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PIZZA CHEF: 564 W 235th St, Bronx NY, 1046; Tel: 718-796-4500;

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Despite their reputation for Yankee stadium, botanical garden and strip malls in Bronx, they have accomplished to harvest a handful of culinary charms. Beautiful dining destinations such as Trattoria Zero Otto Nove and Antonio’s Trattoria Goosefoot make thmselves home for tourists and residents. Pizza Chef was born in a humble street sandwiched between Optometrist Dr. Arthur Mirwis and State Farm. Pizzas can never disappoint you, even if you are someone who never cooked before and just put some toppings on a ready-made pizza bread and bake. You can try new places with courage and valor because as long as it is called a pizza it is going to be tasty. It is not seafood that you will swallow some sour parts of the eel or salmon.



The pizzaiolos here come with a lot of experience. If you order their pizza, you will be able to tell that they have the right training and skills. Prior to working in Pizza Chef, they worked in other places that makes them professionals they are today.  The group is always tossing and stretching the dough, heatedly topping pizzas with wonderful ingredients, heating the oven and waiting for the blistering inferno. Though they work agitatedly, they are as pleased as children at Disney World. Many customers behave rudely with them yet they manage. That is something rare because in most places, the waiters or the cashier or other staffs have a record of behaving impolitely with the customers. Here, you will see that if someone is behaving badly with them, they somehow manage to smile and get through it.

As mentioned above, their service is responsive and friendly. Since I was a foreigner to that place, they helped order the items by helping me go through the menu. They did not know whether I could speak English or not.

The crust of their pizzas features a sustaining chew and a good bit of sizzle. The sides of the crust were a bit too thin which I liked, but I adored the general airiness of the dough. They used top-secret techniques to make the pizza according to the choice of their customer. If you are going for something thick, take the lasagna pizza. Most people coming here order that. Since they also have home delivery, they order this.

Who does not like lasagna? I do not think that there is anybody in the world who would dislike it. Even people who have problem digesting cheese, would love this. They have the lasagna pizza where the pie is thick. You would love the fact that they put buckets of meat and cheese just for you. The sauce they put on their pizzas can be zesty, sweet, and peppery. While the sauce was effective, its zest overwhelms the savors of the toppings and cheese. However, the sauce, especially at innermost edge of the pie, was hostilely thick. The price is only $20 for such goodness.

An uncommon item to order in a pizzeria would be a Shrimp Parmigiana. First of all, it is not a place for seafood or fish. Secondly, most people even overlook that there is such an item on the menu. They are also busy searching for meat items. You can order it which is $9.50 because it tastes so good. Those who had this are grateful that they got to eat something so good. You can also get the Chicken Parmigiana Hero which is $8.50 or the eggplant one which is $8. You can also have the home baked lasagna at only $9. For vegetarians, there is the Vegetable Pizza ($19) and for those who are health conscious can have the Salad Pizza ($16). If you are a chicken lover like me, there are an abundance of choices just for you. There are: BBQ Chicken Pizza ($20.00), Buffalo Chicken Pizza ($20.00), Chicken Pizzaiola ($14.50) and so on. The marina sauce is so sweet and peppery at the same time, you do not know whether to cry for the heat or just taste the sweetness.

If you have under $5 and craving for both burger and pizza, that can be sad. I find it funny that why most restaurants do not come up with a technique to create a combo at a low price. If that is what you wish, Pizza Chef has that and at only $4.5. If you cannot come out of your home, you can always get delivery. They take 30 to 45 minutes and the food is always fresh. The ones delivering are also polite and well-mannered. The minimum order is $10 and the delivery is free. There are so many advantages to that that I do not know where to start. The main one is that you are saving money on gas. The other one is that you have enough food for yourself or others. If you are getting pizzas, it is something you can share or have yourself alone. You can store in the refrigerator which means there is no cooking for your next meal.

People who work in the area go there because Pizza Chef can be a perfect place when you are on the run. You can also pre-order over the phone and come pick your food. You can also get delivery in your office or workplace. If you think that you are going to be spending time with your friends over there, that can be nice too. They sometimes take longer time than usual to prepare the food so if you think you are ready to spend some with your friends, you can go there for dine in without any pre-ordering. For beef lovers, there is not much options. You can have the Meat Explosion Pizza with ground beef or chicken with ham and pepperoni. Another clever thing to do would be add $3 to get a larger pizza.

You can avail offers when you order more than $10. For orders over $20, there is free garlic bread. The regulars love the Pizza Chef because of their customer service, price and high-quality ingredients.

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