Jimmy’s Pizza

Jimmy’s Pizza: burger, pizzas and more

Jimmy’s Pizza: burger, pizzas and more; 29 Brindley Avenue, High Wycombe, HP13 5SX; Tel: 01494 46 26 26.

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There is this hallucinogenic art setting up at Wycombe. An upright flat-screen plays a multicolored video of odd forms and haphazard colors. Look closer and you will find a moving pattern of disembodied hands grasping tiny phones. At that time, you will realize the camera of the phone is affixed to the television, that the phone-holding hand is yours and that you are part of the parade.

Jimmy’s Pizza

Jimmy’s Pizza

Under the leadership of the owner, the kitchenette relishes in consistencies that an eatery might associate with pizza. Various kinds of pizza are essentially the main thing you eat after the appetizer with the garlic bread or BBQ chicken wings conduit for the intoxicating aroma of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream. Lamb Doner Kebab, typically a famous dish in most countries, is billed as a side dish. Topped with generous amount of meat, garlic and pepper, it slithers down the throat with the hot velvetiness of marinade. To make a kebab shine and taste as good as it appears, the marinade is important following the style of cooking.

Sometimes you will think you are in an Arabian restaurant as they have kebabs. Looking at the menu closely and finding the repetition of the word “Tandoor” and finding samosas along with kebabs, you will think it is Indian! The kebabs are made from lamb not beef and Indians do not eat beef. The Kashmiri burger is also common in India and finding it in Jimmy’s Pizza is super weird and exciting at the same time. Then again, the pizza makes you feel like you are in an Italian restaurant or a pizzeria.

The Kashmiri burger are closer to chicken curry: Full of spice and addition of yoghurt and cooked over high heat, the patty fall apart when forked. The reason Indians like it because of the flavor of yoghurt and spice. Not sure why they serve this at Jimmy’s Pizza.

We live in an age when a burger is easily costlier than a steak. Perhaps that can be the reason people do not have burgers that much like they used to have a decade ago. Previously, some people just survived on burgers. You can have burgers at Jimmy’s Pizzas as they do not cost much. The Quarter Pounder Burger Meal is the best which is less than £3 and comes with Pepsi and French Fries. Children would love that as well. Chicken Fillet Burger is also delightful and the price is only £1.99. There are lamb doner burgers but that reminds me of the kebabs so I will skip them.

Jimmy’s Pizza

Jimmy’s Pizza

Did you know that there are places that serves burgers at $30 or $25? Convert that amount into pounds. It will be around £20. Here the burger is only £3 or less. Therefore, do not forget burgers because of the price.  Since the main item is pizza, let us talk about it. The Margherita packs a tight blend of tomato sauce and cheese, which puts up all the resistance of the pizza, with a medium interior that is exciting and intensely cheesy. The shish kebab and the mushrooms do not overpower with tang or smoke. Somewhat, they add texture and salt while letting the kebab shine in the Kebab Pizza. Meat Feast Pizza is not reimagined here. It is just pepperoni and spicy beef and it is not bad — a bit under seasoned and paired with a smoky sauce. Mexican Heatwave Pizza, in turn, is a safe and gorgeous plate, with the jalapeno pepper basking in the middle of chili powder and red pepper. That sounds like it is going to make you breathe fire like a dragon.

Meal deal? Remember the reason why we go out to eat and save money at the same time? Get the one where you can get a huge drink of more than one and half liters with a pizza at only £10. I would love to get the large pizza with a side order and the enormous drink by adding more two pounds. The £14.99 deal is the extra-large pizza with a side order and 1.5-liter drink. Wait up, there is more for burger fans. At £ 10.99, there is the burger with a huge drink. At £12.99, there is the large pizza and a burger with the drink. It might be the best one so far. Another one is the extra-large pizza with burger and the drink at £14.99. These should all be enough to make your stomach full. After all, who likes being hungry. If you have around £10 with you, feel free to call and order food from Jimmy’s Pizza or visit the eatery.

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