How to get rid of poison ivy

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How to get rid of poison ivy? If you have mistakenly came in contact with a poison ivy, you need to treat it immediately. As the name refers, it is dangerous although not as toxic as a snake’s venom. It contains a chemical named urushiol that most people are allergic to. There are three ways you can come in contact with the chemical. The easy way to get them is by simply touching poison ivy with bare hands or bare foot. Subsidiary contact can happen when they are passed through things. For example, you left a clothing beside a poison ivy and you wear that jacket you will get infected. Even your pet can carry it or garden equipment. If a poison ivy plant is on fire, the air around it will cause allergies on the skin.

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Here is what you will need:

How to get rid of poison ivy

How to get rid of poison ivy

· Baking soda

· Water

· Bowl

· Spoon

· Apple cider vinegar

· Cotton pads

· Corticosteroid cream

You can make a paste of baking soda that contains equal parts of water and baking soda. Use a spoon to apply over the rashes and leave them till it dries off. Once it is dry, wash with cold water. Apply apple cider vinegar over it with cotton pads and let it sit there. You can get the corticosteroid cream from a nearby pharmacy. Purchase that apply for a few days till the rashes go away.

How to get rid of poison ivy fast

For fast relief, wash that part of the skin that came in contact with the poison ivy. Get rid of the clothes that came in contact with the plant. For example, if you were wearing a jacket over your shirt, get rid of it at that moment.  Being on time here is important and washing the hurt part with plentiful quantities of water within two hours or earlier. It is better the soon you get that part under water. If you are in a jungle and no that the route to your hotel or home can take hours, use water from a nearby lake or stream. Do not get fully wet into the water by jumping into the lake or stream because that will make the allergy spread all over the body. If the sunlight has heated up the water, do not use that. Try to use cold water. The lake is supposed to have a low temperature because all the trees make a shade over it. Pour some rubbing alcohol and wash your hands with soap. Apply ice on your rashes.

If you are out in the forest look for jewel weed. It is the treatment for poison ivy from nature. It may grow near the lake and contains yellow flowers. Get the paste out of the flower and apply it over the rash and keep it till it dries off.


• Some people still get the rashes again even after they clear it out completely. If that happens then apply black tea in that area.

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