Car Detailing France

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People in every part of the world are enthusiasts for keeping the luxury cars. The next thing is the maintenance of the cars which is also very important. The monthly maintenance of the cars keeps them new and gives you the best ride. We are going to discuss some of the best detailing services in France right now.

Detailing Shine: This detailing service is providing some of the best services to the clients and completing their needs. You can find them 1 Impasse du Temple, 38080 L’Isle-d’Abeau, France. Car care is their passion and they have converted it into a profession and helping people at all levels. They also advise people for the purchasing of new cars and accessories online. You can get all type of advice from them. Their aim is the satisfaction of the clients and exceeding their expectations.

Car Detailing France
Car Detailing France

They are providing the quality services to their clients. The methodology used them is very successful. The products by the store are very good and economical as well. Their team is very passionate and professional. Products are their identity which is of top standard.

The prominent services by the Detailing Shine are following;

  1. They provide maintenance and complete protection of your car.
  2. Renovation and correction of the cars.
  3. Cockpit and leather services are also available.
  4. Complete sales support is provided to the clients.

You can avail any of their services without any second though because they are best in the town right now.


They are another great name in the field of car detailing. You can find them at 3 Rue Charlie Chaplin, 78390 Bois-d’Arcy, France. The shipment provided by them to the clients is very neat and they have quality products in their shop. The products of all the brands are available on their store. You can also have the complete kits from this store. They are also having special discount offers for their clients. The prices of all the products on this store are already economical. All the products are displayed on the website of the store with their price tags as well.

Prominent services of the store are given below;

  1. All the washing services are available on this store. Washing without water is also available. The accessories for washing and drying are also available on the shop.
  2. Correction and polishing of the car at the best level. Glass and other optics for the cars are also available.
  3. Protection and wax services are also available on the store.
  4. Complete protection of your rims and tires is also available.
  5. Fiber glass for windows and window cleaning services are also provided.
  6. Complete detailing of the interior is performed at the shop.
  7. All types of accessories for the protection of car are also available.
  8. All types of other paintings are also available.

If you are looking for the best service and detailing of your car then do visit them for sure and they will give you the best ever service for the car.


This is another fine addition in the car detailing services in the country. They are providing all types of services to their clients with full satisfaction. The staff of this store is highly qualified for the particular jobs. You can easily find them at 909 Chemin de Lauvert, 06600 Antibes, France.

Car Detailing France
Car Detailing France

Prominent services by the store are following;

  1. Complete ceramic treatments for the cars are available on this detailing shop.
  2. Full renovation and detailing of the car is also available.
  3. They are also having protective film for the cars.
  4. Leather renovation for the cars is also available on this detailing shop.
  5. Complete cleaning for the exterior is also available.
  6. Cockpit care is also available on this store.

The rates for the different services on this store are dependent on the condition of your car. However, the prices are also given on their website as well which are general. They are also providing some of their services to your home as well. This is a plus point of the store. They also charge 30% advance when you are making an appointment of your car with them.

For the better performance of your car visit them for sure and you are going to like their services and environment as well.

Donovan’s Wax

They are also offering some of the best car detailing services in France. You can find them at Vélizy-Villacoublay, France. They are quite experienced in the field of car detailing and services. They are ready to wash, renovate and sublimate your car as per your desire. The shine provided by them is best in the town and your car looks shiner and better than ever.

They are having 100% mobile services as well which is their plus point. The products they use are of high quality and the techniques used by their staff are highly professional. They are also offering traditional hand washing as well as polishing of the vehicle as well. They are also providing many other evolutionary formulas as well.

Prominent services of the shop are;

  1. Hand wash for your car.
  2. Decontamination of clay for your car is available.
  3. They can correct the scratches of your car as well.
  4. Varnish of your car is available at the store.
  5. They are providing renovation of the complete plastics of the car.
  6. The dressing of tires is also available.
  7. Complete wax protection as well.
  8. They provide hydrophobic treatment of the car as well.

Visit them once for the best protection of your car and you will feel clear change in the driving of your car.

These are some of the best service providers in the France right now. If you are a car enthusiast then you must have visited any of the above mentioned shop. Share your experiences of the detailing on the above mentioned shop.

If you know about some other shop with best services then do mention it here.

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