Liberty Pick -a- Part 3706 Greensboro Avenue.tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

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Welcome to the yard liberty Pick-A-Part in Alabama which is a self service autoparts facility where one can bring their own tools and pick own parts. For convenience this  yard has vehicles placed on wheel stands and the vehicles are many and different for clients to choose from. Their services have been made more convenient by being automated and one can access them through the internet in that they have drop down menus in the internet for clients to search for vehicles. The time schedule in this yard just gets everything better since they are open every day of the week. Not leaving out what makes it much better, is the hours they are open.

They are open from Monday to Saturday 9.00 Am to 7.00 pm which is much convenient, then on Sunday 1.00 pm to 7.00pm so who would complain about convenience now.  Not forgetting the most important part of this yards services is the warranty information where majority of their parts come with a 30 days exchange warranty and the store credit on part returns. The better part is the cash back on core returns with a thirty days exchange warranty too. What’s better than that is that they accept these forms of payment : cash, MasterCard, Visa card, Discover card and American express card.

This is how I discovered the liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama.

It was late last year when I noticed that my suv needed new spare parts,you know sometimes being a busy man you got a lot of things on mind and tend to forget the important things. On realisation that one day I would end up without the autoparts someday, I had to find a yard where I would purchase new car spare parts. I was driving in the streets of Alabama when I noticed this magnificent yard the Liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama. I was so happy having discovered this place and I did not hesitate considering to visit it for their services. When I got home that day I planned and set a budget as much as looking at my time schedule compared to theirs so that I could set a date with them. I saw that Saturday was much convenient for me since I was off work and they were open the whole day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. Days went by and finally it was time, it was Saturday. I woke up that day feeling already great and since time is money I wanted to save time and get there on time. I hurriedly prepared all my required belongings, samples of my prior tools and the cash that was required. I drove off the highway happily and in a few hours time I was already at the Liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama. The customer service was all good starting with the guard who showed me in and he was friendly. When I got in the attendant welcomed me warmly and I signed the visitors book. There we were, we talked about business together and I explained to him the type of autoparts I was using and the challenges I had started noticing in them that made me realize that I needed new ones. He gladly said he would be of help and showed me to a room that had all sorts of accesories. Here,the attendant explained the information about the maintenance of the autoparts, the advantages of maintaining them and their aftersale services. I was also given the go ahead on their noses of payment and I liked this because for a moment I thought that I could have blindly carried the wrong mode of payment and this would cost me excessive time of going to and fro just to get the necessary mode of payment. I was humbled to be at the Liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama. I was so happy such that I could not hide the feeling. I was given the spare parts and ensured that they were the expected ones then I asked the attendant the amount they had sum totalled to. I did not feel the pinch or notice that they were expensive all I felt was that the price was fair considering the warranty and the quality of their materials. I drove back home happily knowing that having signed up for these autoparts is signing up for a longer life span for my SUV.

Why I recommend the LIBERTY PICK-A-PART Alabama.

Research as it that good is good and better is better, so if anyone feels like they need better services they should not hesitate or waste the chance to visit the Liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama. I have many reasons why I am recommending this place. First and foremost, their customer service are customer friendly in that they give the best and only the best. They are polite and give directions and answers to all queries as supposed. Secondly, buying autoparts from the Liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama means that you are getting inexpensive or fairly priced original fit and function autoparts. Thirdly, you will get the peace of mind knowing that you have purchased an autoparts that is covered under the most competitive warrantys among majority of the automotive industries. Food for thought, well you should know that the Liberty Pick-A-Part Alabama stocks a variety of inventoryof recycled late model,low mileage mechanical and collision parts including engines,door assemblies and so forth. It also has sheet metal products such as fenders, trunk lids,lights and jumpers. These parts have undergone recycling and been set in the warehouse ready for customer service with greater life span. It also buys used and obsolete or scrap vehicles directly from insurers or owners or brokers which they transform go completely greater,stronger and better vehicles. Lastly, the best part of it all is the warranty they give on their products. The only satisfying thing a customer can have is the assurance that I’m case of breakdown or malfunction of a purchased product it can always be replaced. Thus that is why I recommend the LIBERTY PICK-A-PART Alabama automotive industry for your vehicle.

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