How to count cards

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How to count cards? While you are playing blackjack in a casino, card counting can give you the benefit to win against it. The gain you are having is completely legal and you can win over the casino. Some individuals find counting cards to be easy while some of them takes years to fully comprehend it. People who finds it unchallenging can win over thousands of casinos. Many people think that it is all about memorizing. It is not true because people who cannot memorize also masters at counting cards.

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Here is how you can count cards

How to count cards

How to count cards

Step 1: There is a specific value for each of the card. The most popular card counting system is that the cards of any colors with the numbers two to six, such as three of hearts will be a plus 1. From 7 to 9 it is a zero. The Ace till minus ten is a negative one.

Remember this,

2-6 = positive one

7-9 = zero

10-Ace= negative one

Step 2: Whenever there is a card in the shoe, count their values. For example, for a six of hearts, add plus one. For example, for this round you had an Ace and two of hearts. The result is zero since minus and plus one is equal to zero. Then, beside it you have the ten of hearts and the J card so you get minus since both are equal minus one. Beside that you have a card with the number 3 and 8. One of them is zero and the other one is a plus one. Therefore, you have one. When you count the cards, you will get zero.

Therefore, you have 0, + 1, + 1 and – 2.

Counting them, you will get zero. We know that plus two and minus two equals to zero.

Another example would be, you have an eight at the top, which means zero. Below it you have six cards. One of them is an Ace and the other is a two. You have zero. Beside that if you have a five and a J, you will end up with zero. If you have a 3 and an 8, you will be left with plus one. The running count here will be plus one

It is calculated in this way, 0, + 1, 0 and 0. The result is positive one.

Step 3: Practice the game Blackjack is you ant to become an expert at card counting. Study the rudimentary tactics. To begin with, one should know that they cannot become an expert unless they know how to deal with the blackjack techniques. It is important to win a few games before you get on to counting. It is like the next level. You have to complete the first level to get to the next one. To do this, you have to visit the casinos. You cannot practice at home because you need the environment for it.


• Some casinos do not allow counting and there is camera surveillance to check if anyone is doing it.

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