How to do the splits

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How to do the splits? Nobody can master the splits in just one day or even in a week. You will require patience, time, flexibility and familiarity with the techniques. The techniques are the stretches that you have to practice till you get comfortable with them and you are ready to start practicing the splits. Here is how to do it.

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Step 1: Warm up before the stretches. The secret to know if you are really warming up the right way is to get some sweat out of your body. You can start by walking or jogging for several minutes. It helps if you have a treadmill at home or where you are practicing for the splits because you can warm up on that. You can even have a bike ride as a warm up. If you are unable to go out or you do not have a bicycle or a treadmill nearby you can always utilize a small room and your body. Stand in a position where your legs are more than 1 feet apart. Life your hand up and again bring them back down. Repeat this several times till you see sweat. You can purchase a jump rope and use that for two to three minutes.

How to do the splits

How to do the splits

Step 2: Master several types of stretches

When you are already warmed up, you have to do the following exercises for a few days or weeks to prepare your body for the splits. Start with separating your legs and this time more than the distance you used for warm up. Separate them as much as you can and then slowly bend and use the right hand to touch the left leg and vice versa. The second one involves lying down on the carpet and bring the leg that you are going to be keeping forward during the splits and lift the other foot. This means that the left foot is going to be on top of the right foot. Stay in that position and pull on to the other foot that is supporting the forward foot. The third one will really get you prepared and you do not want to ignore this one because it is the most helpful technique to make your legs ready. You will need a small stool for this. Keep your one leg on it and hold in that position for as long as you can. When you are unable to stay any longer in that position. Switch to the other leg. Lastly, go to the wall and lie down on the mat. Stick your butt to the wall and take your legs up and split them apart as much as you can.

Step 3: Reach the final stage

You should be ready by now. You will know you are ready when you can do the stretches mentioned above without much pain and you can try sitting on the floor in the position of doing splits. See if you can do them. You should be able to do it and if not continue practicing with the small stool and your legs to be ready to be apart.


• Create a routine and follow that every day that means have a particular time for practice.

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