How to kiss

How to kiss? Kissing has been the best way to show your partner how much you love them. There are many different types of kisses. Some men preferred to be kissed in a certain way and others prefer another way. Same goes for woman. If you are having trouble with the topic “kiss” you have come to the right place. You do not know where to start. You did not yet have your first kiss. It could be that you had your first kiss, but you are looking for ways to enhance your techniques. Here are ways to kiss a guy and a girl. A first kiss happens on the day of marriage in the church and etc.

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How to kiss a guy? In order to kiss a guy, you should know that there are two types of guys. One is the shy type and the other is outgoing. If your guy is shy, go slow. Shy guys are always the best because they do not rush things. Keep your mouth clean and your lips soft or else the guy will escape after the first kiss. Start by talking to him and break the wall between you both. Talk about kissing and romantic things to break the barrier. Stare at his lips and show him you want to kiss. Ask him how you look so that he will understand what you are attempting to do. Since he is shy, make sure you tell him that nobody is around.

How to kiss

It is different in case of an outgoing guy. You need to be a master of kissing techniques to not drive him away. Kiss on the cheek then move onto the lips. Do not do all the kissing. Give him at least 45 percent of the job. You can kiss as much as you want but give him time to kiss you. Be in a comfortable situation and make sure to move your head from side to side. Do not bite him because he may get angry. You can squeeze his lips with yours. Do not look at him while you kiss. He can get intimidated by that. Hold him gently with your hands. Do not just let your hands rest.

How to kiss a girl? In order to kiss a girl, you need to make the moment special. Try to have a clean breathe as much as possible. Use good toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean your teeth. Floss is optional. Be sure to take a bath before you see her. While you kiss do not get aggressive with your tongue. Girls do not like the concept of tongue. Do not let your hands go out of control. Girls like the romantic idea of kissing. They would hate it if you start touching inappropriately. Do not hold her too tight and make sure she is not getting hurt. Do not stick to sucking on a single lip. Before you kiss, you must swallow the saliva. Girls like surprises so you can surprise her with a kiss once in a while. Do not make a kiss last longer than few minutes. You can look at her while you kiss and tell she is beautiful.

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