How to tie a noose

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How to tie a noose? Some people are confused about the fact whether or not it is legal to have a noose. The other name for it is the hangman’s noose because people can hang themselves with it.  It is alright to have or make one as long as you are not displaying it for wrong purposes. It can also be used to hang a person so it is not nice to display in person. It does have other use though, you can use it for fishing, catching an animal or decoration for Halloween. If you are someone who has suicidal thoughts and thus reading this, you should contact a counselor or a therapist and never use the noose to hang yourself.  It is quite easy to tie a noose and once you master the process it will take only a minute. Here is how to tie a noose.

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Step 1: get a rope and place it on a flat surface preferably the floor or a table. Buying a rope can be tough because there are a wide range of them available in the market. It is not something you sue every day. You need them only once in a while. They are made of fibers bended together and they have a tensile strength. For making a noose, ask the salesman at the hardware store, which type would suit best.

How to tie a noose

How to tie a noose

Step 2: make a circular shape with the rope. Make sure the rope is at least four feet in length.  Make a shape that looks like a snake is crawling. If you do not know what it looks like, you can look at the pictures of snakes crawling on the web. Get the rope to look like that.

Step 3: Put pressure on the rope so that it looks like the letter “S” has been compressed. There should be three rows of ropes and they should overlap each other. Make an inch gap between each of them. Press the three rows of ropes in the center and start wrapping with the loose end.

Step 4: Tie the loose part and compress it as well. You should have a loop so pull that so that the noose is completely secured. Adjust the noose. If you do not have a loop by now, that means you have made an error in the process so start over. You can make as many turns as you want some people make eight and some makes thirteen. It depends on the length of the rope.


• It is better not to have a noose unless there is a good cause for that because you can get arrested.

• Contact emergency services if you are thinking of hanging yourself. Most countries have their emergency number that you can call right away. Suicidal thoughts are also an emergency and the person should contact right away.

• Do not put the noose around your neck or someone’s neck or an animal’s neck. If you are thinking of catching an animal, you should target its leg or other parts and not the neck.


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