing

• Steamed

• Microwave cooking

To boil cabbage, get a pan of water and boil them without covering for two minutes. Cover them and if they are into chopped into small pieces keep them for five minutes. If they are cabbage wedges, keep them longer around eight minutes. Take them out and drain them to have the boiled vegetables.

To sauté cabbage, heat oil over medium heat. Put in a sliced onion, minced garlic pieces and ginger and toss them in the pan for about three and a half minutes. Add small amounts of water and tamari compared to the amount of the cabbage and stir.  tamari and stir, scraping the bottom of the pan. Pour the cabbage pieces and stir gently and wait till the leaves turn to get smaller and thinner. The sautéing should be done in 25 minutes.

To steam them, boil water in a pot and use tongs to put a steamer basket inside it. Pour all the cabbage pieces, and cover for at least ten to twelve minutes.

To prepare them in the microwave, get a bowl that is microwave-safe. Slice them into wedges and add three tablespoons of water and put them at a high heat in the microwave oven covering with a wax paper. Take them out in five minutes’ intervals to change sides.


• Make sure you use chef’s knife to slice it because the cabbage has a solid core.

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