How to get rid of love handles

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How to get rid of love handles? Even though the name is love handles, nobody loves them or even wants them. They even call it a muffin top. They are so disliked by individuals because they are extra fat they want to get rid of. Small love handles can be big or small. Those who have it do not dislike them because it might cause health issues but because it makes them look out of shape every time they wear a t-shirt or something tight. It does not happen to females only. There are many ways people search for to burn or make their love handles disappear. Not only, t-shirts, it gets difficult to wear jeans. The human body is supposed to be in balance and when something like these happens, it makes the above part of the hip bone look weird. Here is how you can get rid of them.

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Step 1: First of all, star changing few things about yourself and your daily activates.  It can be tough to get out your natural habitat. If you come home every day and sit in front of the computer or the television with a bowl of snacks, stop that at once. You can watch the TV or use the PC but do not indulge in snacks, junk food or even your regular food. People consume for food in front of these devices. You may think that skipping junk food and snack is the trick here. It is actually not; you are not even supposed to have your normal supper or lunch in front of them. For example, you are having some pasta as carbs and some veggies. If you are watching the television, you may take more servings intentionally or unintentionally. Another thing is to do not be scared of carbs at night, instead avoid them at lunch.

How to get rid of love handles

Step 2: Start changing the first meal of the day which the most important meal and that is the breakfast. Instead of having cereals or other things, switch to vegetables. It can be difficult to start with day with green leafy veggies or some sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes take a long time to digest so they are good for people who are thinking of destroying love handles. If you think that the people who stay fit do not have potatoes, then you are wrong because they consume sweet potatoes as a substitute. In fact, the sweet potatoes will make you feel like your stomach is full so you will not have the urge to eat unnecessary food before lunch. Many people consider this as magic because it stops calories to turn to fat.

Step 3: As soon as you change your eating habits, you have to free some time from your daily routine for exercise. There are many exercises that you can try to extinguish love handles like side plank punch, oblique press and reach and knee drop. Spend at least 30 minutes or more with the exercises and you will see fast results in less than a month.

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