How to carve a turkey

How to carve a turkey


How to carve a turkey? Carving is all about making sure the turkey platter looks beautiful and the guests love it. After you learn how to roast a full turkey, it is very important you know how to carve it. Here is how you do it.

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Things you will need

How to carve a turkey
How to carve a turkey


Chopping board/Clean dry towel

Turkey platter

A pair of Scissors

Knives you need

Chef’s knife: It is originally designed to slice during food preparation for any meal and this is exactly what you are doing here so this is your number one knife.

Carving knife: As you can tell by the name that it is essential here since we are carving the turkey. It is smaller than a chef’s knife and has the ability to cut through turkey

Boning knife: It is used to get rid of the bones from chicken or any sort of poultry and it is smaller than the chef’s knife and the carving knife.

Here is what you do

Step 1: Start with your scissors by cutting the string. Before that make sure you have let the roasted turkey sit for at least twenty minutes. If you can wait for thirty minutes, that is even better. It will make the taste better. Keep the turkey on a chopping board and if it shaky and you have a chance of making mistakes, place it on a clean dry towel.

Step 2: The next thing you do is plunge your boning knife and expose the wishing bone by removing the skin. After slicing with the boning knife, get your hand into the pits of the turkey and get the coveted wishbone out which is also known as furcular. It is situated amid the turkey’s breast and neck and looks exactly like a V. Once you take it out, you will be able to see it.

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Step 3: It is time to slice the thigh joint using a carving knife. It lies between the thigh piece and the body of the turkey. The drumsticks or chicken legs are going to be attached while you are doing this. Do not put too much force, gently get the bone out. Get the thigh bone out of the thigh using the boning knife. Now that it is completely boneless, slice into cubes and place it on the platter. Repeat the same for the other thigh and leg.

Step 4: Now, use the chef’s knife to chop off the breast and make sure it is all in one piece. If you are not being careful, you will make the breast break into several pieces. Slice it into several pieces and serve them on the platter. Do the same for the other side as well.

Step 5: All you will be left with are the wings. Slice them off with the chef’s knife and serve them without any further cutting. If you want, you can expose the joint present in the wings an chop them from the middle.

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