How to subtract fractions

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How to subtract fractions? Fractions just like decimals is an important part of mathematics and children learn them from an early age. It is a must that you understand them or else the further calculation like addition of fraction, subtraction, multiplication and division can get hard. You need to know several things first. First of all, these are regular numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… etc. What exactly likes between them? Do you know there is a huge gap? What if you eat 2 slices of cake and took few bites from a third piece? So what exactly do you say? You had 2 slices of cake or 3? If you are saying two, that makes it less than the original amount you had and saying three makes it more than what you ate. Therefore, there are numbers that you cannot see or but are present among them like 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5…etc. These numbers can be written as fractions as well.

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Here is how you write them as fractions

How to subtract fractions

2.1 =





Let us see how we add them

If we are adding 2.5 and 2.5, let us see what we get. The first step is to convert them into fractions. 2.5 means two and a half. Therefore, let us add two and a half together.

Calculation: 2.5 =  (0.5 is one by two in fraction form)

If it is a mixed number, convert it to mixed number and add them. While converting, multiply 2 with 2 and add 1. Therefore, it will be

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+  =

Now, simplify the results, and the result with be 5.

You can imagine the situation, that if someone has two and a half buckets of water and there are more two and half buckets of water, you will end up with a total of five buckets.

Addition, is quite easy, let us see how we subtract.

Let us subtract fractions

Question: Subtract  from

Step 1: First of all, start with making the equation consist of only fractions whether proper or improper but get rid of the mixed numbers by the above method. Therefore, change the  (7.5) to mixed numbers.

7 X 2 = 14

14 + 1 = 15


Step 2: Write down the equation as the question and carry out the LCM.

=  –

Step 3: After you get the result of the LCM which is 6, you need to divide 6 with 3 t first and multiply with 53 and repeat the same with two, so that you have something like this


Step 4: the trick is to get the same denominator, meaning if you were subtracting  and , there would be less trouble. You could skip the LCM part and simply subtract the numerator.

=  = =

Step 5: The improper fraction in the answer may look improper, so you can either convert it to decimal or to mixed number. If you are converting to decimal, the answer is 10.166666666666666666666666666667, we cannot write like this as well, so just write 10.17.

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