Hunan express

Hunan express: aims at your pleasure receptors

Situated on the 5502 Everhart Rd, Corpus Christi, TX stands the restaurant serving Chinese cuisine with the name, Hunan Express. The reason you will be happy is because they have various kind of services. First of all, you can walk-in with your friends and family and have a nice meal. Secondly, when you are in a rush or you want to eat at home, you can take it through the drive-in window. Lastly, if the weather is not reasonable or you are sick, you can always get delicious and warm Hot and Sour Soup at your doorstep. If you are having guests over and do not want to cook, you can get food from here as the price is reasonable and the taste is superb.

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If you are still not satisfied, there are more reasons to be happy. Browse through their menu and you will stumble upon small price tags attached to tasty dishes. The Wonton Soup and Hot and Sour soup are $1.75 and the Egg Drop Soup is $1.45 only. The egg roll, shrimp roll and spring roll are all around $1.5. The crispy noodle is $0.75.

Hunan express

Hunan express

To make the situation easy and if you are interested to have a meal under $9, there are combo platters. For lunch, you can have the Moo Goo Gai Pan which is $6.49 and $8.49 at dinner. The second combo is sweet and sour pork which you should must skip and keep it at bay because that is unhealthy and the taste is not good.  The reason you are eating is to stay away from diseases and be healthy, there is no point in eating something that makes you sick. A nice and beautiful combo is the third one which is broccoli beef. Not to mention, the price is same as the first combo.

Letting the cat out the bag, you should know that there have been some complains about their delivery being late. Getting food through home delivery or drive-in window is a jump on the bandwagon, but it is agreeable to join with family and friends for a lovely dinner outside. After those mixed reviews about their delivery, they are really working on to improve it which is a compulsory feature in any restaurant.

In order to succeed, they must have friendly staff and fast delivery system. Hence, they are advancing it and now it 2017, most of the customers are putting positive reviews. Some statements about Hunan express delivery is that

“I was scared to get delivery from them but then I tried and they were really fast and friendly”

“My food arrived ten minutes before the given time and the service was excellent”

“The food is always hot and that is why we love home delivery from Hunan express”

Seeing this, it can be fair to tell that they are now a reliable place to get meals for yourself and others. They are not preparing traditional Chinese food but the Americanized one. If you admire that kind of dining, then this is exemplary.

If you ask ten people whether they like ramen, ten out of ten of them will say yes. If you ask hundred people whether they like it, the answer will be no different. The reason is the chef has their special broth recipes and Hunan express does an excellent job at that.

It is really upsetting when you go to a restaurant only to find that they put the food in the microwave before they served you. We all love fresh food. The price everyone is paying is equal so why would someone get fresh ones and you will end up with soggy or old ones? That is why Hunan express always serves food that is fresh and you will not feel that it was reheated or it is old. You can try the Chicken pad Thai, Kim Chi Fried Rice and the Orange Chicken which has a reputation for being toothsome and luscious. Perhaps what is so great about the dishes is that the price you pay is reasonable and the quality is high. If you look at the orange chicken, its color and glaze takes you another dimension. You will get blinded by the beauty of these dishes and it is because of their ingredients and the effort they put before it reaches your table.

You can ask some of the folks who dine there, they will recommend these dishes to you. They go the extra mile to make the customers happy. If you are sick, the Chicken Ginger soup can be nice and the doctors will recommend that to you as well. The heat from the soup will wave your fever good-bye. Lastly, there is another reason that is yet to reveal to why Hunan express will be able to target your pleasure receptors. The portions are huge. The people who come here to eat, particularly the college students are always happy. Who does not like huge quantities of food when you need to stay up late and study for exams? Hunan Express is convenient, reasonable and superb.

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