How to get rid of pimples

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How to get rid of pimples? Pimples are something that nobody wants on their face. People look for different remedies and products to get rid of pimples from their face. It happens for a lot of reasons such as for dirt, oil and pollution. Nobody wants to mess with their pimple because it will make it worse. A mark will be placed on your cheek for a long time. Some people have more pimples than others. Some do not have pimples at all. There is also a particular age when a person has pimples on their face and it eventually goes away. Here are some ways to eradicate them and have a clean spotless face.

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Method 1: Use lemon. Cut a piece of lemon and rub it softly on the place where your pimple is. Do not force it or squeeze all the juice out of it. There are chances of lemon juice entering the eye so be careful about that. Pick out fresh lemons because dry lemons will not work. Do not go out in the sunlight while you have lemon on your face or even few hours after you wash it off.

How to get rid of pimples

Method 2: Apply toothpaste

It does not matter what toothpaste you use, you can utilize it to clear pimples and even any old spots you had for trying to pop one. Toothpaste is known for helping to fight bacteria and it is one of the things that everybody has in their home. You can even apply toothpaste in case you burn your hand or any other part. They have the soothing remedy and they can help heal your skin. If you apply on the location of your pimple, it will eventually dry out. Pimples normally live on oily surfaces. If you can make the skin dry, it will die and you will get beautiful skin.

Method 3: Contact a dermatologist

If the pimple has been on your face for a long time and you can find no solution, then you have to contact a specialist. Before you visit one, make sure you have tried the pimple facewash and acne creams. Try home remedies like lemon and toothpaste. Look for a good skin doctor in your area so that you can visit every time you have a problem. Talk to them because they may tell you the actual reason what is causing your acne. For example, you may be eating hot foods with a lot of spices. If you continue consuming food like that and try the acne treatments, it is not going to be of much help. That is why, the expert is important here to identify the actual reason.

Method 4: Look at your cosmetics

If you can, try to go out with make-up. If that is hard for you, you can get your cosmetics checked by the dermatologist. They should be non-comedogenic meaning they do not clog your pores. Comedogenic oils tend to cause more acne than usual. You can switch your cosmetics as in if you are using the make-up manufactured by Brand A, you can try switching to Brand B to see if your pimple is disappearing or not.

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