The blackhead issue is one of the most annoying experiences that most people face when it comes to facial challenges. The condition is mostly confused with a similar one called whiteheads. The common mistake is that most think that the condition is brought about by dirt and most of us usually go about getting rid of them in the wrong way. They are caused by behavior of the facial pores. In case you are faced with the issue, then in this article you will get to know the best way on how to get rid of blackheads.

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Clay: Clay is one of the best healing formulas, especially bentonite clay. The clay is good at removing blackheads due to the fact that the clay has properties that make it a good absorbent of the oil that is in the pores. Since it’s this oils that cause blackheads, the clay removes them from the pores leaving your face oil free. The clay is usually mixed with water and worn as a mask on the face. The mask will have a tightening sensation on the skin. This is usually due to the sucking action of the oil.


Egg white mask

Another great remedy to the blackhead problem is the use of egg white. Just like the clay, the egg white has amazing capabilities to deal with the pore issue and the oil accumulation. All you need to do is apply it onto your face. You can go about this quite easily go through this by separating the yolk from the egg and then slowly applying it onto your skin and slowly dabbing it until it forms a mask on your face. You can alternatively use a small piece of toilet paper to apply. The same tightening effect will also kick in as a result. Do this several times and you will realize that your blackheads are a thing of the past.

Honey and milk pore strips

The third tip on how to get rid of blackheads is the use of honey and milk mixture. The two have amazing qualities that are nutritious to the skin. The honey is packed with antibacterial properties to keep your skin safe from any infections that can come up. The milk on the other hand is great in making the skin soft. To use this mixture, just mix a 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of milk. Heat the two in an oven for about ten second and mix more. Apply the mixture to the affected part of the face for some time often.

Cinnamon and honey strips

Mixing these two definitely looks like we are making one amazing candy type, but you will be mind-blown with the results that come with this mixture. The honey as previously mentioned comes with its amazing antibacterial properties while the cinnamon adds in by improving the circulation in the skin leaving you with a healthy looking skin from the sufficient blood flow. The mixture carefully acts as an adhesive that slowly pulls your pores together. All you have to do is simply mix the two normally into a mixture that can wholly cover the affected area.

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