How to get rid of hiccups

You may have hiccups after you had a big lunch. Blame it on the muscle that is below your lungs. It is the diaphragm. Diaphragm plays big role in inhaling and exhaling. If there is any disturbance it the breathing system caused by the diaphragm, you end up with hiccups. It usually happens when you eat too much or you eat too fast. Here are some ways to get rid of hiccups.

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1. Utilize a plastic bag: Take a plastic bag and breathe into it. The increase in carbon dioxide will make it normal for you to stop the hiccups. The carbon dioxide cannot escape the plastic bag. The irritation that was caused in the diaphragm will be gone. People try an alternative method when they do not have a plastic bag nearby, they cover with their hands. Do not stop inhaling or exhaling. Breathe normally so that you can put an end to your hiccups.

How to get rid of hiccups

2. Stick out your tongue: Many people stick out their tongue as an exercise. You cannot take your tongue to jog, but you can always put it out. Keep it out for 20 to 30 seconds or till your hiccups stop. This is an easy way and it is good for the vocal cords. People who sings or have to perform a speech sometimes do this to clear their voice. You are not here to clear your voice but the same remedy will work for you. You will get your diaphragm to be normal when you do this.

3. Drink water: Hiccups are produced by contraction in the diaphragm. Mainly it is a jumpy jolt in the diaphragm. If you can make the diaphragm to contract through one or two ripples it will reset itself and the jolt will be wiped out. If you hold your breath you contract the diaphragm, and when you drink you hold your breath. So by taking along drink you are forcing yourself to hold your breath and hopefully eliminating the jolt. Same principle but it works but drinking water is easier than holding your breath. If you drink water then you can eradicate hiccups. Lack of water in the body can cause hiccups because there is an unbalance in the body. You can reduce your thirst and clear your throat.

4. Having a spoon of sugar: You can have a spoon of sugar. Do not swallow it all at once. Keep the sugar under the tongue and let it sit there. The nerve will get distracted and you will forget about the hiccup. The nerve sends information to the brain. It tells the brain that something great is happening and they ignore the hiccup.

5. Indulge in peanut butter: You can always have a spoonful of peanut butter if the sugar fails. You can reach out for the peanut butter at first even before reaching for the sugar. Peanut butter is known for curing faster than the sugar. People who tried all the other remedies listed above but failed to stop the hiccups, peanut butter worked for them.

How to block your number?

How to block your number? People use the method of blocking their number when they do not want their number to be exposed. They do it for a lot of purpose. Some people use it for good purposes like to call a business and they do not want their number to be seen to avoid disturbances later on. It means that if you are lady, there are chances the people call you to bother you.  Some do it to prank their friends by calling them and having fun. Others use it to stay unidentified. There are several ways you can do it and ever phone has a different option.

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How to block your number when calling?

How to block your number

Here is how to block your number when calling using an iPhone. 

Step 1: Unlock your phone using the password. Go to the Settings and select it. The Settings option let you control the features on your phone like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular.

Step 2: Scroll down and you will an option with the name “Phone” and after clicking on it, you will find many options like “Respond with text”, “Cal forwarding” and “Call waiting” and select the fourth option.

Step 3: It is known as “Show my caller id” and you will see that is enabled because the button will be green. You have to drag your finger over the button and wait till you get a message that it is disabled. It will turn from green to white.

Here is how to block your phone number using an Android phone such as the ones from Samsung or Sony.

Step 1: Like the way you call a person, click on Phone and there is a Settings option at the corner. The icon is few dots in the same line and that is the Settings. It will be below the Add-wait button.

Step 2: Go to Call Settings and you will see many options like Dial pad touch tones, dial pad autocomplete and quick responses. The last option is “Additional Settings” and there will be an option called Caller ID before Call waiting. Click on that and you will get Calling Settings.

Step 3: After clicking that, you will have to wait while it read settings. A message will appear named call settings. Click on Caller ID again and a list consisting of three options will appear. They are network default, hide number and show number.

Step 4: Click on hide number and the message called “Call settings” will appear. Under the Caller ID select Hide number.

How to block your phone number? 

There are other methods that applies to all phones on all networks in any part of the world. That is enter a ‘*67’ before the number you are going to dial. This will make you anonymous to whoever you are calling and save you from being seen by the receiver. The caller can be completely hidden unless he dials the number again without the “*67” the last method you can try if all other fails is that contact with your network provider that you want to be anonymous.

How to get rid of acne scars

How to get rid of acne scars? Acne scars are results from pimple inflammation. Our face contains germs and bacteria and if you do not keep them clean oil develops inside the pores of your cheeks and forms small bulge. Dead skin cells also gather inside it. The pores grow into a pink small ball. If the original skin of the cheek is damaged they become scars. There are many ways to get rid of them and if you succeed in following them, you can get fresh skin again.

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There are 2 types of scars one is because of less collagen or more collagen. People hate scars on their face because it is difficult to get rid of them. There are natural ways to treat it.

How to get rid of acne scars

Here is how to get rid of them: 

Method # 1

You can make lemon juice by squeezing a lemon. Manage a cotton ball and dip it in the juice and apply over the acne scars. It has the ability to clean out all the bacteria. Wash it off after 15 minutes because it has citric acid. People know a lot about the uses of lemons to clear germs from skin and have it in diet for cleansing. You can dab the part of the skin with lemon juice and you will get a good smell. If you are having it in your meals, it has potassium which is needed to maintain high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is normal, you will not develop acnes.  Their antibacterial property fights the acnes. It will not only get rid of pimples but also make the skin tone lighter. People spend thousands of dollar for lighter skin tone, they can simply apply this. They are good exfoliators and a natural face wash.

Method # 2

You can use egg whites on the spot to clear the spots of acnes. They have the power to reduce the darkness of the pores and eventually making it less visible. They are full of proteins that the pores need to tighten. Take a small bowl and mix the egg whites using a spoon. Wash your face with only clean water and use a soft piece of cloth to get rid of the wetness. Use your fingers to apply them over the marks. Let the egg whites become waterless and wait few minutes. Later wash it off with slightly hot water. Carry out this process few times a week. Egg whites are known as one of the best methods of treatment. You can increase its capability by the addition of green tea. Make a glass of green tea and let it become completely the same temperature as the room. Do not put it in the freezer to cool it. Get a small bowl and pour all the green tea. Combine the egg whites and put them on your skin. Let it dry so that it absorbs the extra oil in your face that causes the pimple. After it dries wait for several minutes and rinse the spot with warm water.

How to make guacamole

How to make guacamole? Many people love to have guacamole in their meals and there are various kinds of this same dish. It is one of those dishes that can be healthy and tasty at the same time. Vegetarians like guacamole because it is fully meat-free. Some people can put lamb in it. It is dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free. People who loves dairy product can put cheese in it. You can have it even if you are lactose intolerant. You can have it with a group of people or just alone. They are available in restaurants and you can make them at home easily with few ingredients you find in the kitchen.

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People put their favorite ingredient in it like some people put tomatoes but tomatoes will not give it a creamy structure. You can put pomegranate for an Eastern taste. You need to pick out soft avocados from the market because a hard one is not going to be suitable for cooking.

How to make guacamole

Guacamole recipe


Few Avocado

Fresh scallions


Lemon or lime

Coriander leaves



Step 1: Slice off the avocado and cut it through the center. Scoop out of the inside and keep it on a plate. See whether the inside is clean and bright. Separate the seed with a knife or a fork. Put them in a bowl and use fork to slice it into pieces.  Mash them using the fork.

Step 2: You need acid for this dish and that will be achieved with the help of a lemon or lime. Get a round and green lime not a yellow one. Slice it throw the center and squeeze half of it on the bowl. Do not underestimate the use of lime here because it is the reason this is not brown. The green color exists because of it. Squeeze the other half and stir with a fork.

Step 3: Get scallions and chop them into very tiny pieces. Chop the coriander leaves. If you do not like it, you can use cilantro and if you do not like that either leave it out. Without it, the taste would decrease. Slice half of the jalapeno. Cut it into very small pieces.

Step 4: Combine everything in a bowl and mix and mix till you are happy with the density. Serve it with your chips.

Some people make using onions. If you are using them slice half a cup of onions, cover it with hot water. The rest of the steps are similar. Scoop out avocado and put them in a bowl and add lemon juice. Add coriander leaves by chopping them and add salt. Stir and mix until they are the perfect consistency. It is something you make very quickly because you do not need to do much work on it. It does not require an oven or a stove. You can make it for your guests half an hour before their arrival to avoid it getting brown. The color green is what makes it look tempting.

How to give a hickey?

How to give a hickey? Hickey is a sign of love and if you give it to someone that means you really love them. If you receive them, it means they love you. It happens when one of the partner is sucking bellicosely on the other one’s skin. It actually means that you are marking them as yours and they only belong to you. Every time that area will pain, they will think of you. Hence, it has another name known as love bite. There are some things you need to know.

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You need to ask the other person if they are okay with it because some may like and some do not. You do not want to ruin the romantic moment with a fight over hickey. Many people say no when you ask for permission and do not get shocked. The reason for denying is because others will see that they had a romantic moment recently. Some people make the mistake of giving the hickey as a surprise.

How to give a hickey

Here is how to give a hickey

Step 1: Understand properly what a hickey is. Ask yourself should you give it to the person? Make sure the other person is informed and there will be no shock. Ask yourself that are you that close that you can give it to him or her. You cannot just give it to someone you are shy with. You need to be free with that person.

Step 2: Start with a kiss. A hickey without a kiss is like a pizza without any toppings. Or you can consider it like a base. The kiss is going to form the foundation for you to move on to hickey. The mood will be great for the both of you is you initiate with a kiss.

Step 3: After you are done with the kiss, decide on the part where you want to make the mark. This mark is more popular on necks but you can go with cheeks, arms or lips. You can even decide before seeing them where you want to give it. Start by kissing gently on the selected spot. If you have chosen neck, kiss slowly on the neck before you make the mark.

Step 4: make sure there is moisture over there. Utilize your tongue to wet the area and suck on that part of the skin for 30 seconds or more. Let the hickey appear. It is time to check if it worked. If there is no mark, repeat the process again. Some people’s skin does not show any color after the first hickey. Repeating several times will expose the mark and the color.

Step 5: Make sure you and your partner are not in a place full of crowd. You need to be alone with each other and make the place romantic. Light up candles that gives out aroma. You need to know why you are giving the hickey because it usually happens to people who want to show to the whole world that he or she is their partner.

How to make google your homepage

How to make google your homepage? Is Google your favorite search engine or your favorite website? Are you an android user who regularly needs to check their Gmail accounts? Google is very popular and after the arrival of Android phones millions of people have opened Gmail accounts. In the last decade, Yahoo and Hotmail were popular for making e-mail accounts. If you use Google for your research and other works you need to make it your homepage or else, you have to type in the URL over and over again. It can be time-consuming.  In order to save your time and energy, you can follow the steps below to make it your homepage. It varies from browser to browser.

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Make google my homepage

How to make google your homepage

For internet explorer users: 

Step 1: Go to and there will be a message which says that if you visit Google often you can make it your homepage.

Step 2: Click on that by saving it. There will be two options, choose the first one which says to make the ste your homepage on this PC.

Step 3: If you are going to do it manually, go to the top-right corner of the browser. Click on Settings and Internet Options.

Step 4: Under the general tab, there is a big white box where you can type the link of any site you want as your homepage. You can go for, etc.

Step 5: Type in fully along with the http and everything. In this case, we are doing and press “Ok” to confirm.

For Google Chrome users

Just because its name is Google does not necessarily mean that the homepage will be originally

Step 1: Just like the Internet Explorer, there is going to be an icon in the top-right corner of the browser.

Step 2: Click on Settings. There are many options like On-start up, Appearance, Search and People. Under start-up select the third option.

Step 3: In the third option, there is a hyperlink that is “set pages” click on that. You can type your desired URL there. If you use Yahoo more you can type in and if you use msn more you can type, in this case we are going with Google.

Step 4: Type properly in the correct format and press Ok.

For Mozilla Firefox users

Step 1: Open the browser and Speed wind will show up as your search engine and homepage. You will get options which are Amazon, Facebook and Yahoo but nothing about Google.

Step 2: In case of Mozilla Firefox, go to the top-left corner and click on the icon. Go to options and you will get many choices like “Menu Bar” and Bookmark toolbar. Click on Options and then General. You will find a box where you will see you can put any site as your homepage.

Step 3: There is a box to type in the link. Write down the URL of Google in the perfect manner.

How to grow hair faster?

How to grow hair faster? Everybody wants to have great and healthy hair. Hair is an important aspect of our body and our appearance. Various people have different kinds of hairstyle. Some has straight long hair while some has small curly hair. Some has wavy hair. While the types vary, colors are also different. Some have black, brown or blonde hair. It is rare but some also has orange or red hair. People style their hair in so many ways it is hard to tell what their actual hair was. Such as some celebrities originally had brown hair but they dyed it blonde. People even go with unusual colors like blue, green, pink and white.

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Not taking care of your hair may lead to hair fall and dandruff. These two things can lead to slow hair growth. Here are ways to grow hair faster.

How to grow hair faster

Step 1: Make the scissor your good buddy. It is normal that people avoid cutting their hair because they want it to be long. The weird part is you must cut it to grow it longer. Hair develops split-ends which stops its growth. If you can get a trim from the salon it will be great or you can do it yourself. Hair will grow faster when the ends are strong and not divided into parts. Make sure you make it clear to the hairdresser that you want just a trim or to get rid of your split ends or else they end up cutting a lot of your hair.

Step 2: A difference you will between people with great dense hair and people with poor hair quality is that they use conditioner and the others do not. The people who do not underestimate the use of conditioner after using the shampoo are the best kinds of people. As their reward, they get thick hair with strong ends. What you need to do is, rinse the shampoo properly. Later apply the conditioner and wait few minutes. There are many types of them some does not require rinsing. The ones that needs to be rinse should be rinsed properly. They are like oxygen for our hair. Like we need to breathe and survive, the same goes for hair. You can buy amazing shampoo and conditioner from the store. Remember that you should not use the shampoo every day.

Step 3: Try oil treatment or hot oil massages. They are great for hair and the scalp. You can buy them from the store. Start with coconut oil.  They prevent damage of the hair. Vitamin E is needed for both hair and skin. You can find it in Castor oil and you will see your hair become thick quickly. They also help in circulation of blood which is important for hair growth. Some people use olive oil for just skin. Use it on your hair and scalp because it is enriched with Vitamin E. You can make mask at home but be sure to use oil masks on wet hair or else it will stick. An example of oil mask is the mixture of coconut oil and rosemary to prevent dandruff.

How to fall asleep

How to fall asleep? Most people have trouble falling asleep. It can be young people or even senior citizens. There are few fortunate people who do not have to deal with sleep issues. In the recent years, more people are losing sleep with each day. It may be because of the new and latest gadgets that modern technology has developed. Some people cannot sleep because of too much stress or worry.  Sleeping is important because it effects our body, brain and our work. People who do not sleep properly are not as efficient as those who sleep. Not sleeping leads to a lot of illness like high blood pressure, heart diseases and headaches. It is also controls how we behave with others. People who sleep appropriately has good manners and those who do not has problems with their attitude and people blame their personality. It could be that person has a great personality but it is hidden because of the lack of sleep.  If you want to fall sleep then follow these steps:

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· Do not sleep during the day even for a minute.

· Try to work out and exercise such as go for jogging for an hour.

· Do not have coffee at night and have it in the morning to stay focused on your work.

How to fall asleep

How to fall asleep fast

Here is how to fall asleep fast. Falling asleep slowly can be a big issue because at that time the brain thinks of sad things that may lead to depression. The brain overthinks useless things and makes you more stressful. All you can do is stare at the ceiling.

Step 1: Take a look at what you are eating. Have your dinner by evening and eat as much as you can. Do not eat an hour before going to bed because digesting the food will keep you awake. You can have a glass of milk because you do not want to go to bed being hungry. Hunger can keep you awake longer. Do not eat too much neither stay hungry.

Step 2: It is time to change the outlook of your room. Turn off the lights and take all the electronics away to another room like your laptop, television and smartphones. Make sure they are secure in another room or else you will lose them. Turn on the air-condition or you can use natural cooling. In order to cool your bedroom, keep the window open throughout the whole day and night and keep the bedroom door open so that the air can enter from the window and pass through the door and making the room cooler. Do not keep anything that gives out heat like a bulb (use LED lights). Make sure there is no unnecessary noise like your neighbor’s dog barking. If so, then ask your neighbor to get a solution for the barking dog.

Step 3: Lastly examine yourself. Take a shower every day or at least before going to bed. Do not worry or panic about anything. Do not think about anything. Use scents on your pillow. This is known as aromatherapy.

How to authorize a computer on iTunes?

How to authorize a computer on iTunes? A significant part of the items you buy and transfer from the iTunes Store is enfolded in advanced rights administration who is known as digital rights management (DRM). This is planned to stop the items being pilfered and utilized by anybody other than whoever purchased it. The DRM mechanism is to approve computers which give iTunes announces on them authorization to play the items you have purchased. As a result, you need to play or match up items that requires authorization however have not yet accepted the computer you are operating, you will get a ready dialog and the method to sign into an iTunes account.

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You should be aware that not all items you download from iTunes has these sorts of limitations. Music that has been purchased correctly during the recent time is supposed to play paying slight mind to whether you have approved your computer, though any appearance of television series will not.

How to authorize a computer on iTunes

It is easy to authorize a computer whether it is Mac or Windows. Some people use Mac because of its great performance and it is great for documents. That means if you are into studying, research and reading the Mac is perfect for you. You cannot play games properly on it. An affordable option for operating system is the Windows. Windows is more common than Mac even though it crashes a lot of times. It is suitable for playing games with high-quality graphics.

How to authorize on Mac

Step 1: Go to your Applications folder. On Mac, you will just have to open iTunes and hit it off Store up in the menu bar in the top-left place of the screen. A drop-down list of options will come

Step2: There you have to click on Authorize This Computer.

Step 3: That is the page where you put in your Apple ID email address and password, and then press on Authorize to conclude it all. After these steps, the Mac computer will be approved on iTunes.

How to authorize on Windows

Your PC has to be Windows 7, 8 or 10 in order to get permission. Even though Apple and Windows are both very different, you can still get them together by having iTunes on Windows. Apple is the manufacturer of iPhone so if anybody has that and a Windows OS PC then that user needs to know these steps. Having an iPhone is more common than having a Mac computer just like having a Windows PC is very popular compared to a Windows phone.

Step 1:  Go to iTunes and know that you cannot do this on more than 5 computers. Go to the left hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Click on that and you will get a list where many options are there like library, preferences and hide menu bar. Choose the third option the one below library and click Authorize this computer.

Step 3: It is time to enter the apple ID and password. Within a second, you will get notified that it is done an how many computers left.

How to make meatloaf

How to make meatloaf? Meatloaf is a classic dish that can scare many people away. If you know the right way to cook it, everybody will love it. They will no longer run away from it instead devour on it. They are a great food if you can make it appropriately and they are perfect for meat lovers. You can guess from the name that it is for meat lovers as it is known as the meatloaf.

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How to make meatloaf

ground beef

Chopped Garlic

Chopped Ginger

A piece of bread

Shredded Parmesan cheese

Worcestershire sauce

Liquid Milk


Brown sugar

Black Pepper

White pepper

Cut parsley

Brown sugar

Tomato paste

Dry mustard

Step 1: Start with some olive oil and add the garlic and ginger pieces in a saucepan. Make sure the ginger and garlic is covered with the olive oil. Sprinkle salt all over the garlic and ginger.

Step 2: While that is happening on the stove, get the oven ready. The choice of beef depends on how you can manage it. It is easy to handle ground beef as you can cook them any way you like. If you are going for regular beef pieces they tend to be too oily and you may not be able to cook properly. The wrong type of meatloaf are the ones made of chunks of beef. Go for 85 percent lean meat and 15 percent fat. You can purchase the frozen packed ones or from a butcher.

Step 3: It is time to take the piece of roll. It needs to be soft and light. Break into small pieces. Do not make the size of a crumb keep them the size of a coin. Add the liquid milk.  If you are buying bread crumbs or get packed crumb they will make the meatloaf too much dry. It is even easier this way. Just tear up and pour the milk. Get a flat wooden spoon and use to make sure that all the breads are covered in the milk. It will help enhance the taste of your dish.

Step 4: Get a big bowl and pour the bread that was dipped in milk. Break eggs and mix them with some fresh chopped parsley. You should take the garlic and ginger pieces after they were being cooked for six and a half minutes. Make sure they are not raw. Add the Parmesan cheese and a spoon of Worcestershire sauce. Add the black pepper and white pepper. Sprinkle with salt. Pour the onion and garlic pieces. Mix them rapidly using a flat spoon. Make sure you stir as long as they are not properly mixed. Use your hands to mix the grounded beef.

Step 5: Get a baking sheet and put it on your oven tray. Mix everything properly and shape it into a loaf and place it on the tray. Now it is time to set it aside. Start making the glaze with the tomato sauce, paprika, mustard and brown sugar.  Mix everything well and pour it on the meatloaf you are about to cook in the oven.

Keep it in the oven for 15 minutes. Take it out and add more glaze and put in for 5 minutes at 400 degrees.