Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza: super-fast delivery well not always!

Supreme Pizza: super-fast delivery well not always!

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Address: 3450 Mendon Road, Cumberland, RI 02864; Phone: 401-658-0032;

Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Increasing the price of the pizza is the thing literally nobody was crying out for.

Pizzas are like eggs: inexpensive, sometimes chaotic and everyone loves them. Cooked in the right way, both should leave the eater excited, full and sleepy. Supreme Pizza with its missing dominant chasm disguised with shrubbery pile, is nothing little of a culinary abomination. In Cumberland, the mysteriously named Supreme Pizza claims to be the original restaurant to put salt water anchovies in its pizzas.

I would like some clarification the anchovies are tasty on a pizza particularly from the Supreme Pizza, if you know how to put them and bake them right, they can never taste bad. Meanwhile over in Rhode Island, there are many new openings of pizza pioneer. One thing that you will find here is that the pizza comes to your table fast. Does not that indicate that the cheese failed to truly melt or blend dreamily with its fishy and meaty accoutrements? Does not that style the whole thing to be rather dry? A tiny bit laborious to eat, perhaps? The truth is the cheese is always soft and it is in abundance in the pizza.

You can have the appetizers, calzones, classic and gourmet subs, salads, parmigiana and steak subs and definitely pizzas. You can always have the French Fries starting at $3.59 and the large one is $4.25. You can also get the wings both boneless and bone-in at $7.59, $14.95, $21.95 and $27.50. If you are ordering a pizza with one topping it will be $8 and the large one is $12.25. You can add two toppings and make it $9 or $13.25. To indulge in cheese and make the pizza extra cheesy, add chicken for $1.25.

You noticed the title which means they provide home delivery. Some individual order from them more often because their workplace or home is nearby. Yet this place does not provide any special service for anyone. It is not like you will get a smile or discounts just because you are a regular customer. Although they do offer garlic bread while you dine in and wait for the pizza to arrive. Garlic bread is an item from the appetizer section but if you dine in you can get them free of cost so that waiting is not that painful. The pizza arrives fast though so there is no need of the garlic bread in the first place but it is a nice thing to do. Sometimes you will get your food within ten minutes and sometimes more than forty minutes. Calling them does not help at all. Do not think that they will be fast always and order from them.

If you see their commercial, you will notice that there are many unique and special offers. We are not going to state anything here because they keep on changing. It can be something like two large pizzas at $17. The offer can also be for a particular day such as Monday, Tuesday or a Wednesday. If you are getting delivery, ensure to mention the sauce or they might leave out. You can BBQ, Teriyaki sauce, honey mustard, mild, suicide and spicy. If you like your food to be hot, go with the spicy one. If you are someone who wants to get the right flavors, teriyaki seems to be a fair selection.

Supreme Pizza

Supreme Pizza

From the toppings, skip the onions as it is not a tasty option. Go with meatballs, green peppers, mushroom and feta cheese. Some people like the taste of a tangy pineapple on their pizza. For that purpose, there is the Hawaiian Pizza. For the vegetarian customers and veggie lovers, Vegie delight is perfect. It does not contain any meat but only fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, spinach, oregano and broccoli. For the chicken lovers, Texas Style works great. It comes with BBQ chicken and BBQ sauce and roasted with red peppers and garlic.

Nothing can be healthier than a salad with your meal. You can get the following dressings: Lo-Cal Italian, Caesar, Italian, Creamy Italian, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, oil and vinegar. The garden salad starts from $5 only. Most folks take the mozzarella and tomato salad which is $8.29.

One should know at this point that Supreme Pizza is an enjoyable enough place to sit. There is plenty of space for friends, groups and family and it is alright for children. Not to mention, the place also has burgers, dinner sets, pastas and Mexican items. Kids can order anything they like including pizza. Some people stopped going there after they increased the price. There are many regulars yet there is no special service for them. The owner of the place is much more supportive to the staffs than he is to the customers. That means if you complain about the workers being rude, the owner will say that they work very hard so you should spare the workers and forgive them.

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