How much money does Bill Gates have?

How much money does Bill Gates have? Bill Gates have $79869 127500.

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Bill Gates is famous for a few things. First of all, he is famous for being very rich. While you are reading this, he has made over thirty thousand US dollar! Secondly, he is the founder of Microsoft. Finally, he is famous for being one of the best entrepreneur and business leader. Windows is the biggest computer software manufacturer. He founded Microsoft with Paul Allen. He was a computer programmer since his young days. Since, he was a young adult, he use to tell everyone that was going to be a millionaire before 30. He became a billionaire even before turning 30! He was born in Seattle of Washington during the 28th of October in the year 1955.He was admitted to the Harvard University where he studied for only 2 years. He is one of the most successful college dropouts. Now, he has over 79.2 billion dollars.

How much money does Bill Gates have

How much money does Bill Gates make? Bill Gates makes more than$ 78.6 million a year.

Bill Gates makes so much money than he can give ten dollars to everybody in the entire world and still be left with billions of dollars. If he was a country, that would be the 37th richest country in the world. He has been the richest person since 1995 to 2009.He can pay off the entire United States dues in less than ten years. He bought Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester for 30 million dollar during 1994. Bill and Melinda Gates took a break during 1995 to tour few countries and have a new point of view on life and everything. Their beautiful daughter, Jennifer Gates was born in 1996. After a year, he relocated his wife and daughter into a 55 thousand square foot, 54 million dollars house on the coast of Lake Washington. It is a great house for the family.

He has decided to leave only 1 million for each child. He wants them to work. He spends money on business and in the stock market. The rest he will donate to charity. During 2000, Bill gates and his combined numerous family foundations to make the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It began when they made a $28 billion contribution to support the foundation. People say that if he finds a five hundred dollar note on the street it will take him more time to pick it up than to make the five hundred dollars.

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