How to be popular

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How to be popular? Popularity is something that cannot be bought with money. There are people who are more famous than others and everybody notices while others get unseen. The thing that everybody should remember is that nobody should try too hard to be noticed. It is something that takes time and happens automatically. There is no point in forcing it and people will start to like you if you are loveable. You should love yourself for who you are instead of trying too hard to change yourself. Here is how to be popular.

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Be confident

How to be popular

How to be popular

A person should learn to be confident by finding out his weakness and strengths. In this way, if a person can find out the weaknesses, they can turn it to their strength or get rid of them. It can happen that you are full of anxiety and that is a weakness. There are many ways to get rid of it by seeking help and counselling. Meditation, not having soda, going to bed early, waking up early and many other things can get rid of it. You should have faith in your capabilities. Not everybody are experts in all the things and everyone comes with the power to learn. You should believe that you can learn and you will be more confident and get rid of all sort of weakness. Do not be scared of anything and think that you will be able to know everything. There are many unknown things that you have no idea about and you should always be ready to embrace that.

Talk to everyone

You should know that conversation is important. If you are embarrassed or socially uncomfortable then that could be an issue. Do not expect to be perfect in what you are saying. Do not think that what you are saying will last forever. Make sure you are not hurting anyone’s feelings and you are good to go. Start talking to all the people and be nice to them. You will become confident automatically if you are talking to so many people. Say what comes in your mind and just be sure that is not something bad or strange. You can become talkative in a day, so practice talking to people and later this will become a habit. Be optimistic and positive thoughts will cross your mind. When you say out those lines, people will have a nice impression about you.

Dress nicely

You cannot expect to be popular when your fashion sense is a disaster. Try to be yourself and forget that you are trying to be famous. No matter what you wear, try to look comfortable and confident. Do not wear the same pair of jeans every day. Everybody has their choice. Someone can choose to be glamorous while others can pick classic or edgy. Make sure what you select makes you look like you are comfortable in it. Do not forget that fashion requires investigation and exploration, so you should not stop learning about it. Go to your closet and see which clothes are better for your style than others.

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