How many carbs in a banana

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How many carbs in a banana? There are 27g of carbs in a banana.

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Bananas have a lot benefits. Many people mistake it for being a fruit full of calories and carbohydrates. Many people do not notice that there are many calories and carbohydrates in other fruits as well. Avocados or alligator pears have 160 calories per 100 gram and coconut milk has 230 calories per 100 gram. Fruits like grapes and pears have many carbs as well. There are people skipping their daily banana in order to lose weight. There are many diets where they say to not have any banana. If you do not have a banana, you will face health issues later on. There are gym instructors advising people to avoid bananas. You should have a banana before you start exercising. They have the right amount of carbs your muscle will need while you exercise. If you have a banana before you start to exercise, you will feel great. You will get the energy to work out more. Without the banana, your ability and muscle’s capacity workout decreases by 25%. You will feel tired quickly and get thirsty.

How many carbs in a banana

Why do you need potassium? Many people do not get the right amount of potassium needed in their diet. They are aware of other nutrients but they overlook the need of potassium. Adults and young adults need at least 4800 mg every day. Children above 1 to 3 years need 3100 mg and older children needs 4000 mg. Children from 9 to 13 need 5000 mg of potassium on a daily basis. Potassium helps the body have a perfect blood pressure. Potassium gets rid of the excess sodium from the kidneys. The cells in the human body can have their fluid level in control. It does not only balance fluid level, it also controls the pH levels and acidity. If you have enough potassium in the body you do not need to worry about having calcium and phosphorus. A person having a banana has no chances of having kidney stones. Your muscle will feel strong and you will never face muscle cramps. Your heart will beat regularly and there will be no heart burns.


Carbs in a banana explained

Carbs in a banana explained

Bananas come in many shapes and sizes. An extra-large banana has more than 35 carbs. A banana which is more than 8 inches long has 31 carbs. A medium banana has 27 carbs. A small banana of six inches has 23 carbs. An extra small banana or a banana smaller than 6 inches has 17 carbs. On ounce of banana has 6.5 carbs. A cup of smashed bananas have 51 carbs and a cup of sliced bananas have 33 carbs.  28 g of banana has 6.5 carbs.

A banana baked has 38 carbs. A red banana has 21 carbs. A fried banana has 22 carbs. A banana fritter has 11 carbs. A banana covered with chocolate and nuts has 37 carbs. Banana chips of 2 ounce have 28 carbs. A slice of banana bread has 33 carbs.

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    Pawan Kumar January 5, 2017 at 7:14 am

    Bananas are good for health and contain essential nutrients. Why we eat specially in South India after night dinner before going to bed. Every inch of banana tree worth. We eat our foods in plantain leaves daily.

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