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Broadway Pizza, Champlin The Ideal Eat out

Broadway Pizza, founded in 1953 has several neighborhood chain restaurants which offer banquet services and food. Broadway pizza, Champlin is one of the branches which serves their famous pizza baked using a secret recipe which originates from Italy. In addition to pizza, a vast menu which includes pasta, burgers, hoagies, chicken salads, appetizers, soups, sandwiches and desserts is also available. Basket buffets, takeouts, kids meals, and delivery are what you will enjoy. Keep reading to find out more about this incredible place.

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Why You Should Visit Broadway Pizza Blaine For Tasty Meals

Broadway Bar and Pizza in Blaine, Minnesota offers mouth-watering, hot, fresh home-baked pizza made  with their secret sauce, excellent sausage recipe, and a freshly made dough. Food and banquet are the primary services provided. Besides the high-quality pizza, the restaurant has a flexible menu that everyone can adapt and also offers a kid-friendly dining encounter.

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Broadway Pizza Paterson NJ: A Must Visit Joint for Your Pizza

We all go salivating when we think, hear or see pizza- it’s always delicious! When you come to New Jersey, pizza is part of the livelihood. Broadway pizza Paterson NJ has been on the forefront is making the most delicious pizza in the city. The beauty of a pizza is that you can make it geeky or simple as you want. But do you have all the time to make your Pizza? Well, if not, you just only order from the best restaurant. It is probably one of your favorite junkies. Let us have a look at the best styles of Pizza that you can order.

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The Broadway Pizza Game

It has little in the manner of decorative capabilities. To know in detail what just the pizza businesses offer on the menu, you can stop by the respective company sites. In reality, so extensive are the collections now that they’re displayed through numerous exhibitions. Be aware that by doing so you are also signing up to get text messages from them. Pay a visit to their page for more details. See the website for information.

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China King

China King

Skip cooking for a day and come here at China King. The first one started in Herndon, VA, and then it opened in more four places in Virginia. The customers enjoy the traditional recipes and the place is accessibly situated in the Sunset Hills Business Center, straight diagonally over the street from spring Hill Suites by Marriott Herndon- Reston along with Hampton Inn and Suites. The second one is in Herndon, VA and is situated by the Clocktower Shopping Center. The restaurant recommends that you take break from work and come here for lunch because they have offers just for you.  They want the guests to come here after shopping in their biggest location in Fairfax Town Center. The fourth branch is new that is perfect if you like outdoor seating arrangement. You can watch the game in their fifth location which is beside Trader Joe’s.Related articles about China King

New China

China King Menu: what to pick for meals

China house

If you want you can order over the phone and for problems or comments, you can e-mail them. The prices are low and if you have a small budget and interested to eat Chinese food, this is the place. The branches of China King are all good-looking full of nice people.

China King

China King

The place was an offspring in January 1988, the Lu family comprehended their vision of bringing quality, quick and reasonable Chinese food into Northern Virginia. In the 22 years after it opened, China King has gathered a faithful customer base and five opportune locations in the DC Metro Area. They are a family business and serving Chinese food to the community at an outstanding value is their target. The dishes are prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients.

If you are a soup lover, you should stop by here. The customers love the soup of this place. In fact, the owner recommends the soup, fried rice, Kung Pao Chicken and General Tsao’s Chicken.

The way they prepare the dishes make it more appetizing. Let us take General Tso’s Chicken for example. They would gather the ingredients and set the wok in blazing high heat. The chef would stir-fry it and make it extra strong, flavorful and spicy. You can order over the phone can take them home or you can eat at their restaurant.

They are clean and the atmosphere is nice. If you are a big fan of brown rice, that can be a disappointment because they only have white rice. On the bright side, it is only $0.9 and it comes with almost anything you order. The prices are incredibly low. The appetizers are so less in cost, you will feel like you are eating for free. Egg Roll is 1.55 and so is the Vegetable Spring Roll. 1.95 is the price for four fried wontons and 3.95 is the value for eight deep-fried dumplings. Eight Steamed Dumplings, Honey Spareribs and Fried Chicken Wings cost 3.95. You can have yummy and crispy French fries for only $1.65.

China King

China King

For those who like extra chili peppers, here is what you can select. You can have the Kung Pao Chicken, Chicken with Black Bean Sauce, Hunan Beef, General Tsao’s Chicken, Chicken Szechuan Style, Curry Chicken and Shredded Chicken in Garlic Sauce. They are all around $7. Whether night or day, their food makes excellent food for meals or just snack. It opens at 11 AM with the exceptions on Sunday where it starts at 12 PM. It is also great if you are eating late at night as it remains open till 10 PM. The dining is clean and tidy and you can look at the photos on their website.

The sad part is that the Kung Pao Chicken is supposed to be excellent but it receives somewhat mixed comments. Some believe they put celery as fillers which can be a turn off. You can experiment with the shrimp dishes.

The chef’s special can never go wrong. The Dragon and Phoenix is made by stirring large shrimp, straw mushrooms, snow peas, baby corn, bamboo short, carrots and cabbage vigorously. You can ask for the brown sauce because it is better than white wine. If spicy is not an option for you, you can select the Sesame Chicken because it is sweet and tangy. It comes with the sesame sauce and chicken are deep fried and tender. The triple delight is going to be perfect for those who cannot decide what protein they want or loves all the three major proteins: beef, chicken and shrimp. It is healthy and it contains broccoli, water chestnuts, snow peas, baby corn, carrots, mushrooms in brown sauce.

Whatever you pick, skip the Moo Shi Pork along with other Pork dishes such as sweet and sour, twice-cooked, Hunan, Ma Po Tofu etc. If you are looking for something delicious and healthy at the same time, pick combination vegetables at only $5.95. If you want them to be hot and spicy, pick the curry vegetables. The first one contains fresh vegetables including snow peas, broccoli, water chestnuts, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms. The second one has onions, snow peas, baby corn carrots, and Napa cabbage sautéed in an appetizing curry sauce.

China King has a line of new dishes and they are mostly for people who prefers hot and spicy rather than sweet. You can choose the Hot Pepper Chicken, Imperial or the Beef in Black Bean sauce from the menu. The new dishes are around $7.

You should have guessed by now why the title is as it is. The reason is because the food is so inexpensive, it is like eating at home. You can eat out and not have to deal with the hassles in the kitchen yet the price will be so low. That is an advantage that you can have tasty Chinese food at the comfort of your home or in their restaurant at such a less price.

New China

New China

When you are in the mood for Chinese food, New China is offering you a convenient location in El Mercado Shopping Center, 1743 Decoto Rd of Union City, CA 94587. Whether you are looking for hot and sour soup, pineapple chicken fried rice, or string bean chicken, every dish is going to be prepared fresh in their kitchen to deliver the customers with the finest taste.  If you are eager to have tasty Chinese cuisine, stop by at their place.

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About: New China started in the Union city area and it is one of the restaurants that maintains taste and quality. It receives a lot of positive review since it was founded.  Since then it has become one of the most distinguished restaurant in Union city area.  The chefs lead the New China kitchen since its beginning, and their devotion to Chinese cuisine has attained the group lots of praises and increasing number of customers. The chefs have a lot of experience and they utilize old-style techniques such as using fresh native elements to ensure their modern dishes hold the essence of original Chinese cuisine. With dishes such as Mongolian Beef and Chicken, Fish Fillet with sweet and sour sauce and Lamb with spicy green pepper their expertise generates a striking gourmet experience.

New China

New China


One big reason to love New China is because of their cost. Other Chinese restaurants will empty your pockets whereas this place will fill your tummy and you will have enough money in your pocket. Everything here is under $10. It is disappointing that it is not overrated nor does it gets the praise it deserves. Other places put their money into decorating and being fancy and making the food overpriced such as $28 for chicken or $35 for lamb yet they receive awards, recognition and stars. When you want to have a nice meal and not starve, quality and quantity of food is important. The restaurant might not be posh, rich or fancy, which you will talk about later, but the food is excellent.

When you want a real meal that is going to fill you up, this is the right place for you. You do not have to dress up fancy or look for your best gown or black tie and tuxedo, you can order on the phone and they will start preparing your food.


As mentioned before, they will take your order over the phone and you can pick it up upon reaching. That means you do not have to wait in line. Who likes to wait while their food is being cooked in the kitchen? Some places have a lot of decorations, portraits, photos etc. on their walls so that people can spend time while waiting for food. That is painful because you do not want to look at decorations and photos while you are hungry. The restaurant is simple with no extra items to distract or keep the customers busy. Some people complain that the menu is simple and does not contain much diversity.

If you are that kind of person who likes a complex menu, you should know that it is not a good thing. The reason is that the food choices you have should be displayed properly. Many Chinese restaurants confuse the people by placing a lot of dishes in the menu. That is not helpful. Some people like that because they can spend time looking at the menu. You should think that is that really a positive thing? It is not because the main prospect of visiting there is to eat. If you are not getting food, what is the point of spending time looking at the menu.

The menu is so easy to understand the prices are so divided into sections for your ease. Depending on your budget, you can pick from the menu. For example, your budget is less than $8. There are $6.99 Entrees, $7.49 Entrees, $7.99 Entrees, $8.99 Entrees and $9.99 Entrees. You can choose between the three options $6, $7.49 and $7.99. At $6.99 you can get many dishes such as Napa with mushroom, kung pao tofu, eggplant with garlic sauce, gluten roll with baby cabbage and sweet and sour tofu etc.


The restaurant is nothing fancy nor posh. You can go there in your casual attire and not worry at all. The hours are 11 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Thursday and on Friday to Sunday it is from 1 AM to 9:30 PM. Stop by anytime during these hours and you can pre-order over the phone so your food will be ready. They do not have food delivery which is another advantage because restaurants have a minimum value for that. New China is already serving food at such a low price, so how can they put them as home delivery. Other expensive places have a value of such as minimum $30 for home delivery, since it is an economical eatery, it does not have this facility. If you want well-behaved staffs and hard-working chefs prepare a nice meal, come here at New China. The food is important here and not the portraits on the wall! Look at how much money you are saving. Save yourself from cooking for a day and come and have food here. You will be saving a lot of energy and money. Normally, people do not eat out thinking of the price. The price here is less.


Lastly when it is about the food, there is nothing special to say. Each customer has their choice. There is no particular unique dish that everyone orders. Someone can order honey walnut shrimp while another person can choose beef stew with Chinese cabbage. You can have shrimp, beef, chicken, tofu etc. There is food for vegetarians as well. There are varieties such as Fried Egg with dried vegetables, vegetable combo, bean and cabbage etc. When it is about noodles, there are plenty of choices. If you are a noodle lover, you should come to New China. One thing to avoid here is the pork dishes. Other than that, everything tastes delicious and receives a lot of positive reviews.

China house

China house

When you are visiting Penang, Malaysia China House Restaurant should be on your list. Whether you want to have a meal or a snack, you should stop here at China House. It is famous and people all over the world goes there to eat. Compared to other restaurants in the area, that is popular and has the most people gathering there. The other name for Malaysia should be the ultimate travel destination and it is not all about bathing in the sun or shopping. It is also about eating at a heritage building. That is when China House comes into action.

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Most of the people who come here says that they came for eating the cakes. After it opened during 2011, the restaurant has redefined Penang’s café ground entirely. It is not those regular cafés where people grab a cup of coffee or a slice of cake. The place itself has three division with completely dissimilar menus and it is not just a place to eat. It is an art gallery, wine bar, library, swimming pool etc.

China house

China house

Located between Victoria Street and Beach Street, China House is the stretched café at Penang, calculating to be about 120 meters (400 feet) from one end to other. The whole place contains three attached buildings that are connected altogether by a common courtyard. People can come here from both streets.

There are 14 parts to this place and is full of elegance and grace. The planning of the floor plan is to some extent resembling a maze: It takes more than a minute to find your way out.

Kopi C is the most popular eatery over there. It is an Australian-style snack bar remains open throughout the day, serving dishes that people in Penang eats regularly and guests like those dishes as well. They also have Western breakfast, sandwich and salad at lunch and entrees that are quick and easy at dinner.

Kopi C has more staffs more to prepare coffee, to be exact there are seven baristas that work for the customers to satisfy their coffee needs. The coffee beans come from Singapore and there is more barista than any other place in the area.

China house

China house

For fine dining, the BTB Restaurant (Bon Ton Bistro restaurant) is the place for dining. There are various kinds of delicacies on the menu: Malay, Middle Eastern and Western. It opens at 6:30 PM and closes at 10:30 PM.

If you are a night owl like most people are right now because of technology, there is a place for you. People likes to stay up at night now rather than waking up early in the morning. It is the canteen where you can eat and stay there at night.

You can take Bento box for eating at home and convenience. The place is full of people during Saturdays and Sundays. Music plays there after 9 PM. There is performance that starts in the afternoon of weekends. There is a show called Comedy Night that happens once a month. That will be an exceptional night for you because you will get to laugh out loud by hearing jokes from comedian from all over the world.

You can get any drink you want and feel free to talk to anyone. If you are on a journey, you can stop at “The Canteen” to grab a drink or get something to eat so that you can energize yourself during the tour.  There is a portion which allows extra guests. You do not have to worry if there is a crowd. There is always going to room for you! For parties, it can fit 80 people and for proper dining you can have 40 guests.

China house

China house

Vic’s Upstairs is upstairs from The Canteen. It is a stylish and cozy place. There are sofas and sophisticated furniture offer a unique background for private occasions. There is the pool billiard table which will let you have a great time with your friends.

An astonishing feature of China House is its bakery arm – Beach Street Bakery. A team containing 12 pastry chefs who work to make many kinds of cakes at any time you want. There are cheesecakes, sponge cakes, cookies and pies just to name some of them. There is nothing constant here and new items add it occasionally.

The Beach Street Bakery remains open the whole day, and you cannot miss their cake. If you want to order a cake, you have to inform them 24 hours before. If you have some time and want to spend it beautifully, there is a Reading Room. You can also donate books if you want. The books are amazing and they will take you get your mind off the daily disturbances.

If you are a visitor who loves art, you should not miss the art gallery above the BTB restaurant. There are many arts displayed there which will let you have a wonderful time at China House. The best part is when you come across an art that you want to keep with yourself forever, you can buy that by asking the price from the staff.

There is a shop beside the gallery where you can get anything you want for yourself as a remembrance your visit to this place. When you are going to have, a meeting related to your business do not settle for somewhere boring. Rather have the conference at 14 Chairs. The room has an elegant setting perfect for any official meeting.

In the middle of the place there is a landscape just like the Suzhou Chinese Gardens. One of the fun part is that you can sit anywhere you like still enjoy the menu. For example, being at Kopi C you can choose food from the bakery, the Canteen or the BTB. The food of the place is delicious. They also serve many interesting sides such as prawn crackers, mango and cashew nut kerabu, achar (pickled vegetables) and sambal belacan (dehydrated shrimp chili paste) etc. You can have sea bass with moist mashed potato. All these exotic tastes will make your trip to China House much more exciting.

Sam’s Pizza & Subs

Sams Pizza

Sam’s Pizza & Subs:

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Pizza is a food that can always meet expectations, whether the person craving for it orders a traditional one or a modern one.  There are many kinds of pizzas available and the chefs experiment new ingredients every day. It can be that they change the sauce or add new kind of meatballs to the pizza. You can come to Sam’s Pizza and Subs as they are located in multiple locations, it is always easy to find one close by.

Sam’s Pizza & Subs

Sam’s Pizza & Subs

I think that at a birthday party one should serve pizza. That would make me happy instead of having other food. I guess not only me; each one of the guests would love that as well. If I worked at an office, during celebrations, I would bring from Sam’s pizza and subs. The place has been running for years now and if it was a swindler, it would have been gone by now like many other restaurants who are tricking people to pay more.

There are many customers who come to Sam’s pizza and they have been regulars for more than five years. I order from them when I about to watch the game with the group. There is a joy in sharing pizzas particularly when the price is reasonable.  office celebration, or get-together to watch a game on TV, you can opt for a couple of large pizzas, with all the traditional toppings that everyone loves.

There are many mouthwatering toppings such as Feta Cheese, Mushrooms, Sausage and all these are so tasty that you will want to eat more. You can also get home delivery if you are going to have meal at home. You can save yourself from cooking. If you are out during daytime and want to have a quick lunch, this place is perfect. If you are dining in, I would not say that you made the wrong decision because the customer service is excellent.

Maybe that is one of the main reasons why people love it so much. Price and ambience is not everything. If the staff is rude, a business loses its regulars quiet easily. It takes some effort to put up with customers’ odd behavior (on some occasions) and if the staff succeeds, that is a place worth trying. The 12 inches’ pizza is $18. 14 inches is $21 and 16 inches is $24.

Let us be clear on one factor though, the price does differ. Even though the Hawaiian is my favorite and I consider it one of the best because of the sweetness of the pineapples, it is only $15. As it increases by 2 inches, it becomes $17 and the 16 inches is only $19. That is a large pizza that more than three pizza lovers can enjoy.

There is the Children’s menu which is for 12 years and under? What if a thirteen-year-old is craving for that? I do not understand why they have to put up age limits for food. Why can’t a teenager order a mini pizza? In fact, why can’t I have that. I would love to have those the kids have at only $5. There is the spaghetti with a typical meat sauce or the marinara sauce, chicken fingers with French fries, grilled Cheese with French fries, kid’s hamburger with French fries, all-beef hot dog, mini cheese pizza as well as macaroni and cheese.

Besides this, there are many other foods that the customers love more than they like the pizza. I thought this place is going to be famous for pizza but it is loved for its other items. They love the steak, salad and gyro. If you are wondering that why do not like the pizza more is because of the crust. Also, the sauce is not that tasty. Another problem could be that they place the toppings without any proper order. The regulars love the calzone and sandwiches.

While receiving praises for being reasonable, it does an unfair job when it is about the salads. They are tasty but you would have to spend a fortune to just have the tossed one. The tossed salad ($4.25) comes with red onions and tomato. Why would you pay so much for something that does not include anything else? The Greek Salad ($8.45) is a salad mix containing tomatoes, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta, and peppercini. If you want an addition of Gyro meat add $3 and the same price for grilled chicken. There are more options such as steak salad ($9.45), Caesar Salad ($5.45), Grilled Chicken Caesar ($8.45) and the Grilled Chicken Salad ($8.45). There are more which you can find on their menu.

It is a captivating point that prompts the question: Can the pizzeria flourish with the prices, offers and the items on the menu? I will always remember the thrill of my first here. I am not sure if others also have the same experience. There are people who have been regulars here even before Twitter and Facebook became popular. I am interested to argue that Stafford does not need another mainstream pizzeria, but I admit I am impressively happy that they exist and also in multiple locations. One thing I would like to see is they keeping the beer and wine out of the place since it is a kid-friendly restaurant. They are the ones who will deliver to your doorstep and still manage to smile unlike many other places.

North Stafford

432 Garrisonville Road

Stafford, VA 22554

(540) 659-2400

Stafford Courthouse

2142 Jefferson Davis Highway

Stafford, VA 22554

(540) 720-9797

Lake Arrowhead

8 Arrowhead Drive

Stafford, VA 22556

(540) 737-5605


326 Jefferson Davis Highway

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(540) 374-2030

Route 17 (Stafford)

543 Warrenton Road

Fredericksburg, VA 22406

(540) 371-4447

Route 3 West

4123 Plank Rd

Fredericksburg, VA 22407

(540) 786-2900

Lafayette Center

3996 Lafayette Center

Fredericksburg, VA 22408

(540) 898-0900

Spotsylvania Courthouse

8925 Courthouse Road

Spotsylvania, VA 22553

(540) 582-9720

Locust Grove

36080 Goodwin Drive

Locust Grove, VA 22508

(540) 972-9100


7334 Ladysmith Commons Blvd

Ruther Glen, VA 22546

(804) 448-4448