How to tell if a guy likes you

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How to tell if a guy likes you? Are you confused whether a guy likes you or not? Not everybody is easy to understand. All guys are not the same. Some are easy to understand and some even come up and ask whether you would marry them. There are different types of guys. We will talk about them here. The guy you are thinking of may fall into one of these groups: Shy; Confident; Your friend.

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How to tell if a girl likes you

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Here is how you can tell if a shy guy likes you. A shy guy will look at you when you are not looking. He will be scared to talk to you. He will look his best when he is in front of you. He will constantly look for ways to talk to you. Even when you get to talk to him, he will fail to look at your eyes. Girls like this type of guys because they think the guy is respecting them. It is not nice to stare at someone’s eyes when talking.  Since he is shy, he will have a hard time to look at your directly in the eyes. He will be very nice to you and give you all the attention.

How to tell if a guy likes you

Here is how you can tell if a confident guy likes you. A confident guy will ask you if you have a boyfriend. This is the most basic way to understand if someone likes you. They will be dressed nicely in front of you. They will try to look great in front of you. Since he is not shy, he will talk a lot with you. He is going to try to keep the conversation going by talking about everyday things. He will invite you to places he visits. This is how he can see you more often and get to be close to you.

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Here is how to tell if your friend likes you. Since he is your friend, he will be free to talk to you about anything. He will be looking at you. He will be getting you anything you want. He will talk you for hours over the phone since he likes you. His behavior is going to be too nice, compared to any other people. He can become weird sometimes like he may say something funny all of a sudden that does not have any meaning. As he is a friend, he already has your phone number. He will call you to talk. He will try to support you mentally and emotionally. Girls always like someone who is a good listener and who gives them undivided attention.

The easy way to find out no matter what type of guy he is, is by looking at him. Does he behave manly in front of you? Is he using his sense of humor too much when talking to you?  A guy that likes you would love to make you smile and laugh. See if he treating you special or is he the same with other girls as well.

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