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Royal Pizza

Royal Pizza

Royal Pizza:

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Since it is present in multiple locations, you will find the addresses along with the phone numbers below so that you can contact them straight away. Let us explore what lies in Royal Pizza.

Royal Pizza

Royal Pizza

When I first went there, rather than rolling with the prior pizzeria’s concept, the Royal Pizza sought to bring the artisan pizza they were accustomed to in creating. It was an offspring in 1969 with an emphasis on beautiful and tasty pizza with fresh and original toppings.

The owners have worked in the eatery industry and endeavor for ownership was not a challenge. That is also not so easy to say as you know that how much you are familiar with something, it is still difficult to start a business. There were bumps, hurdles and ups and downs on the way to success.

The owner has controlled prices where possible, capitalized in marketing and continuously worked to grow the business. For your convenience, you can get in multiple locations and they also deliver at your doorstep.

During 1969, Royal Pizza started its journey from Edmonton’s Old Strathcona area. After that, they have turned to a local icon. Their pizza, steak, pasta, ribs and hamburger menu equipped with substantial portions of high-quality ingredients, has indisputably endured the taste of time. The secret lies in their unbelievable, rich, tasty sauce with their premium distinct cheese blend. That is the reason, people come back and there are many regulars who does not go elsewhere when they need pizza or steak.

In 1995, Mike and Cynthia bought the eatery and it became even more successful. A tradition and formula that was so significant to the original owners, that Mike and Cynthia in fact had to prove they were talented enough to carry it on before the last owners sold it to them.

With gratitude, they excelled the test. They bought the restaurant, and has dutifully trailed that tradition and formula ever since, to the logical line of emerging a number of successful franchise actions. If the new owners were not suitable, Royal Pizza would have been gone by now.

The owners’ promise to an optimistic work environment is a vital component to the logistics of managing the whole crew. They believe the staffs are the main part of the eatery that keeps it running. The owners try to generate a work environment that is not pressuring them to work all the time — but they still complete the task. The place is filled with dedicated staff who can manage with the high-paced pizzeria environment. The Royal Pizza name is the purchaser’s assurance of outstanding value and consistent quality contributing to franchisee’s achievement.

I took the small plain pizza which turned out to be delicious. Normally, you are not supposed to expect anything from it since it does not have mushroom, ham, salami, pepperoni or anything at all. I took it to find out how they manage to make this pizza interesting. It was $12.25 which I thought was expensive for such a small pizza. Rather than this, take the 12 inches’ ones from Pepperoni and Mushroom, Salami and Mushroom or just Salami. They all cost $13.75 yet you get delicious toppings and the size is huge.

The pizzaiolos incorporate their individual style into the pizza. Doughs are made fresh in small batches, which assists with the moisture during the balling and mixing process. A huge amount of mozzarella is put. The outcome is always a consistent baked pizza. The house sauce makes it much better.

I also ordered the chicken wings for starters which was $10.95. You can get with any kind of sauce or dressing you like such as hot, salt and pepper, teriyaki, BBQ, honey garlic or hot and sweet Thai chili sauce served with a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing. As you can see that it is going to taste delicious and when you choose what your sauce, it gets better. I went with honey garlic, as they are two of my favorite products: honey and garlic!

It is difficult to find something under $10 in this menu, but you can go with garlic toast ($1.75) or cheese toast ($2.75). There are a lot of choices for pasta such as Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna and Meat ball and Shrimp Lasagna. Spaghetti and meat balls are always something I would love to have anytime of the day but did not have it at Royal Pizza. First of all, it is $15.70 which I found to be pricey and comes with only three meatballs. At this price, I prefer at least five meatballs. For entrees, there are again many choices. You can get the Royal Donair($11.95) which comes with donair meat with tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce wrapped in pita bread.

If you are a vegetarian, there is the vegetarian calzone costing $13.35. It is dressed in mozzarella cheese with green pepper and mushroom. I wish they put more vegetables. Does green pepper and mushroom make it a vegetarian calzone? They could have included broccoli to make it healthy.

The pies at Royal Pizza are fine, but not great, and it is the dough that does the work of holding them together. The pizzaiolos ensure that they grow the correct kind of inner chew and puffy edge that is the hallmark of a stellar pizza. The crust has an agreeable smokiness communicated by the ovens they use. You will love this place because of the taste but it is not the place where you can expect to get pizzas at $1 or something like that. That kind of pizzerias are common in California and in many other places but Royal Pizza is not that one. Before you walk in, at least bring $15 with you.


10433 80 Avenue



290 Saddleback Road



10243 Jasper Ave



2609 66 Street NW



9977 178 Street



6120 90 Avenue



16721 127 Street



1214 101 Street SW



590 Baseline Road



7712 Sparrow Drive




PIZZA CHEF: 564 W 235th St, Bronx NY, 1046; Tel: 718-796-4500;

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Despite their reputation for Yankee stadium, botanical garden and strip malls in Bronx, they have accomplished to harvest a handful of culinary charms. Beautiful dining destinations such as Trattoria Zero Otto Nove and Antonio’s Trattoria Goosefoot make thmselves home for tourists and residents. Pizza Chef was born in a humble street sandwiched between Optometrist Dr. Arthur Mirwis and State Farm. Pizzas can never disappoint you, even if you are someone who never cooked before and just put some toppings on a ready-made pizza bread and bake. You can try new places with courage and valor because as long as it is called a pizza it is going to be tasty. It is not seafood that you will swallow some sour parts of the eel or salmon.



The pizzaiolos here come with a lot of experience. If you order their pizza, you will be able to tell that they have the right training and skills. Prior to working in Pizza Chef, they worked in other places that makes them professionals they are today.  The group is always tossing and stretching the dough, heatedly topping pizzas with wonderful ingredients, heating the oven and waiting for the blistering inferno. Though they work agitatedly, they are as pleased as children at Disney World. Many customers behave rudely with them yet they manage. That is something rare because in most places, the waiters or the cashier or other staffs have a record of behaving impolitely with the customers. Here, you will see that if someone is behaving badly with them, they somehow manage to smile and get through it.

As mentioned above, their service is responsive and friendly. Since I was a foreigner to that place, they helped order the items by helping me go through the menu. They did not know whether I could speak English or not.

The crust of their pizzas features a sustaining chew and a good bit of sizzle. The sides of the crust were a bit too thin which I liked, but I adored the general airiness of the dough. They used top-secret techniques to make the pizza according to the choice of their customer. If you are going for something thick, take the lasagna pizza. Most people coming here order that. Since they also have home delivery, they order this.

Who does not like lasagna? I do not think that there is anybody in the world who would dislike it. Even people who have problem digesting cheese, would love this. They have the lasagna pizza where the pie is thick. You would love the fact that they put buckets of meat and cheese just for you. The sauce they put on their pizzas can be zesty, sweet, and peppery. While the sauce was effective, its zest overwhelms the savors of the toppings and cheese. However, the sauce, especially at innermost edge of the pie, was hostilely thick. The price is only $20 for such goodness.

An uncommon item to order in a pizzeria would be a Shrimp Parmigiana. First of all, it is not a place for seafood or fish. Secondly, most people even overlook that there is such an item on the menu. They are also busy searching for meat items. You can order it which is $9.50 because it tastes so good. Those who had this are grateful that they got to eat something so good. You can also get the Chicken Parmigiana Hero which is $8.50 or the eggplant one which is $8. You can also have the home baked lasagna at only $9. For vegetarians, there is the Vegetable Pizza ($19) and for those who are health conscious can have the Salad Pizza ($16). If you are a chicken lover like me, there are an abundance of choices just for you. There are: BBQ Chicken Pizza ($20.00), Buffalo Chicken Pizza ($20.00), Chicken Pizzaiola ($14.50) and so on. The marina sauce is so sweet and peppery at the same time, you do not know whether to cry for the heat or just taste the sweetness.

If you have under $5 and craving for both burger and pizza, that can be sad. I find it funny that why most restaurants do not come up with a technique to create a combo at a low price. If that is what you wish, Pizza Chef has that and at only $4.5. If you cannot come out of your home, you can always get delivery. They take 30 to 45 minutes and the food is always fresh. The ones delivering are also polite and well-mannered. The minimum order is $10 and the delivery is free. There are so many advantages to that that I do not know where to start. The main one is that you are saving money on gas. The other one is that you have enough food for yourself or others. If you are getting pizzas, it is something you can share or have yourself alone. You can store in the refrigerator which means there is no cooking for your next meal.

People who work in the area go there because Pizza Chef can be a perfect place when you are on the run. You can also pre-order over the phone and come pick your food. You can also get delivery in your office or workplace. If you think that you are going to be spending time with your friends over there, that can be nice too. They sometimes take longer time than usual to prepare the food so if you think you are ready to spend some with your friends, you can go there for dine in without any pre-ordering. For beef lovers, there is not much options. You can have the Meat Explosion Pizza with ground beef or chicken with ham and pepperoni. Another clever thing to do would be add $3 to get a larger pizza.

You can avail offers when you order more than $10. For orders over $20, there is free garlic bread. The regulars love the Pizza Chef because of their customer service, price and high-quality ingredients.

Escuela Sabatica

Escuela Sabatica

Escuela Sabatica: Porvenir 72, Santiago, Santiago Center, Chile; Phone: (56-2) 816 4600: Fax: (56-2) 222 0306; Email:

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You can contact the Sabbatical School if you are interested in this. To be better at it, follow the steps below. Reconfiguring an expert and individual life takes genuine arranging. Here are four tips from educators will tell you with late sabbatical experience.

Escuela Sabatica

Escuela Sabatica


College life can be a pound of educating, allow composing, and office legislative issues. Let it be like that, like clockwork, employees get an enchanted open door that is pined for by nonacademic: sabbatical leave. In this time of vocation advancement, a teacher may learn new procedures, grow an examination program, or complete off that book or heap of mulling compositions. The fantasy begins with fastidious arrangement ahead of time, however closes best for the individuals who are versatile and receptive. Here are five pointers from teachers with late sabbatical experience. Put it all on the line

A sabbatical leave can mean interfering with your examination, getting paid less, and upsetting family life. Moreover, inquire as to whether their sabbatical was justified regardless of the exertion and they reply with one voice: yes. Go the distance, they say. Take an entire year and go to another city or nation, if you can.

Why? New conditions, crisp points of view, and new schedules help your imagination. Staying out of your conventional surroundings makes you build up new connections and coordinated efforts and gives you a chance to introduce your thoughts in an alternate setting. People in different nations or even different foundations see your work from an alternate point of view, educated by the overarching models and societies of their district, he says. They give you responses and criticism that are unique in relation to your partners in your country. It demonstrates that historic thoughts can create when sudden occasions—mishaps—happen to individuals with the ability to perceive potential advancements. Being in another circumstance welcomes these fortunate occasions.

Be somewhere in your mind

A sabbatical can rejuvenate. A recent report thought about employees at 10 colleges in Israel, New Zealand, and the United States who did and did not take sabbatical leave. Individuals who had a sabbatical would be wise to self-revealed scores forever fulfillment, push, and different measures of richness than the individuals who did not. The key to accomplishing advantages was separation: getting away from the typical routine and being allowed to sit unbothered by the home establishment.

The secret to a sabbatical is making tracks in an opposite direction from things that you find unpleasant. Do not simply do a similar work elsewhere. Individuals with kids and working life partners may discover this guidance unreasonable, some folks have their whole family tagged along on his sabbatical. Planning a sabbatical abroad requires significant investment. Particularly at times that you are taking your family, expect two rather ineffective move months.

One should learn to accept own particular guidance about escaping when he acquired a sabbatical without leaving town. If some has a baby and cannot go out, they have to stay home.  You can always go when you have someone to take care of the baby and within a short time you can return feeling good and fresh.

Considering that the possibility of taking only seven days off can toss many individuals into an assignment appointing, schedule clearing free for all, taking a delayed break–by leaving a place of employment, or taking a paid or unpaid leave–can appear to be absolute crazy. A sabbatical school can have colossal long-haul benefits when you have the assurance to do it. Today several organizations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, eBay and Boston Consulting Group, offer paid and unpaid sabbaticals for workers who need to enhance their wellbeing, recoup from occupation burnout, grow new abilities or elucidate what they need to do with their lives.

Be ready to fight

Individuals frequently need to conquer innumerable mental obstacles to taking a sabbatical, particularly the dread of surrendering employment and money related security. Many individuals trust that a down economy is the most exceedingly bad time to take a sabbatical while some think that the inverse is valid, particularly for individuals who have an extraordinary reputation. At the point when the economy goes down, it is difficult for managers to lose that ability. You can put forth an extraordinary defense for taking an unpaid leave and afterward returning back to work in a couple of months. Taking a sabbatical does not need to mean draining your life reserve funds or crashing your profession. Furthermore, one of the immense privileged insights about it is that requiring more investment off is regularly simpler than a maybe a couple week break.

Begin Planning

Small arrangement ahead of time drove the achievement of many folks’ sabbatical. They needed to build up her thought, line up a host lab, and present a give proposition so as to get subsidizing amid her arranged leave. You should start thinking deliberately a few years ahead to get financing and build up an association with the lab where you will spend your sabbatical.

Begin gather money as quickly as time permits. Cash is the main enormous obstacle for the vast majority,” says Clements. In any case, the cost of taking a truly awesome sabbatical can be a small amount of that of your customary life.” People on sabbatical have a tendency to go to spots where the average cost for basic items is lower. Voyaging requires less framework: Gone are link bills and nail trims and costly steak suppers with companions. Build up an arrangement for covering your obligations when you are going to be away. Give somebody at home access to your financial balance so they can help you exchange reserves if vital. Pay your bills on the web, and utilize Skype or prepaid calling cards to call home. Put resources into travel medical coverage using outfits.

Try not to let the instability of a sabbatical prevent you from taking one. The best sabbaticals are brought with a dosage of confidence. Find out how to trust that things will work out. They quite often do, and there is no arrival on suspecting something.

VIP nails

VIP nails

VIP nails: 1960 Kapiolani Blvd, Ste 114, Honolulu, HI 96826; Tel: (808) 946-3045.

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Nails make excellence in the salon industry. Expenditure of somewhere in the range of $15 to $45 a fly for a nail trim and $20 to $50 for a pedicure (excluding tip), your week after week or month to month salon visits are costing you valuable spoiling dollars. No big surprise the salon industry makes so much profit each year. While you are spending money for beauty and relaxation, you can come to VIP because they will not rush you even if you are the last customer. They will work slow and gently on your nails and ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

VIP nails

VIP nails

You can envision, the cash you fill on these little extravagances is critical to the salon business, which means they will do whatever it takes to hold you returning for additional beauty treatments. While now and then “whatever it takes” is going well beyond superb administration, cleanliness and system, it can likewise mean compromising and misleading the salon guidelines so as to minimize expenses and business blasting.

What is more, not to absolutely terrify you, but rather what should be a lavish treat, can now and again transform into your most noticeably bad dream – think skin eating ailments and contaminations. Although yes, a large number of ladies get nail treatments every year and do not encounter any genuine or life-undermining symptoms, you would be gullible to trust that it would never transpire. Nail salons that have been deficiently cleaned or performed terrible cleansing practices, and also ones with insufficiently prepared nail experts, could be a reproducing ground for microorganisms and a hazardous place for you to “loosen up.”

VIP nails has a name for being clean and modern so you can go there if you really need some nail designs. The customers love the massage and that is the reason they go for the manicure and pedicure.

You will probably hear that many nail salons switch and thin out the solution in the bottles. In the long history of nail technicians, there were many stories heard of many salons filling costly moisturizer bottles with a shabby nonexclusive salve. That way the salons can charge you more for the nail trim by guaranteeing to utilize eminence items, yet as a general rule are simply misdirecting you.

Thus, she says that a few salons will weaken nail clean containers that have progressed toward becoming clumpy from seniority or from an excessive amount of air presentation with nail clean remover. This activity bargains the nature of the clean, which will make the recipe chip simpler once on your nails. To guarantee the life of your shading and to ensure any conceivable germ spreading, some prefer to carry their own particular nail polish.

If you are at VIP nails, you will get a lot of choices and colors. Most of the time, the customer ends up being confused because of the wide range of choices. You do not have to worry because they have original nail polish and no diluting anything whatsoever. Besides, their work the client loves how they can walk in anytime without any appointment. Some salons are strict when it is about appointments but this one makes the difference. If you are a regular, you do not have to wait that long. For someone going for the first time, you should make an appointment by calling in the number above.

There has been a lot of discussions online and in real life how clients visiting find it annoying when the nail technicians are talking to each other in another language. They believe that they are talking about the customer. It also happened with my friend. Once she went to cut her hair, there were laughing at each other and she thought maybe it’s her hair. It is irritating to many women when they cannot comprehend the language plus they believe that they are mocking or making fun of them. If that is something you find troublesome, come to VIP nails because they all speak English. Better yet, they do not gossip with each other. They talk with you so that you are not bored throughout the manicure or pedicure.

In the salon industry, talking a dialect that is not conversationally cordial to your customer, client is viewed as discourteous and is justification for end at many spots. If the two staffs are holding a discussion the entire time of the nail benefit, anyone can be irritated. It is not important that the customer have to hold shimmering discussion, but rather at any rate make they should ensure that the client feels available and important.

If you are not sure of what nail design you want, they would do a sample on one nail and if you like it, they would continue to do the rest. As mentioned above, you would be confused because there are so many choices. That is why the staffs will be more than happy to help you choose. You can go with glitters, 3D nail designs or just matte or acrylic color. Some choose the gel nail polish while other choose light ones. Whether you have long nails or small ones, they will try to make them look nice. For your nail designs, they also have a huge selection such as small sunglasses, a skull, gold designs, bows, ribbons and other beautiful nail charms. They will all fit your nail and look beautiful.

During winter, you can get one with a snowman and the other finger you can have snowflakes design. That is perfect for Christmas as well. On Valentin’s day, you would love the one with cupid on the ring finger and on the other hand, they would write Happy Valentine’s Day for you. You can get nail designs for occasion such as birthday and weddings as well. It is a wise decision to not get nail designs so frequently as you will be safe from germs and save money.

Asian Star

Asian Star

Asian Star: 554 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92867; Tel: 714) 532-6858;

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Dining at Asian Star, you will be surprised because of the excellence and quality of service. Some people did not want to try it and after they got a spoonful of their food in the mouth, they were more than shocked. It is also a convenient place because it has delivery options. It is strange when a restaurant does not have options for delivery. Also, you can take food as take out. Some places offer just take out whereas here you can get both. It is also perfect for kids so next time when you come here, bring them.

Asian Star

Asian Star

The people come to eat here loves this place because of the taste of the food and the customer service. You can have a lot of options. If you order carefully, you should be able to have enough food for two days! The quantity is huge and the price is less. Some folks do not like Chinese food loves to eat at this place. That means the taste here must be really appetizing. When Asian star opened many years ago, taking as its inspiration people could only roll their eyes. The kind of restaurant with the name “Asian star” has long been a fitting of Orange, a sort of wonderful diner dispensing house garlic chicken, orange flavored beef, and sweet and pungent shrimp at prices everyone can afford. There are many college students who cannot spend money on expensive Chinese food thus they pick Asian star. Not everyone has the money to spend on lavish Chinese food. You can be starving or you could be sick and not feel like cooking. Simply order online or through phone and a very nice and gentle man will deliver at your doorstep.

It is surprising, as well as disappointing that there are many Chinese restaurants which deliver food to your doorstep but the service is very bad. The ones delivering has an attitude and upon complaining to the manager, they take the side of the staff rather than the customer. The foods come soggy or cold and the amount is small. They think that the person is eating at home so what can they do. A person eating at home is just as powerful as the one eating in the restaurant. They can put up a review or a photo of the food and that will make the business go down with few weeks. The best part is that Asian Star somehow manages to deliver food hot and fresh. You can have the Honey Walnut Shrimp, Kung Pao Chicken and the dumplings. These are some items the regulars order.

You order their food as they have a huge collection of items just for you and the best part is that you can save it for dinner. There are so many items that you can look at the menu for hours. That is why to help, here is a simple explanation. If you are a beef lover, you can take the Mongolian Beef ($6.95) or beef with snow peas ($6.95) if you are not on the spicy side. If you are a broccoli lover or you like to eat healthy, pick the Beef with broccoli ($6.95). For the spicy and hot food lovers, there is the Nan Yang Beef (7.25), Beijing Beef ($6.95) and the Korean BBQ Beef ($7.25). You will notice that the prices are all below $10. Wait, they are below $9. No, they are below $8!

Do not think that we are playing with you and the cost is going to go up when you get the seafood or chicken. Seafood is pricey in most places maybe because of lack of supply or because they need a lot of care. The chicken dishes are a delight, carved in a way that it oozes juices, and so are the beef ones. It comes dozed with a friendly marinating, done by the cooks — which is not below any other Chinese restaurant. Other notable selections include vegetable spring roll, Beijing Chow Mein, Szechuan Beef, Pad Thai Noodles and Wonton Soup. The chefs are always improving the menu, making every visit an interesting one.

Asian Star has a hypnotic stage presence. When the chef stands in front of the counter, the several years old displays the control and poise through its monologues pour out keep on bringing the regulars back. Slicing fish into exact lobes, positioning a fascinating mix of different ingredients, pouring squishes of spice and sauce into the wok to serve on top of the meat, the chefs remains rivetingly determined on the dishes they are preparing. They bend their solid frame toward the elements they handle.

The delivery charge is zero dollars, making it more excellent than other places. It opens a 11 AM every day and closes at 9:30 PM. It remains closed on Tuesdays. The payment can be made through MasterCard, Cash, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. The minimum order is $15 and the areas are Villa Park, Olive and Chapman University.

You should also know which dishes to avoid so that you do not end up wasting money. Do not get the following dishes: BBQ Pork Moo Shu, BBQ Pork Fried Rice, Nanyang Fried Rice, BBQ Pork Moo Shu and Cha Shui Bao. Nobody eats those when they go there. Even if they do, there is no positive reviews about them. Besides, pork is not healthy nor tasty. Asian start is offering a lot of variety such as Chinese, vegetarian and seafood. Therefore, pick one that is healthy and will be good for the body.

The cooking rests upscale, with an importance on pristine and seasonal ingredients. We all know that Americanized Chinese restaurants are getting popular with each day, but there is always a problem. Either the place does not have delivery or they only have take-out and dine in is not possible. Asian Star gives you all the freedom and the food can last for two days. The chefs pay attention to each of the customer’s plates. Their system of food delivery is also healthy and safe unlike other places where the container just melts when they put the hot food.

Asian Taste

Asian Taste

Asian Taste: Tel: (410) 467-0100; Add: 916 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211;

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On the Avenue in Hampden beside the Royal Farms, you will find Asian Taste. It is not a place that is trying to get people’s attention with fancy lightings and all that. Rather it is hidden behind a tree which makes it an effortless task to be not noticed. You will be able to tell from their name, that they serve Asian food. To be more specific, you can have Chinese, Japanese and Thai. The Japanese one is based on sushi.

Asian Taste

Asian Taste

Just because it does not want to be the center of attention, it does have a lot of regulars and new customers every day. Even though the eatery does not spend its money on lightings there are a lot of seats. They have a lot of customers who prefer take out. They provide home delivery as well. I do not understand why does an Asian restaurant have to include alcohol?

Alcohol completely ruins the image of a place. People who do not drink might completely ignore the place because their might be traces of alcohol in their food. I cannot trust a place that has full bar or beer and alcohol only. Most people in Asia, do not even drink it and they also do not have open bars in the restaurants. Therefore, who is the restaurant trying to attract? Only Americans? I also believe they will also not prefer this kind of drinks when having lunch or dinner.

You can take the Crispy Pepper Salted Squid ($6.95) if you like seafood, which happens to be little strips of squid that are deep fried. I call it the Squid Fries, and my friend who had it said it tasted super. My friend chose the Thai dishes, generally stir fried dishes with lots of eggplant and tofu, and despite the pepper sign beside the name of the dishes they were not spicy at all. It is something I have noticed in other places as well. They put the pepper sign next to the name which indicates that it is spicy and after getting the food, there is no heat.  I would prefer take out rather than having them delivered to my home because the customer service is not fantastic. You are going to be paying them yet there is no guarantee that they will not be rude. The food can arrive cold and reheating in the oven ruins the texture.

According to their website, delivering is free and the minimum amount should be $10. They deliver in many places such as Barclay, Charles Village, Remington, Harwood, City College, Coldstream, Montebello, Homestead etc. They can be a little late so do not be too hungry when you are ordering. Overall, their home delivery service gets a 3 out of 10.

Vegetarians have a lot of options such as Kung Pao Tofu($8.25), Vegetable Chow Ho Fun ($7.95), Steamed Mixed Vegetables($7.55). I was interested in the Special Combination Plates but then again, I could order anything from there because it comes with pork fried rice. First of all, the pork is unhealthy plus it does not even taste appetizing. Rather than this, the white rice or brown rice is preferable. All the Special Combination Plates are $7.95 but that did not help me. If it did not include the pork fried rice, I would have taken something from there like the General Tso’s Chicken. There is another dish under Special Combination Plates. Vegetarians order that by mistake but then receive the repulsive pork fried rice.  Why would they put a vegetarian dish with pork?

When having sushi, you are going to expect fresh ingredients and fish. The sad part is that the sushi is not tasty because the fish they put is not fresh. The sauce is also greasy. The chicken Udon($7.95) contains lettuce instead of cabbage. The green curry with shrimp is excessively sweet. The shrimps will not be clean and they come with the tails.

It is also not a suitable place to take your children since it is full bar. The eatery remains open till 2 AM in the morning. It is a so called happy hour where there is nothing to be satisfied about and it starts from 11 PM. They limit the items on the menu. If you are going at that time, you can have the Crispy Calamari Salad ($8.25), fried oysters and seafood rolls.

The Cheese Crabmeat Wontons ($6.25) is a nice deal. You receive 10 wontons which is a fairly large bag since most of the time I got four or six from other places.  The sad part is that you might not be able to taste the crabmeat. Being a spicy and hot food lover, I took the Dynamite roll ($10.99). To my surprise, it was not hot or spicy. With the excess mayo sauce, there is no way to get taste of the salmon and tuna in it.  During delivery, they also do not get the orders properly. My friend was allergic to wasabi so when having home delivery, we mentioned that. Even though we repeated that there should be no wasabi, everything had that. The sushi was not fresh upon arrival and it took them almost two hours. Do not disappoint yourself ordering sushi. It is an Americanized Chinese restaurant so regular dishes can make your experience beautiful.

The problem is that they do not take complaints from the customer seriously. It is surprising how they still have so many customers because they do not take the problems critically. If you care about aesthetics and fear of spice, then do not worry because you will not get any of them. They do not care how their dishes appear to be, they just serve it on a plate. Plus, there is no food that will make you cry because of its heat. All of them are bland or sweet. There is not a single level of atomic stages of peppery heat that you might be looking for in Asian food.

Bella Roma

Bella Roma

Bella Roma- Prove that square pizza can come in a square box

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Sir pizza: makers of tasty food

Bella Roma being close to other pizzerias still stand as one of the best in the area. Its neighbors, Jet’s Pizza and Little Caesars can make quiet the competition. Bella Roma always comes out strong and people adore their food, service and price. The exact address is 1718 W Broadway Ave, Maryville, Tennessee 37803 and it stays open every day from 11 AM to 10 PM. It appears to be like a house and there is an Italian flag which should be enough to tell the passers-by and guests that they serve Italian food here.

Bella Roma

Bella Roma

Who does not love Italian food?

No matter from which country you originate, you will obviously want to devour into a slice of pizza. In fact, a slice of pizza is never enough, they are so tasty and mouth-watering, anybody would love two or more. People were always circling this question on the web, that why does a circular pizza comes in a square box and each of the slices are triangles. Here, you can have round ones but the place is famous for the square ones.

It is not impeccably clear how this method came. Bearing in mind that some other names for square cut pizza are “party cut” or “tavern cut” it is possible that the square shape came from pies made in regional inns of the Midwest or from pizzas distributed up to fulfill the hunger of a group of people at a party.  In any case, this has been revolving around since pizza initially entered the American spirit and still remains omnipresent through the Midwest and many other places.

Bella Roma

Bella Roma

If you are going to eat pizza with your friends, bring them to Bella Roma and devour in the square pizzas. The reason is not just because of the taste but because cutting into squares unavoidably results that you can distribute among everyone. The pieces can be little or big (it is an advantage because you decide the size) according to the number of people. If you are hungry, you can always grab another one. In a circular one, the slices are already there, you cannot change them. Pizza is not something that you eat alone. It is something to share.

The main reason to like them is that there is nothing to waste. In a classic pizza, it is possible that picky eaters, people on diets or children does not like the crust. Bella Roma is already popular for creating excellent and thin crusts that is easy to eat but still some people would avoid the sides of the pizza. In a square one, there is no such problems.

We can stretch further by pointing out that they have a lot of delicious items that can fill up your stomach. They have pastas, spaghetti, calzones, salads, bread sticks, subs and desserts. Do not forget to bring your kids along not only because they are pizza-lovers but also because Bella Roma is kid-friendly.  There is a special menu for kids. The spaghetti is only $2.99 and the chicken tenders with potato wedges is $4.99 only.

Bella Roma

Bella Roma

It is not going to be wrong to say that the selection of drinks can look like they lack diversity. They have the fountain drinks at $1.79 which is your regular Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and the iced tea at the same price. The other option you get is water.  The square pizza is $7.99 for the small one and you can add topping for $0.59 only. The large one with cheese is $12.99 and adding topping will cost $0.99. The toppings are Italian sausage, beef, sliced tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, oregano, pesto sauce etc.

The most appetizing out of the Pastas would be the Five Cheese Lasagna because it comes with the right quantity of cheese and sauce. From the subs, you can choose the Gyro because people praise that a lot. In the appetizers, choose the bread sticks. The quantity is going to be sufficient. Some customers go there just to have that instead of pizza. It is made from thinly sliced beef and lamb in a gyro loaf with tomatoes and lettuce. If you are a vegetarian, there will not be much options for you since most of them contains meat. You can pick the Veg Sub which comes with black olives, cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, lettuce and tomatoes. If you are a vegetarian, this place may not be right for you. Most of the dishes are filled with yummy chunks of beef or chicken bits.

You can get pizza delivered at your door step. In that way, you can have delicious food at the comfort of your home. Bella Roma puts a lot of meat and cheese and they are not miser at all when it is about serving customers. The sizes are big too. There are a lot of positive reviews about the crust even more than the pizza topping. If you are in search for a pizzeria that delivers tasty crusts along with delicious toppings, this is the right place for you.


villa pizza

Villa Pizza: beautifully prepared, extremely cheesy pizzas worth wait.

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Roma pizza and pasta

If there is a pizzeria that became famous right after opening, that is the Villa Pizza. The location is convenient and if you are anywhere in Las Vegas, it should be a thirty-minute car ride. It is disappointing that many places serving pizzas do not deliver service of excellent quality. Customers ignore that thinking “I am just here to grab slices of pizza, it does not matter how they behave”. The staff behavior is important and the overall impact of their manners are directly proportional to the number of customers. There are many places serving pizza but you will find that the one with well-mannered and polite staffs has the most customers.

Villa Pizza

Villa Pizza

If you have any doubt about their popularity, let us go back in time. It opened in 1976 and at that time, the internet connection was not super-fast neither people had smartphones in their hands. Actually, the world-wide web came in 1989 so you can tell by now that Villa Pizza did not get famous through Facebook or twitter.  Since the beginning, the tasty and delicious pizzas became everyone’s favorite. They still have the same reputation and you would know that if you visit their restaurant or their official website. They are the winner of “Best of Las Vegas” so it is proof that they are the makers of appetizing food.

The environment is friendly and welcoming, that you will want to go there again and again. Customer service and staff behavior is not something to overlook. The staffs here receive a lot of praises from the people who dine here.

Villa Pizza

Villa Pizza

If you are fond of coupons or special offers, this place offers a lot of that. You can get slice of cheese pizza with garden salad and fountain drink at only $5. If you are on a budget but you are craving for pizza, this should be the right offer for you. The salad is a healthy addition to the pizza you are sneaking into your stomach. It is suitable if you are eating alone. Pizza is made for sharing but there is nothing to do when you are trying to have a slice peacefully. Wash down the guilt of eating alone with the fountain drink. The offer is for walk-in customers. If you are asking for home delivery or pick up, you cannot have this. If you are ordering as a regular customer, a hot dog with French fries can cost $5 and the fountain drink will be $2.79. If you are claiming the offer, you can get a hot dog, French fries and the Mountain Dew, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper at only $4.5! Sometimes, a single slice of pizza is not enough, therefore, get the two slices and drink at only $4.99!

Here they have mostly meat items: all fresh and high-quality. The Barbeque Pizza consists of chicken, barbeque sauce, grilled chicken and onions. You can pick any toppings you want from the options of Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs, Ham, Black Olives, Pineapple, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomatoes, Spanish Green Olives and Jalapeños. The Gourmet Toppings include eggplant, roasted red peppers, anchovies, and spinach. The 18 inches’ extra-large pizza is $23.49 which is enough for sharing among a group of people.

Villa Pizza

Villa Pizza

You are going to face a lot of skepticism when you are a casual pizzeria with high-quality meats. Through the years, it got rid of that disbelief. For those averse to meat, the vegetarian pizza rivals its meaty cohorts. A chicken breast pulverized to go into a Caesar salad could be as dry as the Mojave Desert, but this one does not, thanks to the chef’s expertise and the right marinade they put. The restaurant hours are from 11 AM to 10:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday and on Fridays and Saturdays it stays opens from 10:30 am to 11 pm. Therefore, Villa Pizza is perfect for night owls. If you have the craving to have a pizza at midnight, call an hour ahead, around 10 PM and place your order. You can get it as home delivery or pick up and you can enjoy it at 12 AM when it will be still fresh, hot and tasty.

If you and your children have no plans on a Wednesday, feel free to walk-in to Villa Pizza. They have the facility for kids to make their pizza themselves and watch a movie. It can be a gateway for the kids from their boring school-study routine. Also during football matches, you can get a lot of deals and offers and enjoy while watching the game on the big screen.

If you order an item and you do not like it, you can always return it and receive the refund. When you get this kind of guarantee from a pizza place, you can eat without any doubts. The restaurant can have changes in prices, offers and deals so it is best to call them to find out what is going to be best for you. The place is filled with customers who order their food through phone call. You can sit there as long as you like and there will be no problems. You can spend a nice time with your friends at Villa Pizza.

The inside of the restaurant may appear to be simple with ordinary tables and chairs. The place is clean and tidy which makes everyone want to eat more. Their pizzas are always going to be lovely and delicious.

la hacienda menu

la hacienda menu

La Hacienda is a Mexican restaurant that started its journey in 1990. Ever since it has been providing excellent customer service and high quality foods to its customers. People love it because it is affordable and the staffs can handle pressure. For example, if you take ten of your friends and relatives there, the service you receive will be just as fast as attending a single guest with their food. You do not have to wait and their behavior is friendly which makes the atmosphere much welcoming that other restaurants. If you are not sure what to eat there, start with the Nacho. All the Nachos are under $10 and there are many types of them: grilled chicken, grilled steak, black beans, ground beef etc.

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If you are not sure what to get, Quesadillas never fail. You can always try that and the pricing here is fair compared to many other places. For example, if you look at their Dips section on the first page of the menu, you will find several dips.   Many other places charges more than five dollars for a dip of guacamole whereas here you can get it for less than four dollars. There are many restaurants charging more than $10 for a guacamole dip! Why would you want to pay so much for a dip made out of avocado, lemon and cilantro? Therefore, pick the Chicken Fajita Quesadilla as most of the guests visiting there loves this one. It cost less than $11 and you do not need a separate guacamole dip. If you are a fan of sea food, there is option for that as well. There is the seafood quesadilla and it consists of a variety of the water life. It contains scallops, shrimps, crab meat and etc.  That means you can basically get the taste of all your favorite sea ingredients. Even though the restaurant claims to be Mexican, they do not have many other kinds of food and some of them are their creation and own design. The place has been running for several years and people have been giving positive reviews about La Hacienda.

la hacienda menu

la hacienda menu

Just like mentioned above, even if there is a lot of crowd, the staffs manage to provide excellent service. You do not have to lose patience after ordering. You will find on many other Chinese or other type of cuisine’s restaurants’ websites that they mention that their atmosphere is welcoming and the service is top-tier. Whereas after people visits there, they complain that the waitress did not even smile or the waiter was rude to them. There were times when people said the food was delicious but the staff did not even say thank you.  When you go through the La Hacienda menu, you will find a lot of options. If you are in need of a quick meal, this is the place. You can take your children there as it is a kid-friendly place and the atmosphere is nice. The staffs put their best effort to keep the place neat and clean. Many other place claims that they do not let your glass become empty. That is not true because the customer has to get up from his or her chair and find the waiter for that. In La Hacienda, the waiter will fill your glass even before you ask for it. You can have Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Crush, Tropicana, Mist Doctor, Pepper and diet Pepsi.

la hacienda menu

la hacienda menu

If you are a vegetarian and tired of hearing about chicken, shrimps and other meat items from La Hacienda Menu, do not worry. There is something for you as well. There is a lot of choice if you are a vegetarian but no hassle with the payment. You can pick two items which will come with beans and rice. They are Cheese Enchilada, Bean Burrito, Bean Tostada, Chile Poblano, Chalupa, Bean Tostaguac and Bean Quesadilla. You can also make a combo according to your wish. You can include potato, spinach and mushroom in your enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos.

If you are visiting there at lunch time, you also have numerous choices for that and one thing for sure is that they are all under $10. Some are very reasonable and can make a quick lunch. You can pick the Speedy Gonzalez which consists of a taco and a single enchilada with rice and beans. It costs only $5. You can pick a beef burrito, rice and beans for $5.5. There is the La Hacienda Bowl which you can have for lunch and that includes rice, black beans and meat with pico de gallo and sour cream. The meat is going to depend on your selection and there is steak, chicken and shrimp costing $10.5, $10.5 and $11.5 respectively. If you like Mexican sausage, you can take the Special combo number 8. Some people are just fans of scrambled eggs and sausage and would prefer to have them for lunch and not only at breakfast. If you are taking your children there, you do not have to worry about the pricing or the bill. There is a fixed price for the items you choose for them and it is only $4. That means you can feed two kids under $8. The La Hacienda menu has a set of delicious and mouthwatering items designed for children. They have French fries, nacho cheese, corn dog, taco, burrito, enchilada, chicken fingers. If you child likes rice and beans, you can take that too as well. As mentioned before, it is a kid-friendly place and the La Hacienda menu proves that.

la hacienda menu

la hacienda menu

After a nice lunch or dinner, who would not want dessert. The La Hacienda menu offers dessert at a reasonable price and they are tasty. In most places where the price of Flan in $8, you can get it for $3. There are more choices that are sweet, delicious and pretty-looking. You can take the so papilla with ice cream. It costs only $3 but it can make your tummy completely filled up if you have some empty space after the meal. It is healthy and nutritious as it contains honey, cinnamon and butter. You can pick churros with ice cream, New York Cheesecake, Ultimate Chocolate Cake or Fried Ice Cream. If you are a chocolate lover, the cake is going to be a good choice and it comes in an iron cast with ice cream. Now you know what to choose from the La hacienda menu. Plan your visit there as you already know that they have excellent prices and perfect food with the proper atmosphere for the whole family.

Hunan express

Hunan express: aims at your pleasure receptors

Situated on the 5502 Everhart Rd, Corpus Christi, TX stands the restaurant serving Chinese cuisine with the name, Hunan Express. The reason you will be happy is because they have various kind of services. First of all, you can walk-in with your friends and family and have a nice meal. Secondly, when you are in a rush or you want to eat at home, you can take it through the drive-in window. Lastly, if the weather is not reasonable or you are sick, you can always get delicious and warm Hot and Sour Soup at your doorstep. If you are having guests over and do not want to cook, you can get food from here as the price is reasonable and the taste is superb.

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If you are still not satisfied, there are more reasons to be happy. Browse through their menu and you will stumble upon small price tags attached to tasty dishes. The Wonton Soup and Hot and Sour soup are $1.75 and the Egg Drop Soup is $1.45 only. The egg roll, shrimp roll and spring roll are all around $1.5. The crispy noodle is $0.75.

Hunan express

Hunan express

To make the situation easy and if you are interested to have a meal under $9, there are combo platters. For lunch, you can have the Moo Goo Gai Pan which is $6.49 and $8.49 at dinner. The second combo is sweet and sour pork which you should must skip and keep it at bay because that is unhealthy and the taste is not good.  The reason you are eating is to stay away from diseases and be healthy, there is no point in eating something that makes you sick. A nice and beautiful combo is the third one which is broccoli beef. Not to mention, the price is same as the first combo.

Letting the cat out the bag, you should know that there have been some complains about their delivery being late. Getting food through home delivery or drive-in window is a jump on the bandwagon, but it is agreeable to join with family and friends for a lovely dinner outside. After those mixed reviews about their delivery, they are really working on to improve it which is a compulsory feature in any restaurant.

In order to succeed, they must have friendly staff and fast delivery system. Hence, they are advancing it and now it 2017, most of the customers are putting positive reviews. Some statements about Hunan express delivery is that

“I was scared to get delivery from them but then I tried and they were really fast and friendly”

“My food arrived ten minutes before the given time and the service was excellent”

“The food is always hot and that is why we love home delivery from Hunan express”

Seeing this, it can be fair to tell that they are now a reliable place to get meals for yourself and others. They are not preparing traditional Chinese food but the Americanized one. If you admire that kind of dining, then this is exemplary.

If you ask ten people whether they like ramen, ten out of ten of them will say yes. If you ask hundred people whether they like it, the answer will be no different. The reason is the chef has their special broth recipes and Hunan express does an excellent job at that.

It is really upsetting when you go to a restaurant only to find that they put the food in the microwave before they served you. We all love fresh food. The price everyone is paying is equal so why would someone get fresh ones and you will end up with soggy or old ones? That is why Hunan express always serves food that is fresh and you will not feel that it was reheated or it is old. You can try the Chicken pad Thai, Kim Chi Fried Rice and the Orange Chicken which has a reputation for being toothsome and luscious. Perhaps what is so great about the dishes is that the price you pay is reasonable and the quality is high. If you look at the orange chicken, its color and glaze takes you another dimension. You will get blinded by the beauty of these dishes and it is because of their ingredients and the effort they put before it reaches your table.

You can ask some of the folks who dine there, they will recommend these dishes to you. They go the extra mile to make the customers happy. If you are sick, the Chicken Ginger soup can be nice and the doctors will recommend that to you as well. The heat from the soup will wave your fever good-bye. Lastly, there is another reason that is yet to reveal to why Hunan express will be able to target your pleasure receptors. The portions are huge. The people who come here to eat, particularly the college students are always happy. Who does not like huge quantities of food when you need to stay up late and study for exams? Hunan Express is convenient, reasonable and superb.