How to make a diaper cake

How to make a diaper cake


How to make a diaper cake? Are you looking for a gift that will make others amazed and your gift stand out from others? People go with a lot of gifts like dress, toys, shoes and baby bottles. Sometimes, the mum looks for gifts that she can use it. That is when the diapers come along. It will be weird to show up with a pack of diapers to the party but it will make an excellent gift. Therefore, make it into a cake with the following steps and you will be able to spend less on the gift and make it look expensive. You can make this for both boys and girls and the fun part is you can customize it using any party accessories you like.  Diapers are great for baby showers or babies first birthday. Here is how you make them:

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What you will need:

How to make a diaper cake
How to make a diaper cake

· Elastic bands

· Cake base

· Diapers

· Hot glue gun

· Thick ribbons

· Thin ribbons

· Scissors

· Toys

· Fluffy Festoons

Step 1: Start with the base of the cake. You can get a circular paper plate that is used to keep actual cakes and roll out diapers. The trick is to make sure the uneven part in inside facing the core of the cake and continue rolling each diaper and secure with an elastic band. You are going to need a lot of elastic bands but you are going to remove them once you have made the base and the first level or the base of the cake. In order to secure the base, tie it with a ribbon of your choice and color.

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Step 2: Cut it out and tie it in a knot. It is time to add the second layer and in the same way. Keep in mind that it will be smaller than the base because it will be standing on the base. You can put the diapers in the same way and remove the elastic bands once they are settled. Use a ribbon to secure them. You have to use bigger ribbon to look like it is covering the cake and use fluffy festooning to look like frosting. You will find them in stores that supply party goods.

Step 3: While you are using ribbons, make sure you are aware of the gender of the upcoming baby. That means going with blue, brown or white for a boy and pink, red and white ribbons for girls. There will be thin ribbons to secure them and tie a knot. Cover it up with the thick ribbon that you will secure with a hot glue gun to be in place. Finally, top it off with an appropriate toy. For a boy, go with trains, stuffed animals, dinosaur or an action figure and for a girl, you can go with flowers or any beautiful toy.


• Diaper cakes can also be a square cake if you start with a square base.

• Do not rush and make a mess, this is a beautiful thing that will take some time to look picture-perfect.

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