How to ask a girl out?

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How to ask a girl out? You like a girl and you do not know how to ask her to be your girlfriend. That can be a complicated case. You need to be sure whether she likes you or not to avoid disappointment. First of all, try to find out if she likes you more than a friend. You may say that she likes you that is why she talks to you. That cannot be the case. A girl can like a guy like her brother or just a friend. If you ask her out, that will ruin the friendship you both have. People have found out a lot of ways to propose. Either you can just tell her you feel or go with something special. Different girls like different methods. Some may like the straightforward way of simple asking out. Others may want to be treated like a queen while she is being proposed. The best way to find out is by asking her. Since you both talk as just friends, ask her in the middle of the conversation that how a girl should be proposed. Make sure she is single or else it will never work. You will be coming in between another relationship. If you think you do not have the guts to ask her, ask a friend of hers how your crush would like to be proposed. If the friend of your crush does not know, tell her to ask her but not to mention your name.

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Method 1: You can make the proposal public. Write down “WILL YOU BE MINE” in four different boards. Place them on the road that you will pass by. If you are thinking of something bigger, you can always use a billboard for this case.

Method 2: Find a carrier pigeon owner. This pigeon has been known to send messages since a long time. They are experts and they never make the mistake of sending the letter to a wrong person. Their target is always correct. Even postman makes mistakes but the birds do not. The hard part is finding an owner of this type of pigeon. Write down your message and send it to her. Be close to her to see her reaction.

Method 3: This method is going to work well with girls who loves pizza. Most girls love pizza so this is delicious way to win her heart. Get an extra-large pizza for her and go to her home. Write the question inside the box.

Method 4: This method is if she likes books. Most girls are readers and if she is one you can try this. Underline the line in the book with any of these lines: “WILL YOU BE MINE” or “WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND” and attach a small note with options. Make sure no option gives her a chance to say no. You can make option A to be yes, B to be A and C to yes.

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