How to be a good kisser

How to be a good kisser

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How to be a good kisser? Being a good kisser is an important thing in every relationship. The spouses should kiss each other each morning and night so that they know that they love each other and they make the struggle of life worth it. Kissing is the way to express love for your spouse. To be a good kisser, is not all about practice. It can be that someone is one from their very first kiss. There are few basic things one needs to take care of in order to be a good kisser.

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Step 1: Stay clean. The first step is to always keep your mouth clean. You must brush at least twice a day and use a good mouthwash. If you are a woman, use a lip gloss that your partner likes. Some men may prefer plain lips while others may like vanilla, strawberry or etc. You can get lip gloss like these at cosmetics store. Rinse your mouth often and avoid foods that may cause bad breath. You can also floss so that they do not see something stuck in your teeth when it is time to kiss. It is also not about the hygiene of the mouth. You must shower every day and smell great. You cannot expect to be dirty and have a clean mouth.

How to be a good kisser
How to be a good kisser

Step 2: Wait for the right time

It is all about the environment. If your partner is not the shy type and is alright with kissing you in public, then you can do that. Some women may prefer to get kissed when they are alone at home. Some men may also be shy or likes privacy. It all depends. Some couples may still a small kiss in the park, restaurant etc. You can always them what they like. Know what your partner prefers and make the best use of that moment.

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Step 3: Ask your partner

You can ask them if they like lips and tongue or just lips. Some men and women may even prefer to have tongue. Start gently and make sure that both of you are in a comfortable state. It is also surprising that some prefer to get bitten with the teeth. Make sure you are clear about the ways your partner likes to get kissed. Wet your lips to make sure there is no dryness. If the partner does not want any lip gloss, use chap stick as they come with no flavor but will make the lips wet and soft. There should be mood to kiss for the both of you. If the other one is busy or not in the mood, it is best to avoid the kiss. Close your eyes while you do and make sure that you are confident.


• You should be confident because there in nothing to worry. You know that your partner loves and that is the reason you are together. Do not get scared as it will ruin the moment.

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