How to Write a Song


You might want to write a song but you are facing trouble. You do not understand how to write the lyrics. Many people have faced trouble writing songs as it requires some knowledge and skills. You also need to have the ability to be creative and can form new ideas.

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How to Write a Song

There are 2 ways to write a song

•    Write the lyrics and finding the music later on

•    Writing the lyrics by matching it with the music

How to Write a Song

The advantage of the first method is that you can write lyrics from anytime and anywhere. You always have your mobile phone with you so whenever you think of something you can write it down and complete it later on. The problem with this is that you can have a hard time to find music for this.

The advantage of the second method is you will have your music ready all you need is some lines to fit them. The disadvantages are that this is a very hard way and even experts cannot use this way. Plus, you need to listen to the music many times to understand what to write.


Here is how to write a song:

Step1: Think of a line. Sometimes thinking of a single line can get you a complete song. You need to think of what the song is going to be about, a sad song, happy song or a love song. No matter what the type is thinking of s single line can later help you write down the full lyrics. Focus on the theme of the song. From that one line, you have to try to make more lines.

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Step2: If you are completely lost, you start writing a poem. Writing poems or rhymes can be easy for you. Make a melodious or tuneful poem which can later be converted into songs. Do not write a disturbing poem. If you do not have ideas about poems you can few of them before starting to write one. If you do not find anything to write on your poem you can always think of you are feeling and write those down.

Step3: You need to think of the melody or the tune and come up with the chorus. The chorus is the most important part of the song. You need to think of several choruses and then pick out one for your song. A great song always has an amazing chorus. Think of a chorus that is appealing.

Step4: After you wrote what was in your head use your phone to record the song. Do not worry how you sound because the app is not an official song recorder. You can ask others to hear your song. You can sing for them in person and ask about what improvements you can make.

Step5: Take your time and try something new. Do not think of writing a song in just one day. Take few days or even weeks. Do not copy anything from another song or have meaningless lyrics. Make sure your lyrics make sense and do not just write useless lines for the sake of rhyming. You can take help from someone who wrote lyrics before.

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