How to use a tampon

How to use a tampon

How to use a tampon? Inserting the tampon.

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How to insert a tampon

How to put in a tampon

Step 1: There are many tampons out there in the markets but pick one that has a plastic applicator. Gather your money and buy one that you like. Check the market and see what others are using. You can ask your female best friend what they use and which brand do they like. Just like there are multiple manufacturers selling sanitary napkins and pads, the same goes for tampons. It also depends on the level of blood flow.

How to use a tampon

How to use a tampon

Step 2: It can be the difficult step for the ones using it for the first time and those who have never touched their vagina. They need to locate their vagina correctly and insert the tampon there. It is below the hole from which the person urinates. For people who are having the period for the first time, their hole would be smaller in size compared to others. Do this inside the bathroom and it will take some time so be patient and do not give up.

Step 3: Do not put too much pressure or insert in the wrong place because it will hurt. You need to be gentle and slow on it. Sit on the toilet or just separate your legs. It is normal to get afraid and if that happens you can come back later to it after half an hour. If you can find the exact position of your vagina, insert it gently by twisting it slightly.

Disposing the tampon

Step 1: Do not ever make the mistake of flushing tampons. You cannot flush tampons and pads. They should be disposed properly by being wrapped in toilet paper. Be gentle on yourself and do not panic if the tampon does not come out. You will only hurt your vaginal muscles by being stressed about it and pulling it the wrong way.

Step 2: Although, you will not have any problem urinating while you are wearing, you must take it off before swimming or having sexual intercourse or else it will hurt. It is simply a piece of cotton that will be inside you so do not be scared. It will get bigger in size when it is soaking blood. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is stuck inside you. You should be fast but not hurt yourself. Make sure the string does not get torn and pull it out when you are done. If you are being too slow, it will hurt your vagina.

Step 3: In order to be comfortable, you can try walking or running less than usual and take rest as much as possible. If there is more blood outside the tampon, clean with tissue paper or toilet tissues. Do not wear a tampon for a long time. It depends on your flow and the highest time to wear one is six hours. In case you break the string, you may have to go to a doctor to get help.

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