How to get rid of moles

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Many people are facing the trouble with the arrival of sudden moles on their skin. It can happen due to excess melanocytes on the skin. It is the element that is responsible for the color of your skin. Some people like the moles are not bothered because they think it makes them look pretty while others hate it. It is like a strange thing suddenly appearing on the face. If you are that type of people, you are in search of remedies to get rid of them.

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It is not a choice for few people, they must get rid of them as soon as possible because it can cause cancer or grow bigger and cause problems in other organs of the body. If it not a deadly mole, choose the method of home remedies and if it is dangerous, get treatment from the surgeon. Here is how you can get rid of them

How to get rid of moles

Method 1: Garlic cloves

You are going to need some garlic cloves and make sure you can make a perfect paste out of it. It will burn the skin surrounding the mole. Make sure you apply something soothing like olive oil on your skin but not on the mole. Apply the paste in small amount for a week till the mole falls off by itself. Put every night before you fall to sleep. The garlic method is a fast process and that is why many people go for this but it can burn the skin and avoid this procedure if you have any sort of special skin allergy or sensitive skin. This works if you have oily or dry skin.

Method 2: Cashew nuts

One of the nuts that can help you are the cashew nuts. They are not just a part of delicious chicken salad but has some features that helps evade the moles. Since, they are rock solid, place them in a bowl of water for at least six hours. After you see that they are in a state to be crushed into paste, make the cream. Apply it on the mole for the more six hours. Repeat every day until they fall off and this is a good one if you have sensitive skin. It will not burn your skin.

Method 3: Banana peel

You need to get a banana and open it. Use a spoon to scrape off what is on the banana peel. The secret about this is that it can dry up the mole and when it is dry it will fall over. Get the substances you got on the spoon to cover the mole and put on a Band-Aid to cover it. Leave it overnight till the mole falls off. This is easy because banana is easily available and there is no soaking. This will work for any type of skin and there is no need to make any sort of paste. Some people directly apply the banana peel if they do not use a spoon to scrape it off.

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