How to get rid of skin tags

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How to get rid of skin tags? Doctors are not clear on the causes of skin tags. There is no clear reason why they happen and since they are harmless, there is nothing to worry about. Some people want smooth skin and would want to get rid of them. There are many ways to do that as well. If home remedies are not working for you, you can go to a professional and pay for the surgery for the removal of skin tags. They vary in size and can be present on any part of the body like in the neck or under the eyes. A person can have a single skin tag or even few of them. Here are ways to get rid of them.

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Method 1: Tweezers and clippers

How to get rid of skin tags

How to get rid of skin tags

You will need to get a tweezer. Boil water in a small pot and dip the tweezers in them to kill the germs and bacteria on them. It will make sure that there are no more skin problems when you use it on your skin. Clean the clippers as well. It will prevent skin infections. Locate the skin tag and pull it out with the tweezers. Clean off the remaining using the clippers.

Method 2:  Use tea tree oil

Tea tree has been known as the best friend of skin because it does so much for the skin like getting rid of acne, softening the cuticles and get rid of fungus from the skin. Not only that, it also cures skin infections, yeast infection, psoriasis patches, infection caused by fungus in the private areas, cold sores, athlete’s foot and etc. For skin tags, this is not a difference. They will do the same to eradicate and make the skin fresh and clean. Although, you should not use them too much because they make the skin dry. Therefore, follow the rule of using them. Put a cotton ball in the water and add 3 drops of tea tree oil. Do this several times each day till the skin tag goes away completely. You can also wet cotton swabs if the size is too small and add the tea tree oil to it and apply few times daily. Make sure the tea tree oil does not enter your mouth, it is for external use only because it is poisonous. It can treat from small skin tags to bigger ones.

Method 3: Garlic 

We all know that garlic has been famous for getting rid of pimples, so how does it work on skin tags? Many individuals think that the antioxidant and antibacterial features of garlic are accountable for the supposed anti skin tag welfares of the astounding plant, while some thinks that the nutritive profile of this cooking and therapeutic herb that aids lessen skin tag growths and other problems related to skin tags. You can wrap a piece of cut garlic and tie with a bandage overnight and open it the next day and repeat this for a few nights till the skin tag is completely gone.

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