How to give good head

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How to give good head? Giving a good head or a blowjob is important in any relationship because that makes the love grow deeper. A spouse already loves his partner but sometimes the relationship stops working and this when giving a good head will help. It is obvious that a man always likes to get one and expects that his wife will give him. Still if you have any doubts you can talk about oral sex with each other. Since, you share everything with each other, this should not be such a difficult thing to talk about. The secret to a perfect sex is that both of you should be clean and have a good hygiene. If that is maintained, everything will be alright. Here is how to give a good head.

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Step 1: Take slowly

How to give good head

How to give good head

Do not grab your husband’s penis and insert it right away. Go slow so that it will give him enough time to enjoy. If he is pressuring you, tell him that if he chokes you, the blowjob will not last long. If he is clean then going slow should not be a problem for you. Ask him to clean his penis properly and go slow on him. Do not go fast and slowly take in few centimeters till you reach the bottom.

Step 2: Use hands and fingers

Just because it is about giving a good head, do not ignore your fingers and hand. You can either massage it or play with it. You can roll your fingers over the penis but make sure he does not get hurt. Do not waste too much time touching it because that may bother your husband. Go over it for a little while then start to giving the blowjob.

Step 3: Cover with lips

What you can do it, use your lips to lock the penis in your mouth so that no air is passing. It will make him feel good for a while. Do not do this for a long time and continue on the blowjob. Do not go all the way to the bottom so fast. Grab it with your hand tightly and try to go smooth on it. Relax yourself, you do not want to be uncomfortable yourself. Be in a positon where you can give the blowjob without any pain. You need to be able to give the good head with ease.

Step 4: Lick it gently

You can imagine it to be an ice-cream and lick it slowly. You can go from top to bottom to lick it all over and if you are not liking it, you can skip it and simply just suck it. You can start to give the good head with a lick or do the licking part at the end of the blowjob.

Step 5: Act like a pro

If you are acting like you know everything about it, the situation will get better. Do not pretend like you do not know much about it or even if you lack knowledge about it. Make sure you are being an expert or at least being confident about what you are doing.

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