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Since it is present in multiple locations, you will find the addresses along with the phone numbers below so that you can contact them straight away. Let us explore what lies in Royal Pizza.

Royal Pizza

Royal Pizza

When I first went there, rather than rolling with the prior pizzeria’s concept, the Royal Pizza sought to bring the artisan pizza they were accustomed to in creating. It was an offspring in 1969 with an emphasis on beautiful and tasty pizza with fresh and original toppings.

The owners have worked in the eatery industry and endeavor for ownership was not a challenge. That is also not so easy to say as you know that how much you are familiar with something, it is still difficult to start a business. There were bumps, hurdles and ups and downs on the way to success.

The owner has controlled prices where possible, capitalized in marketing and continuously worked to grow the business. For your convenience, you can get in multiple locations and they also deliver at your doorstep.

During 1969, Royal Pizza started its journey from Edmonton’s Old Strathcona area. After that, they have turned to a local icon. Their pizza, steak, pasta, ribs and hamburger menu equipped with substantial portions of high-quality ingredients, has indisputably endured the taste of time. The secret lies in their unbelievable, rich, tasty sauce with their premium distinct cheese blend. That is the reason, people come back and there are many regulars who does not go elsewhere when they need pizza or steak.

In 1995, Mike and Cynthia bought the eatery and it became even more successful. A tradition and formula that was so significant to the original owners, that Mike and Cynthia in fact had to prove they were talented enough to carry it on before the last owners sold it to them.

With gratitude, they excelled the test. They bought the restaurant, and has dutifully trailed that tradition and formula ever since, to the logical line of emerging a number of successful franchise actions. If the new owners were not suitable, Royal Pizza would have been gone by now.

The owners’ promise to an optimistic work environment is a vital component to the logistics of managing the whole crew. They believe the staffs are the main part of the eatery that keeps it running. The owners try to generate a work environment that is not pressuring them to work all the time — but they still complete the task. The place is filled with dedicated staff who can manage with the high-paced pizzeria environment. The Royal Pizza name is the purchaser’s assurance of outstanding value and consistent quality contributing to franchisee’s achievement.

I took the small plain pizza which turned out to be delicious. Normally, you are not supposed to expect anything from it since it does not have mushroom, ham, salami, pepperoni or anything at all. I took it to find out how they manage to make this pizza interesting. It was $12.25 which I thought was expensive for such a small pizza. Rather than this, take the 12 inches’ ones from Pepperoni and Mushroom, Salami and Mushroom or just Salami. They all cost $13.75 yet you get delicious toppings and the size is huge.

The pizzaiolos incorporate their individual style into the pizza. Doughs are made fresh in small batches, which assists with the moisture during the balling and mixing process. A huge amount of mozzarella is put. The outcome is always a consistent baked pizza. The house sauce makes it much better.

I also ordered the chicken wings for starters which was $10.95. You can get with any kind of sauce or dressing you like such as hot, salt and pepper, teriyaki, BBQ, honey garlic or hot and sweet Thai chili sauce served with a side of blue cheese or ranch dressing. As you can see that it is going to taste delicious and when you choose what your sauce, it gets better. I went with honey garlic, as they are two of my favorite products: honey and garlic!

It is difficult to find something under $10 in this menu, but you can go with garlic toast ($1.75) or cheese toast ($2.75). There are a lot of choices for pasta such as Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna and Meat ball and Shrimp Lasagna. Spaghetti and meat balls are always something I would love to have anytime of the day but did not have it at Royal Pizza. First of all, it is $15.70 which I found to be pricey and comes with only three meatballs. At this price, I prefer at least five meatballs. For entrees, there are again many choices. You can get the Royal Donair($11.95) which comes with donair meat with tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce wrapped in pita bread.

If you are a vegetarian, there is the vegetarian calzone costing $13.35. It is dressed in mozzarella cheese with green pepper and mushroom. I wish they put more vegetables. Does green pepper and mushroom make it a vegetarian calzone? They could have included broccoli to make it healthy.

The pies at Royal Pizza are fine, but not great, and it is the dough that does the work of holding them together. The pizzaiolos ensure that they grow the correct kind of inner chew and puffy edge that is the hallmark of a stellar pizza. The crust has an agreeable smokiness communicated by the ovens they use. You will love this place because of the taste but it is not the place where you can expect to get pizzas at $1 or something like that. That kind of pizzerias are common in California and in many other places but Royal Pizza is not that one. Before you walk in, at least bring $15 with you.


10433 80 Avenue



290 Saddleback Road



10243 Jasper Ave



2609 66 Street NW



9977 178 Street



6120 90 Avenue



16721 127 Street



1214 101 Street SW



590 Baseline Road



7712 Sparrow Drive


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