How to give a hickey?

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How to give a hickey? Hickey is a sign of love and if you give it to someone that means you really love them. If you receive them, it means they love you. It happens when one of the partner is sucking bellicosely on the other one’s skin. It actually means that you are marking them as yours and they only belong to you. Every time that area will pain, they will think of you. Hence, it has another name known as love bite. There are some things you need to know.

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You need to ask the other person if they are okay with it because some may like and some do not. You do not want to ruin the romantic moment with a fight over hickey. Many people say no when you ask for permission and do not get shocked. The reason for denying is because others will see that they had a romantic moment recently. Some people make the mistake of giving the hickey as a surprise.

How to give a hickey

Here is how to give a hickey

Step 1: Understand properly what a hickey is. Ask yourself should you give it to the person? Make sure the other person is informed and there will be no shock. Ask yourself that are you that close that you can give it to him or her. You cannot just give it to someone you are shy with. You need to be free with that person.

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Step 2: Start with a kiss. A hickey without a kiss is like a pizza without any toppings. Or you can consider it like a base. The kiss is going to form the foundation for you to move on to hickey. The mood will be great for the both of you is you initiate with a kiss.

Step 3: After you are done with the kiss, decide on the part where you want to make the mark. This mark is more popular on necks but you can go with cheeks, arms or lips. You can even decide before seeing them where you want to give it. Start by kissing gently on the selected spot. If you have chosen neck, kiss slowly on the neck before you make the mark.

Step 4: make sure there is moisture over there. Utilize your tongue to wet the area and suck on that part of the skin for 30 seconds or more. Let the hickey appear. It is time to check if it worked. If there is no mark, repeat the process again. Some people’s skin does not show any color after the first hickey. Repeating several times will expose the mark and the color.

Step 5: Make sure you and your partner are not in a place full of crowd. You need to be alone with each other and make the place romantic. Light up candles that gives out aroma. You need to know why you are giving the hickey because it usually happens to people who want to show to the whole world that he or she is their partner.

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