How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner


How to apply eyeliner? Eyeliner is that part of the cosmetics that is used to border the eyelids. They enhance your look and make you look more pretty. If you are not using an eye liner, you should add it to your daily makeup routine right away. They do not take much time to apply but they leave a trace that lasts a long time. It is mostly black in color and exists in multiple forms: powder, pencil or gel. If you are looking for an eye liner to last a long time, go with the gel one. The powder and the pencil are going to smudge. Here how to how apply eyeliner.

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Step 1: Pick out one from the cosmetics store that suits you needs. Go with a gel one as it is easy to apply, dries quickly and the design will last the whole day. Since, you are a beginner do not just purchase the gel one. To help you as a guide, you can get the pencil one. You can first draw on the eyelids with the pencil eye liner and once you are done, apply the gel one. Someone applying gel eyeliner for the first time should use an outline as a guide because the mark you make will last the whole day. Since, it is not a pencil, you cannot rub it off.

How to apply eyeliner
How to apply eyeliner

Step 2: It is time to select what type of pattern and style you want. You can go with the color of your outfit, or the occasion you are going or just go with anything you want. There are many things you can do like simplicity, bold, drama or smooth. For example, the drama look for the eyes is when you apply the eyeliner in a smooth way and when you come at the end of the eyelid you elongate it by extending it. The look bold is similar to it except for the difference is that you do not extend it above the eyelid. Another one is fishtail where you elongate it both directions, up and down which looks similar to a fish tail.

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Step 3: Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and start applying. Be slow and steady, it is not something you rush like lipstick. It is something you do with patience. Try not to talk while you do it or even sneeze. The first stroke should be the one starting from the middle or center of the eyelid. Make sure your eye is completely dry. Start from the middle to the end and then come to the lateral canthus (external bend of the eye where the higher and lower eyelids encounter) Many people make the mistake of starting from that corner.

Step 4: Once you are done with the eyeliner, you can use the pencil one to cover the inside visible lining of the eyes. Note that you cannot insert the gel or liquid eyeliner inside the eye. They are for external use only.

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