How to write a letter of recommendation

How to write a letter of recommendation

How to write a letter of recommendation? If it is your first time writing a letter of recommendation, it can be confusing or daunting. It is quite easy and you will be able to do it when you are going to learn the simple steps. To start with, you should have clear knowledge about the individual you are writing and bring the thoughts to paper in a formal way. If you are someone who wants to work in a particular office, you should know the importance of this letter. If you are someone who got other people to write them for you but you never wrote them yourself, the process can look complex. You need to know how to write one because your employee or the one who wanted your referral is expecting an excellent letter.

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To make it easy, here are three factors to notice to make the letter stand out

How to write a letter of recommendation

How to write a letter of recommendation

1. Are you a reliable source?

Why would anyone trust a letter written by you? You must be someone whose reference will matter such a manager or a boss. That is why, to clear out the confusion, you begin with stating the relation you have with him or her. If you can make it believable, that means you are allowed to give your evaluation. Therefore, unless you someone very well avoid writing a letter. Mention why your recommendation is significant.

2. Are they suitable for the new job?

If someone is switching from being a junior accountant to a comptroller at an office, do you think that person will be able to fit. You are going to write the letter so be clear about the facts why you think that person can match with the new position at the workplace. What have you noticed with their previous skills, that you can will relate now.

3. Do you have any suitable examples?

Instead of going with just adjectives like intellectual, smart and talented give real-life examples. If there is any situation where he or she did something amazing and you remember that clearly, state that. It can something like “she has increased the company’s revenues by 25 percent and she achieved that by maximizing the client network”

Here is the sample.

Start with the heading and the recipient’s name.  If you do not know their name write down “To whom it may concern”. Begin the first paragraph by stating who you are and who are you are recommending and why. The means, start with “I would like to recommend…” In the body of the letter, explain the skills, talents etc. At the ending, you should have more examples of the good qualities of the person, but this time in short. For example, “Mary has developed her writing skills ever since she started to work here and for that the campaigns are improving.” End with “yours truly” and your signature.


• Do not write anything that is not real or has never happened. Do not write something that is impossible like “Masha has never been rude to anyone in her entire life”

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