Kyoto menu

Kyoto menu: more food photos for you to put on Instagram

The calamari tempura, kamikaze roll, grilled scallops, the assorted sushi along with the Flaming Volcano all deserves a spot in your Instagram. You get them all from the Kyoto Menu. Few years back, when people had something delicious such as a pizza, they would call their friends and describe them how it was.

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“It had a lot of cheese on top and there were mushrooms with sausages, the best part was the crust was so thin and the spinach gave the pizza a nice flavor and green color.”

Kyoto menu

Kyoto menu

The other person on the phone had to just sit there and picture what the other person was trying to say. Some might not even understand or guess what the actual pizza looked like. When you are in Kyoto, no matter what you pick from the menu, you can always post it on Instagram.

Thanks to latest technology, all your friends can see what you had and like and comment on it. No matter what you pick from the menu they are going to be attractive and tasty. Therefore, do not worry about what you are choosing. For lunch and dinner, there are separate sections.

The place can appear to be simple and dull from the outside but the inside can shock you. What is going to be a bigger surprise are their foods, which will give you the feeling of being in Japan. The location is 6792 West 135th St. Overland Park, Kansas 66223.

For starting your meal, you can choose the appetizer. A salad can also be there because that makes the meal much healthier.  Rather than making at home, it is always an effortless option to order at Kyoto and they have a lot of variety. That will keep disease and aging away. They make salads that look trendy which are actually filled with nutritional benefits and fiber. When you want to eat more but maintain the weight, you can have a salad.

Kyoto offers Seaweed salad which looks appetizing. Many people do not like the taste of seaweed but they like this salad. A common line you will hear if you ask people about seaweed salad is “I do not like dry seaweed but I like the way the Japanese eatery makes the salad” and the good news is that you have that here. If that is not what you want, go with the spicy rainbow salad. Another option you have is the spicy crab salad. If you are thinking about budget, it is going to be wise to go with the house salad which is only $1.95. Others are around $5 to $10. The most expensive starter is Spicy Sashimi Yellowtail costing $12.95 for dinner. At Lunch, the same dish costs $13.5.

Kyoto menu

Kyoto menu

There are sushi rolls for sushi entrées which is perfect whether you are visiting along with other people. Going alone, the 4 piece of sushi can be a nice choice costing $9.95. For bigger groups, choose the 7 pcs or 13 pcs or according to the people who came with you.

When you are not visiting in the happy hour, a Nigiri can be $2. In the happy hour, they will be all within $1.50. One thing that is not so happy about this hour is that you can take it home neither will you be able to get half price if you are buying for taking them home. Then, you have to pay full price so do not bother to check the hours. You can come by any time since there is not much difference.

You will need fried rice or Japanese noodles in your meal, so look at the Kyoto menu and see what you find attractive. The rice can be exceptionally tasty if you are taking the combo one. It comes with shrimp, beef and chicken. The cost is $13.95 and it should be enough to fill you up. For noodle lovers the Yakisoba can be enjoyable. If you are a vegetarian, there is the vegetable one consisting of Broccoli, carrot, bean sprout, sliced asparagus and zucchini. For meat lovers, the chicken Yakisoba costing only $8.95 is the real deal.

When you post a photo of the salad you are having, you can inspire others to eat healthy. They will know that you consume healthy food. If you are posting a photo of the sushi, you can give them the feeling of “can you believe that I actually had this?” Another reason to post photos would be to let others know to come here. They will discover this and fall in love with the Kyoto menu.

For dinner, you have the Teppanyaki combos. There is a lot of choice and the price is around $23. There is Chicken Teriyaki and Calamari, Chicken Teriyaki and Grilled Shrimp etc. You can also pick spicy food such as the Chili garlic steak and grilled scallops. You can never go wrong with the spicy teriyaki Udon for dinner.

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