How to sing better

How to sing better


How to sing better? You may want to sing better for an audition or at a party. No matter what the case is, you will want to develop your singing and improve your voice. Do not get scared or nervous. Just be patient and you will be alright. You will need to maintain your skills after you develop them.

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Step 1: Find what the genre. It can happen that you want to sing country songs but your voice is matching better with pop. Go with the genre that matches you not the one you want to sing. It is the same wearing the clothes that suits our body not the ones we want to wear. You will need songs from each genre. For example, pick a song from alternative, classical, r & N, blues and pop. Sing them and see which one suits you better. Record yourself singing and listen to which one sounds better. Also, get someone to listen to you so they can pick out a genre for you. If you think you sound great on classical and the other person says as well, that means it is the final decision. Practice singing without any music.

How to sing better
How to sing better

Step 2: Make some lifestyle changes

Singing will not get better automatically but you will need to make some changes to your daily life. Start with your behavior. Be nice to everyone because you do not want to live a miserable lifestyle. You do not want to get angry and scream because it will not be helpful for your voice. Also stress, regretting that you were rude to someone is also not good. You should control yourself in the first place. Secondly, alcohol is poison so get rid of it completely. After you stop it, you will realize that your voice is improving. The reason is because the inside of your body will recover for example digestion problems will go away. Thirdly, never smoke a cigarette. They are not only bad for lungs but also for the throat. They will cause sore throat. You will fail to sing with a sore throat.

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Step 3: Get a teacher

Learn the basics yourself and look for a mentor. You can look for music teachers in your area so that you do not have to go too far away for lessons. You can look for a teacher online or ask for recommendations. See if your relatives or friend knows someone. Practice singing everyday so that you can be confident in front of the mentor. If you cannot find a vocal coach that you can afford, look for online tutorials. Another way is to sing to karaoke. It will make your voice strong. While you sing, do not feel shy or scared.


• Get out of the comfort zone and sing in front of your family and friends.

• If you cannot decide which way to sing, pick out from an artist you like. For example, you want to sing like Britney Spears, listen to her over and over again and your singing will be somewhat similar to her.


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