How to put on a condom

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How to put on a condom? If you are thinking of having sex, it is important you understand the importance of condoms. You cannot let your partner get infected with STD or any other sexual transmitted diseases. If you are thinking of having a baby with her only, then you are not going to need the condom. Be sure to check with your doctor before you get her pregnant. Test your blood and make sure whether you are healthy or not. It will not be only harmful for your partner but also the baby. Get yourself properly treated and have medicines before you are fully ready to have a baby.

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Other than that, you need to use condoms always. Without condoms, only diseases get transferred. You can get your sperm to pass through her uterus and resulting in unwanted pregnancy. Condoms save many people from AIDS. AIDS is so deadly that it kills the infected person. Having a condom during sexual intercourse is known as “safe sex” and the other name of the condom is protection. Even if someone is pregnant, they should ask their husbands to put on that to avoid any germs reaching her unborn baby.

How to put on a condom

In order to purchase a condom, you need to think of the budget. Some are cheap and some are expensive even though they do not have any special function. The purpose all condoms are the same and they even look the same. You need to know the size before you buy. There are many flavors like chocolate. Do not get confused with the different types. Some come in many colors like pink, blue and white. Although there are some which comes with lubricants to make the sex last longer. You can buy those. Do not be scared of the cashier. They do not care about you. They do not even know you. Some people worry about what the cashier would think. You can even get free condoms from clinics for sexual health.

First of all, open the packet of the new condoms. Many people tear the condom as soon as they tear the packet. Be very careful. Get it out. Grasp the top part of the condom in your index finger and thumb to make sure it is put on the correct way around.  Be sure that there is no air stuck inside because it may tear if air is stuck inside. Put the condom over the head of the penis. Make sure the penis is in its full size and push it down the penis. It is like making your penis wear a dress.  You need to squash the head of the condom, move it down over the dimensions of the stiff penis. The condom needs to be around your penis the whole time you have sexual intercourse. If you feel that is it going to tear, wear a new one. Make sure you do not end up tearing it during sex because that will make the purchase of the condom useless.

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