How to make chocolate covered strawberries

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Vegetables cannot be the only thing that makes up a healthy diet. The doctors and the researches recommends that you take in at least a cup of fruit on a daily basis. Just because they are strawberries covered in chocolate do not underestimate them thinking it just a tasty snack. It is a delicious thing to eat and the nutrients in the strawberry and the chocolate is what you need. Do not have them on a daily basis though. You can have them on a Sunday and on Monday have bananas, on Tuesday have oranges and so on. The strawberries are a good source of Vitamin-C and each serving should have three strawberries dipped in chocolate and that should make about 43% of the daily intake of Vitamin C. There are many reasons why your body requires this Vitamin. First of all, it repairs all the tissues in every part of our body and produce collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes skin, tendons, blood vessels so therefore you can understand that it is used to heal cuts. You need it to take care of your teeth, gums and bones. You may get bleeding gums, flaking skin, bleeding nose, pain the bones and joints and scurvy if you avoid Vitamin C. The fact is that it cannot be stored in the body so you need it every day. Since you cannot have the strawberries dipped in chocolate every day, you can simply have the berries.

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Chocolate covered strawberries

How to make chocolate covered strawberries

They are a delicious thing to devour upon and children, adults and everyone else loves it. Here is how you make them. Here is what you will need:

· 11 large strawberries with stems

· 11 ounces’ bar of chocolate

· 5 ounces melted white chocolate

· Cookie sheet

· Wax paper

· Toothpicks

· Wooden spoon

· Micro-wave safe dish

· Sprinkles

· fork

· Coconut flakes (optional)

Here is what to do:

Step 1: Do not take the stems off. Take them in a bowl and wash them thoroughly with tap water. Clean them few hours before making the recipe because they need to be dry.

Step 2: You need to place a cookie sheet using wax paper and melt the chocolate bar in a micro-wave safe dish. Use the whole chocolate bar. Utilize the defrost setting on the microwave oven to melt the bar of chocolate. Before you put it in the bowl, break it into small pieces.

Step 3: Stir the melted chocolate with the wooden spoon. Insert toothpick through the green part of the strawberry. Dip it in the chocolate. Insert them into the coconut flakes and serve. Drizzle them in melted white chocolate and store them in the refrigerator.


· You need to make sure that the strawberries are fresh. Do not buy strawberries that has brown spots or yellow.

· They can be a great treat for valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversary etc. if you are making for someone else, be sure you decorate it beautifully with sprinkles.

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