How long is the great wall of china?


How long is the great wall of china? China is a great country with a beautiful history and authentic places. Did you know that the ice-cream we all love came from the Chinese people in the 2000 BC? Over 25 million people still have their homes in caves and all over the world there are 5 out of 1 people that is Chinese. China is a huge place but has a single time zone, previously it had six. They even discovered the tea around 2737 BC when a tea leaf dropped into the boiling water of the Chinese emperor Shennong. They have a lot of interesting aspects about their country from the history to the present such as the scales and whiskers of the carp make it look similar to a dragon which is the highest symbol of power.  Here we will talk about the great wall of China.

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The Great Wall of China can be seen from space and is one of the world’s wonders. It has many stories of why it was made and hides many secrets. It ranges through the sub-continental expanse of Northern part of China and extended after that. Tourists visit China to see this beauty. Its story begins when the Han Dynasty wanted to start trading with the West so they controlled the east. The Emperor Qin Shi Huang started the construction of the north walls and the Great Wall is not just a single wall. It is made up of many walls together. He ordered for the building of it to protect from enemies. Many walls connect to each other and make these up and it is approximately three thousand one hundred miles. It took more than 10 years to build. Previously, it was considered to be more than three thousand miles long and now it is considered as more than thirteen thousand miles long. There were other measurements such as more than eight thousand kilometers.

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How long is the great wall of china

During the Ming Dynasty only eight percent was built. The wall needs to be taken care because it is in danger from tourism, mining and pollution. Although people call it the “five thousand kilometer wall” meaning it is three thousand one hundred miles long. Some parts of the wall have been damaged or decayed so it is hard to find the precise number. The official length is exactly twenty-one thousand one hundred and ninety-six kilometers which is equal to thirteen thousand and one hundred seventy miles. The official value was deduced after measuring it technically and in the right system. People still believe there are errors since some parts, the walls are overlapping or some part has been damaged but still it was a part of the Great Wall. There were different dynasties with varied measurements such as the Warring Dynasty said it is five thousand kilometers and the Ming Dynasty said it was four thousand and five hundred kilometers. The parts of the Great Wall of China that people are visiting are actually the ones built during the 1368 to 1644, meaning Ming Dynasty.

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