Italian Delight

Italian Delight

Italian Delight: 8145 State Ave Kansas City, KS 66112; Tel: (913) 287-4323;

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The name gives us an idea that place is serving tasty Italian cuisine and you can have pizzas, casserole, spaghetti, Stromboli, veal parmesan etc. Italian Delight delivers on vigorous Italian flavors and an amazing drinks list with the dial set inflexibly to good times.

Italian Delight

Italian Delight

In Kansas City through a year packed with openings from big names in even superior dining “grounds”, each more crisply exclusive and deeply pre-sold than the last, there is somewhat a deep agreeable about pushing through the entrances on a place opened by unknowns in the and finding yourself in an eatery filled with potential.

Italian Delight might not be equipped with a million-dollar fit-out, but cash has been expended, time has been occupied and sense of taste has been drilled. It is a good-looking place. It does not give much away at initial look. The color of the wall perfectly matches with the settings. The lighting is also pretty good and the distance between each table is far enough. In many restaurants, just to fit in more individuals they place the tables in a distance that you will think you are sitting next to a stranger. How uncomfortable is that when you want to dine peacefully! If your children love Italian food particularly pizzas, do not forget to bring them along.

There are two kinds of pizza for the two types of pizza lovers. For those who like to chew on the crust for a long time, choose the thick crust that is the Sicilian. Those who do not want to spend time eating the crust rather focus on the accessories on it, they choose the Neapolitan. The toppings you get are black olives, Canadian bacon, extra cheese, extra sauce, green pepper, hamburger, jalapeno, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, pineapple and sausage. Many other places offer many other toppings such as spinach, anchovies, meatballs and so on which is missing here. The large Neapolitan is $13.55 and the large Sicilian is $15.38.

You can order other items besides pizza such as the spaghetti. Italian Delight does a wonderful work with the spaghettis. The quantity is enough to not send you back home hungry. The macaroni salad, prosciutto balls, sausage rolls and the Stromboli is recommended for you. Not all places claiming they serve Italian cuisine hits the target with the prosciutto balls and Stromboli. There are many regulars of this place and it stands for more than three decades earning a strong customer base. The reason people stick to this restaurant is because it has all the abilities and skills that makes a proper and tasty pizza.

Italian Delight

Italian Delight

In today’s world, there are many places to have pizza. Ask yourself are you always satisfied with it? Sometimes it arrives cold or frozen. In many places, they serve undercooked and in some they burn it. Look at reviews of various pizzerias on the world-wide web and you will find many photos of burnt pizzas. That is sad because a pizza is no less than $10. There are many places that just take high price to keep up with the high maintenance of their eatery. Sigh. Those who order the spaghetti goes on talking for hours how great it is. Normally, in other places spaghettis are alright. You can have spaghetti with alfredo and chicken which is huge in quantity. You can also have the one with meatballs. The one with meatballs is much more delicious. The prosciutto balls are a famous appetizer over there because of its flavors. You can end your meal with cannoli shell as desert.

The food here makes a quick meal if you are in a rush. For example, the Broccoli Casserole on a Wednesday afternoon is perfect costing $5.89. The pasta is incredibly soft and the broccoli blends perfectly. Even if you are not a veggie lover, you will like this. It is healthy and tasty at the same time. If you are coming on a Thursday for lunch, the cost is the same. The item is veal or chicken parmesan which again is another excellent item to have over there. The quantity is also big and more than sufficient. You can soft noodles and a red sauce similar to a gravy that has strong beautiful flavors. Many people love their sauce, tiramisu and the salads.

One thing you like is that on weekends when there is a lot of pressure, they can still manage to deal with customers. Also, you will not feel bloated or nauseous after eating here. Many Italian restaurants fill their food with sodium and other fillers that makes you feel bad later on. The regulars love it and some even come to eat every day. The place is clean thus people can trust the food.

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