Asian Wok

Asian Wok: Safe Dine-in at Old Town

Asian Wok: Safe Dine-in at Old Town; 828 N Washington Street Alexandria, VA 22314; Phone Number: (703) 837-8811; Website:

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Growing up or travelling in Old Town or City of Alexandria, it is not normal to find places to dine in for Chinese cuisine. Now, with the advancement and improvement in dining experience, there are plentiful yet not all can stand up to the mark. The dreadful limitless scope to breathe fresh air and the constant Revolutionary War and Civil Rights vibe, it is a terrible place. Although now, it is not much colonial just like it was in history because of the Internet, Wi-Fi and 4G. When someone is trying to be famous on Instagram, they can explore the Waterfront, Torpedo Factory Art Center and King Street. Lastly, we are convinced that nothing can beat a food photograph. Therefore, make dining in to Asian Wok one of the important tasks in your list.  Yet these days, being permanent residents and eating over and over again, the place does not lose its taste. The glorious oblivion. The food is simple and huge is quantity.

Asian Wok

Asian Wok

You can get the beef with broccoli ($10.95) or the chicken with broccoli ($8.95) depending on which one you like to eat. Some folks here are beef lovers. Some people try to make this at home when they do not want to go out for Chinese food. You can save yourself from all the trouble of cooking because they also offer home delivery. As a matter of fact, their home delivery service is famous for being fast and friendly. Who wants to get a delivery from a restaurant that takes hours to send food? It gets worse when the person delivering is not polite. Also, when many other Chinese restaurants in the area refuses to bring in food because of the time or weather, Asian Wok will never say “no” and the customers are satisfied with the home delivery. Some Chinese restaurant also do not have the system of home delivery but only take out. That is much more strange and inconvenient. You can have the broccoli with beef or chicken over rice.

You can tell from the name that it is a Chinese restaurant as it says wok. Wok originates from China and is used for all kinds of food preparation such as making soup, stewing, searing, roasting nuts, deep frying and steaming. In fact, if you are trying to make broccoli with beef or chicken at home, you will must need a wok. If you love broccoli, you should try this dish. Some folks try to cook this up using the small batch of organic ones they have in their refrigerator. Save yourself from all the difficulties and order here.

Asian Wok

Asian Wok

Besides that, you have the appetizers, soups, vegetables, chow Mein and seafood. One thing that might interest you on Asian Wok is that Chinese people eat here and they love it. Usually Chinese people do not like the food prepared by American restaurants. They find the soy sauce to be not appealing. They think the rice lacks flavor and what not. The good news is they love Asian Wok. You can sit outside and enjoy the weather. You can spend hours with your friends and family. It is perfectly suitable for a day with nice weather. You can enjoy tasty food and the lovely wind in your hair. You can also bring children along as they will love the chicken items plus they can play and scream as much as they want. In many Chinese restaurants, you have to be elegant and moody to cope up with the atmosphere. It is also sad that is many places with indoor seating, they do not like newborns because they cry. Babies are going to make noises that does not mean that they do not deserve to come to eateries!

You rely on their vegetable dishes with your eyes closed as it comes with no preservatives or artificial flavors. That means they are healthy and you can have them if you are a vegan as they contain no eggs. In most restaurants whether Chinese, Fast Food, Italian or Greek, there is not much vegan options. Everything is loaded with eggs or at least a bit of it. The vegans love the fact that there is a lot of choice such as Vegie Shrimp Fried Rice, Vegie Shrimp Broccoli and Vegie Kung Pao Shrimp. For those who love their food to be hot and spicy they can order the vegie General with Snow peas, Vegie Kung Pao Shrimp and Vegie Hunan Chicken. There are many dishes and you can skip the pork ones. They are neither fresh nor tasty. They are also bad for health.

There is no need to put on something that costs more than a hundred dollars because you can come in casual attire. The place feels like home because of the staff and environment. If you are someone who is planning to wake up late the next day, dine here as it remains open longer than any other place in the Old Town area. You can hurt yourself wondering in the streets late night though, but nobody ever hurt themselves eating at Asian Wok.

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