How to get rid of double chin

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How to get rid of double chin? There are many ways to get rid of double chin so do not worry if you have them. Both male and female can have it and it does not matter. To get rid of it completely will take time and patience but you can reduce it somewhat with the following techniques.

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Step 1: Do chin exercises. You can roll your head over and move the head up and down for a minute. Do this as a form exercise every day. There is a muscle known as the platysma. Focus on that. Stand still with the neck straight and your face facing in a straightforward direction. Get the muscles to pull by tightening your teeth and jaws. Hold in that position for at least 15 seconds. It can be hard at the beginning so begin with ten seconds.

How to get rid of double chin

How to get rid of double chin

Step 2: Repeat head exercises at least ten times. That is mover you hear by rolling in a 180-degree angle. Roll over for at least ten seconds. You can do this by sitting. Get your posture straight. You can do it in another way by standing. Put your hands on your waist and do this exercise for several seconds.

Step 3: Go for a healthy diet. Sometimes what you eat can be the reason for that double chin.  Choose oil free foods and healthy foods. Stay away from foods that have a lot of calories, cholesterol or carbohydrates. Have fruits and vegetables. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Have a hard-boiled egg every day and a fruit and black coffee for breakfast. It will provide you energy and stop you from craving other foods and unhealthy snacks. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and full.

Step 4: Use procedures to hide it. If you are male grow a beard so that you look good and the double chin gets hidden. If you are female, use cosmetics to hide the double chin. You have to choose a shade that is darker than your skin tone and make a line by the jawline. Mix the powder in a downward direction. Do not wear a necklace because that will make the double chin more noticeable.

Step 5: Utilize small round objects under the jaw. Keep a ball such as the one used in tennis and hold it there for few seconds. You can try moving your mouth in a motion like you are chewing food. If you are unable to do this without actual food, have a chewing gum.

Step 6: Do not lose patience. Tell yourself that you look great the way you are. Therefore, there is nothing to obsess about it. You will have to ignore the double chin and see how beautiful you are. Just because you have a double chin does not mean you do not look nice. Dress nicely so that people will notice them instead of that.

Step 7: Visit a doctor. If you are losing patience and you still have not been able to get rid of it, not even a little bit, it is time to go to a professional for help.

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